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  • I have a locked and more private account but there I only talk in spanish or more personal affairs so... well.
  • I hate storms, they cause me anxiety and I sometimes end crying bc of that. Is not funny so please.. don't laugh...
  • I love musicals!
  • I'm in love with Japan... not only bc of the anime/manga. Their history, their traditions, their mythology... My dream is learn japanese and go there;;
  • I love any kind of mythology, tbh! Greek and japanese are my main, but I love all the supernatural (ofc, aliens too. Uchuu baby.)
  • I have an obsession with chocolate aksdf
  • I love Asanuma Shintaro! My baby-- I also love Daiking~
  • Makki, Naoya, Shota, Kitamuu and Shohei ♥
nov 29 2017 ∞
mar 3 2018 +