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"I'm the deep-shadowed bear, the windy-haired child. I'm the mud-red salamander, the small bird of the moon. I'm the one living under the bridge of your fairy tale. I'm the warty frog of your tongue. I'm the gray air of your love songs. I'm the hot-scented fox, the girl with blue sky charms on her wrist and sunflowers in her hair. I'm the baby sleeping under the mountain ash. I'm the hunter polish...

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  • Fingers entangled in my hair
  • Late night story telling
  • Kisses beneath the sheets
  • Early morning Laughter
  • Hand written love letters
  • My head upon your chest
  • Your scent left on my pillow
  • Lost within ocean eyes
  • Hands entwined
  • Goosebumps dancing
  • Bath-time cigarettes
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia
  • Aching hearts when you're gone
  • Blanket for my body
  • Fingers upon your skin
  • Sleeping inside your heart
  • Kisses on my neck
  • Breathless whispers
  • Gentle kisses and bitten Lips
  • Fingers tracing from shoulder to back
  • Limbs touching
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