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  • i am an adult — please do not follow me if that makes you uncomfy
  • please do not interact if you are under 16 unless i interact with you first
  • i probably will not follow back if you are under 16
  • do not call me a girl unless you are calling me gf/girlfriend
  • please refrain from using the terms “sis” and ”queen” on me, other femme aligned terms and other terms of endearment are okay. if you aren’t sure what is okay to call me and what isn’t, don’t be afraid to ask me!
  • please tw jumpscares , trypophobia related pictures and scary momo
  • i delete tweets a lot
  • i may occasionally tweet about kpop
  • i can be nsfw at times
  • i am very selective on who i fb
  • please sb instead of unfollowing
  • ENG/FIL/ESP/한/日本 ok!
sep 19 2020 ∞
apr 13 2021 +
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  • lgbtqphobic
  • racist
  • ableist
  • problematic
  • a troll
  • you fit any of the usual dnf criteria
  • ed/gore twt
  • you are a trump supporter
  • you are not a supporter of blm
  • you engage in performative activism
  • you use slurs that you cannot reclaim
  • you support bi/pan lesbians
  • you invalidate he/him lesbians
  • you are anti neopronouns or anti xenogender
  • you are a map, map ally, or aam
  • you are a pro-shipper/supporter
  • you sexualize minors or engage in sexual convos with them
  • you constantly engage in drama
  • you won’t interact with me
sep 19 2020 ∞
apr 13 2021 +