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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* Seokjin&Hoseok *:・゚✧

Kim Seokjin needs to learn to dance before filming starts for his potential big break role. Jung Hoseok needs to learn to let people in. There's a very good chance that they can maybe, possibly, help each other.

Hoseok needed to focus, regroup. He needed to evaluate the situation, weigh his options, and find a solution. He needed to work through this like the capable adult he was. He needed to get his hand out of this stupid vending machine.

Alternatively: Hoseok gets his hand stuck up a vending machine and stands up his blind date by accident. For the third time.

Happiness is not a stagnant state. Nor can it be measured by the accumulation of materialistic goods.

Seokjin learns the hard way.

Hoseok puts racing on the backburner after an accident and helps Seokjin with the Garage until he is challenged to tempt fate again.

It’s been a month since the crash, a month since Hoseok began working at the garage full-time, a month since Hoseok has set foot inside a race car.

Two virtually unknown indie film actors, Seokjin and Hoseok, and their transitory love story on- and off-screen, recounted in interspersed clips.

Seokjin wonders what it’s called when you’re straight and wishing you were gay.

“Hey, Seokjin. I’m Hoseok and the biggest thing you need to know about me is that I really, really like bikes, but I like you more.”

Happy (late) birthday Hoseok!

Eleven years ago (you know, back in college - the golden years of desperate loneliness and constant stress and neither attachments nor company) Jeong Hoseok would never have even dreamed of what his life was like now. (And if he had it probably would have been a nightmare, because kids are jerks and don't know what happiness looks like.)

Eleven years ago he hadn't met Seokjin yet. Jimin hadn't been around. Taehyung hadn't shown up. Jeongguk hadn't dropped from the sky and into his lap.

Eleven years ago he'd been some other, infinitely unhappy person. Today he's himself, and he's happy. It's just the way things are now.

hoseok and seokjin don't think their sex life is really all that boring like their friends think

hoseok faints at the sight of blood but his new boyfriend has to live off of it

Hoseok was thirteen the summer he stopped talking.

It was one too many nights laying awake listening to the sounds of his parents fighting in the kitchen. One too many days of feeling unheard. Unloved.

When no one will listen, what’s the point of trying to speak?

Seokjin would never forget the day he met Hoseok. His family had taken a weekend out of town, vacationing at the beach. Jin was a strange ten year old, and he knew it. He didn’t have any friends at school, preferring to keep to himself and keep his nose in a book. That was pretty much all he’d done since they’d arrived at the rented beach house his father was so proud of. He was sitting under an umbrella in the sand, rereading his favorite story for the hundredth time, when a long shadow suddenly blocked the sunlight.

since love is warm and slow,

even if it's meant to be - - hold your breath and count to ten

(snapshots of a love story)

Life is interesting when your bassist is Kim Taehyung (Part 1 of Reckless Abandon)

Kim Seokjin had a 3.8 gpa. Jung Hoseok had snakebites and was the drummer in a band. Even so, Hoseok spent more nights in Seokjin's apartment than his own. (Part 2 of Reckless Abandon)

In which Hoseok tries to get in Seokjin's pants (Part 3 of Reckless Abandon)

Seokjin's type are rich arrogant guys who will fuck him and leave before morning.

In Hoseok's defense, Seokjin isn't his type either. (Part 5 of Reckless Abandon)

There's always been something reassuring about the 1-up sound effect, but setting it as his it's time to stop practicing and eat dinner alert has made the noise even more pavlovian. Jin's mouth practically waters in response to the noise, now.

Jin needs to learn a lesson and Hoseok is going to teach him.

dinner with seokjin's parents always leaves hoseok broken

To Seokjin, Hoseok was brighter than the sun.

"Yet mad I am not...and very surely do I not dream." ~Edgar Allan Poe

Seokjin is a super smart sexy senior and Hoseok would like to be taught.

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