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te beauté extérieure m’a attiré vers toi mais c’est ta beauté intérieure qui m’a retenu.

juki autobio (a life in numbers)
2022 (films)
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du 2018
  • cuddle.
  • you playing piano for me (you would play "river flows in you" because you know that its my favorite).
  • cuddle while watching anything in tv.
  • take photos of each other.
  • piano and dance lessons (you are the teacher).
  • listen to music while doing nothing.
  • drink wine and listen to music while we tell jokes.
  • watch horror movies and then watch something funny because i'm scared (you're scared too, you just pretend you don't).
    • at bedtime, we would sleep with some light on because we are afraid.
  • watch animated cartoons.
  • watch novels.
    • after the ep ends we talk about what happened and what we think will happen in the next ep.
  • go to a karaoke and sing all night (even if my voice is not good duh. your beautiful voice will disguise mine).
  • stay up all night just talking, telling stories from childhood, talking about life, thinking and talking about how our future would be. just the two of us having our little moment.
  • you'd tell silly jokes when i'm mad at you just to make me laugh.
  • we would watch stranger things together and you would ask for spoilers.
  • we would spend christmas with our families gathered at our house. after everyone leaves, we'll drink wine and watch movies about xmas. (movies like "how the grinch stole christmas).
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