• 10:11/ pg-13 / Baekhyun's gets three messages from different people at the same time. 10:11 A.M. How the rest of his day depends on who he responds to first, but he always finds his way back to Jongdae in some shape or manner.
  • Dear Santa/ pg / A small boy writes a letter to Santa for his class assignment, asking for a friend. And when the big day arrives, a larger than usual box arrives at the Byuns doorstep, addressed to little Baekhyun...?
  • feels like I've fallen in love/ pg / Maybe the reason why he's never been interested in dating anyone is because of his best friend.
  • like the million times i never said/ pg-13 q i know you love me like the past, the now, the coming years
  • linger on me/ r / it's accidental, when the members find out baekhyun's primary erogenous zones are his hands, and the slightest, uncontrolled touch will set him off. and jongdae is very pleased by this revelation.
  • Love You Enough/ pg
  • Maybe you're hoping for a fairytale, too/ pg-13 / Baekhyun is the last member to be included in EXO. In an effort to climb to the top as quickly as possible, he runs into Jongdae.
  • Morning Wood/ pg-13 / Hipster!Chen is in love with Murakami. Baekhyun reads everything Murakami has ever written in hopes of getting laid. Chen is a troll. pls include Disney too, perhaps on vhs for bonus hipster points.
  • need you for survival/ pg-13 / loosely a brooklyn nine-nine au. please excuse any inaccuracies and suspend your disbelief at the existence of an all-asian-american police unit in brooklyn.
  • paperweight/ pg-13 / it hasn't felt like home after you
  • romantic comedy/ pg-13 / i loved you before and i'll love you 'til then
  • So They Say/ pg-13 / Kyungsoo is a good friend, so he gives Jongdae the perfect present for his birthday.
  • Talk about delusional/ pg-13
  • The Day Before/ pg-13
  • Wonderland/ Jongdae has come back for his human, Baekhyun.
  • 걱정 말아요 그대 | don't worry, dear/ nc-17 / Chanyeol thinks Jongdae needs to find more friends, and introduces him to Baekhyun. Thing is, Baekhyun has a penchant for dressing up in gender-opposite clothing. Chanyeol thinks it’s alright. Baekhyun thinks it’s fun. And Jongdae thinks he might be turned on.
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