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♡ yuei or akirin + he/him + 22

♡ req to follow = depends

♡ 18+ follows only as i'm occasionally nsfw

♡ will ramble and vent about: life, stress, moods, depression, anxiety, past relationships, past situations and etc

    • i have kins/id's so i'll occasionally talk about that
    • i make a lot of self deprecating and hate jokes towards myself/make a lot of "i want to kill myself" etc kind of tweets

♡ i indirect/air tweet my partner A LOT

♡ i have DID so you may end up seeing some of my system-mates tweet on here as well

    • names and pronouns will differ for each system mate, they may change the profile depending to fit it
    • list of system mates

♡ i don't really tag anything but i tag what i can remember

♡ no screenshotting and no leaking tweets, if i find out, you're hardblocked

    • if you wish to screenshot one of my more memey tweets, please ask and block out the @

♡ i periodically delete tweets

♡ main acc: @ilydoppo

jun 5 2019 ∞
jul 14 2019 +