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When I first met Sehun, he goes a little bit like Lay, generally a quiet child. However he is very naughty after knowing him. There’s never a time where he stops moving. He’s like a cute little brother. I feel like there’s a need to take care of him.Luhan

Luhan hyung is always nice to me. And even though his age is a bit old, it doesn't show in his appearance. Also he's good looking and cute. He can also dance well and sing well. He's great!Sehun

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  • promise ↪ remembering all that happened in the past. i want to say sorry, but i love you so much. just let time prove it for me. holding you in my embrace, holding you tightly with my arms. as long as you are happy and blessed, i am willing. i will honour all of this.
  • angel (into your world) ↪ i have come to love you now. there’s no place for me to go back. my wings have been taken away. even if i lost eternal life, the reason why i’m happy is because my forever is now you.
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