finally, i got my hands on some hem at a local discount home goods shop. they were only a dollar each and pretty much lived up to their price tag. that isn't to say they're bad by any means, but the scents are heavy and sometimes overwhelming. each stick's burnable length is 17cm but they burn for much too long, so although it's inconvenient, i have to break them in half or else i get a headache burning them in my small apartment.

it's a bit strange, but i've noticed that despite the

  • 《strawberry jasmine》 sweet, floral.
  • 《precious flowers》
  • 《aloe vera》 fresh, wet, herbal. a much lighter-bodied and less perfumey scent than the others. musky and nostalgic, like the inside of a mausoleum.

➢ home shop $1.00/20 ct

jun 23 2021 ∞
jun 24 2021 +