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Sometimes I come crashing down inside myself
without anyone noticing. I'm like an ambulance
on two legs, hauling the patient
inside me to last aid
with the wailing cry of a siren
and people think it's ordinary speech.
-Yehuda Amichai

A 12-year-old girl.

kristin to do (a miscellaneous list of things i need to do)
products (Christmas WISH list)
activities (changes I need to make)
music (some of my current favorite songs)
movies (Christmas movies I feel like watching)
  • Stop feeling inferior to girls that are prettier
  • Boys are idiots
  • Smile - if you're faking it don't let it reach your eyes
  • Don't cry
  • Don't laugh a lot - so when they make you laugh they feel accomplished
  • Watch sad movies alone; happy movies together
  • Spend more time with your parents
  • Ignorance is not bliss
nov 26 2009 ∞
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