• a royal pain/ nc-17 / lu han is the new stepson of the king, which sounds great, except for the fact that he has to deal with his new stepbrother, the crown prince wu fan.
  • Cardiac Tongue/ pg-13 / 23 years it's taken for him to be brave.
  • Conches Calling, Curtains Falling, Summer’s Coming Home/ r / The mailman’s almost here with the bad news: Kris Wu with the literal broken heart of 7839 East Sablefish Drive has a new boyfriend. He’ll be here with the news...any time now...
  • Don't break me down/ pg-13 / Kris is sick of writing police reports over shit Luhan stirs because his life has no greater purpose.
  • Falling Forwards/ nc-17 / Luhan’s the mystery kid who skips class to run shady clubs and plays soccer, Kris is the awkward mix of basketball captain and student body pres, and of all the places they could have met it happens in a girls' washroom.
  • Kickstart Your Day!/ pg-13 / Kris is on wake up duty, but Luhan has something that works better than the alarm.
  • Multiple Choice/ nc-17 / movie night at the exo dorms.
  • No Good/ pg / Luhan is a crow and Yixing is a cookie. Kris is a bacterium.
  • Not To Notice/ pg-13 / All Yifan ever wanted was for the star soccer player in the university to know who he was and, you know, remember his name and possibly hold hands maybe. That’s all.
  • punch drunk love/ pg / In which Luhan likes to force Kris into watching football matches with him and Kris deliberately annoys him by supporting the other team.
  • These scars remember you/ nc-17 / The only thing harder than surviving the arena is living with the memories of it.
  • We Might Be Toast (But I Made Panini)/ pg-13 / Kris is tired, and Luhan's acting like not introducing the panini grill to the family on time is the biggest mistake he’s ever made.
  • When the Levee Breaks/ nc-17 / Kris thinks Luhan's a little quiet.
  • 大自然。/ pg / While exploring the domain of his kingdom, crown prince Wufan stumbles across a hidden secret of the forest.
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