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for #⃞희승 and #⃞연준 ♡ she17her .

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submitting your order form means you have read, understand, and agreed to the terms and conditions stated below.

  • forms submitted after the stated deadline of orders will be discarded.
  • if you are a minor, please make sure your guardian is aware of your transaction/s with me.
  • please only fill out order forms when you are 100% sure.
  • no cancellations. in case you really wish to cancel your order, a cancellation fee worth 27% of the total amount shall be paid.
  • all downpayments made are non-refundable.
  • comply with the given deadlines. all items will be paid beforehand, so please be responsible. in case of any late payment, a fee worth 4% of your pending balance/s shall be subjected for every week you fail to comply upon the stated dop. this will only go on until the items are onhand at my local address. if i do not receive your complete payment by then, you will be tagged as a bogus buyer and/or joy reserver. furthermore, you will be banned from making any more transactions with me.
  • no refunds for any excess payment. please only pay the exact amount.
  • extend your patience. you are participating in a group order under normal eta. in addition, i will also need an additional week to consolidate all orders first before i ship them out to you.
  • the group order manager shall not be held liable for any delay, damage, or mistake caused by the manufacturer, international courier, or local courier. rest assured that i will always try my best to give you the best quality of items and service i can provide.
  • i will not entertain return/refund requests without video proof. i advise that you take a video while opening your parcel so i can accommodate your situation properly. r&r requests can only be made in the following circumstances: damaged items (the outbox is only for the protection of an item, hence, damaged outbox will not be subjected for refund nor any claims), incomplete items, and wrong items.
  • pooling form for random inclusions and payment form are combined into one, meaning you have to complete your payment first in order to join the pooling.
  • all albums will be used as raffle slots for the video call fansign event under the group manager's name (yula @ihscartier) unless otherwise stated. in exchange for your support, a long deadline of payment is given.
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