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  • KnightsP, LeoP, RitsuP, IzumiP
  • I love everyone in enstars. Except Tori. If this bothers you in any way... well, I'm sorry.
  • Ships & OTPs:
    • I love poly!knights; but especially I love leokasa.
    • ...i have too many ships to post them here, but you can always ask me!
  • Characters that I love: Everyone in Knights, Mama, Natsume and Mika, Hiyori ~
  • I use he/him, she/her and they/them for Arashi.

I warn you, if you think that Anzu is an extra in enstars or hatemail her, don't you ever dare follow me. I love that girl with all my heart. FIGHT ME!

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