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i am:

angela from south side quezon city.

not your artsy fartsy girl

the least favorite daughter

sublime since '89

worth it


Eigh follows:
beth 29 while 29 (goals)
Patricia films (2020)
wishlist (Random)
food (DXB)
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  • Cabo San Lucas (I love the beach)
  • Venice (Wanna ride the gondola)
  • Paris (Be under Eiffel and Louvre and drink coffee Al Fresco)
  • Egypt (Visit the pyramids)
  • Jerusalem (Go to Betlehem)
  • Around South East Asia
  • London (Drink tea with Queen Elizabeth)
  • Kurdistan (WTF?!)
  • Hawaii (Beach!!!!)
  • Prague (I want to visit one of the oldest cities in Europe)
  • New York
  • Macau
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jul 2 2009 +