* my dms are always open if you need anyone

  • i am shy at first so sorry if i suck at replying
  • i mostly tweet about ATLA
  • i love disney movies/disneyland
  • i also love sanrio things (my melody is my favorite)
  • i try to be as positive as possible as a healthy coping mechanism
  • i was born in puerto rico but moved to here at 4
  • im a junior at uni and im majoring in social work
  • i took 4 years of french so i know a little
  • im 98.5% a soft account ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜
  • i prefer if you dont call me grace! sry :(
  • if you need help with spanish hw dm me!!
  • please tell me if i say something that offends you
feb 3 2019 ∞
feb 3 2019 +