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"if i am to lose my path again,
i just need to find myself"

- 세븐틴, 끝이 안보여 (2016)

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i like hoarding sunscreen and trying new brands so here we go

⇒ why is asian sunscreen better than western?


// purchased


  • sarasara uv aqua rich watery essence sunscreen [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • i have the 2015 version
    • dries quickly due to alcohol
    • slight scent, lemon/citrus?


  • aloe soothing sun cream [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • have yet to try
      • heard this is good for dry skin, i'm oily... :"(


  • eco safety perfect sunblock [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • gives slight white cast so i take more time to rub it in well
  • perfect uv protection cream triple care [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • i feel like i like this one better than the eco...
    • has a slight tint(?) so less of a white cast... i think (idr clearly)
  • extreme uv protection cream 100 high protection [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • have yet to try
  • daily uv protection cream no sebum [spf 35/pa+++]
    • have yet to try
    • did sample this at a supermarket and there wasn't major white cast


  • all-around safe block sebum zero sun [spf 50+/pa+++]
    • doesn't have a safety seal, somewhat disappointed
    • has a white cast, have to rub in well
    • didn't leave my skin feeling heavy or oily
    • so far, so good!!
  • flash up sun [spf 50+/pa++++]
    • truly gives you a glow!! makes me look oily so powder over it is
    • i don't see a white cast after applying
    • pretty lightweight!!


// to try

etude house

  • sunprise mild airy finish sun milk [spf 50+/pa+++]
dec 16 2016 ∞
jun 28 2018 +