• Balancing Equations/ pg-13 / Kyungsoo is awkward, and Joonmyun is perfect.
  • Eyes Wide Shut/ pg-13 / Do Kyungsoo is the socially awkward student team manager of the Green Hunters' Men's Basketball Team. Let's say Joonmyun is the team captain and a shoujo manga plot follows.
  • Instinct/ pg-13
  • Of Caramel Macchiatos and Apologies/ pg-13 / Kyungsoo demands an apology but Joonmyun absolutely refuses to give one.
  • push and shove/ nc-17 / you push and shove, i take the bait it's a risky business gonna play it anyway
  • starring role/ nc-17 / desperate times call for desperate measures, which is why kyungsoo finds himself in bed with joonmyun in front of a camera.
  • strawberry shortcake/ pg-13
  • to the moon/ pg-13 / all he wanted was to go to the moon. *based on the RPG game of the same title*
  • your body is a wonderland (standalone)/ nc-17 / (of successful seduction, crumbled self-restraint, and sehun’s aegyo)
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