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    • 020717 i dreamed about you for the first time.
    • 062717 i realized that sun & moon (nct127) its our music.
    • 070417 i dreamed about you again and it was so real.
    • 070417 i realized that you are the love of my life.
    • 082017 i dreamed of you (please stop making me dream about you) and you were so cuddly there.
    • 080117 i dreamed that we were a vampire couple and it was so funny because you kept saying your name was "junhui cullen" and that i was your bella swan.
    • 090817 ok i dream of you almost every time i sleep please can you leave me alone and get out of my mind? i beg.
    • 110217 i dreamed that we were in a karaoke and you called me to sing heroes (tove lo) with you and it was very beautiful. we were in matching clothes.
    • 120417 i spent all day doing tests on buzzfeed about couples, s.o, boyfriends etc. i did everything thinking of you, thinking of us, what kind of a couple we would be and the things we would do.
    • 090318 365 DAYS TOGETHER!!!!!! I LOVE U SO SO SO SO MUCH
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