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all photocards are packed with two layers of sandwiched carton and a layer of bubble wrap. all materials are recycled, so please do understand that most of them will not be perfect and may have flaws in them, but no need to worry as i will still pack them generously.

please take note of the following couriers in our area which do not provide pouches:

  • shopee checkout - gogo xpress. all sizes.
  • shopee checkout - j&t. they only provide small pouches, which can only be used for photocards.
  • shopee checkout - standard delivery. all sizes.

in accordance with this, i recycle pouches from my own parcels and use them in packing orders.

packing fee. standard size photocards with a base price that's at least 200 pesos will automatically be packed with a toploader. otherwise, it is only optional for a fee worth 5 pesos.

all orders will be charged with packing fees. 10 pesos is fixed for each individual, 5 pesos will be added for any succeeding order.

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jun 17 2022 +