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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* hoseok&jimin *:・゚✧

It does not take much for a soul to remain behind. All it takes is a sliver of doubt. A thought, a regret, a small inkling of a wish to remain - but souls are not meant to do so and yet Jimin's still here.

In which Jimin does not buy Hoseok headphones for his birthday, as advised.

No one could agree on whether Krampus was a man or a woman. One person or several. Whether it was even the same person (or people) every time, every hit, every nuclear explosion or leaked evidence of electoral tampering or Robin Hood-esque creative redistribution of goods… it was just Krampus. Mysterious. Unreachable. Unknowable. Silent - until that moment of destruction, of pain and screaming and retribution… when there came The Holly And The Ivy, singing through the speakers.

It’s a calculated move; he’s used it on practically everyone he’s seen, but all the same, the man’s lips part and Jimin can see the flush dusting his cheeks even in this lighting.

Relationship study, when sex becomes a source of conflict instead of unification.

There is a certain peace in having the freedom to do anything you want, except all Jimin wants is attention, which he doesn't get unless he's on stage.

Prompt: underwater kiss. Beneath the water, a foot rubs slowly up and down his leg. Hoseok blinks, a crooked half-smile spreading across his flushed face.

It's annoying, the way Hoseok spends so much time focused on studying. Jimin decides to do something about it.

Something hot curls gently in the pit of Jimin’s stomach and he breaks away from that intense gaze to look down at his hands, his face warming, his mind whirring. What the fuck was that? an incredulous and horrifyingly sober little voice in his head demands. That, right there, in your stomach? I hope to God those weren’t lustful little fucking butterflies, Park Jimin, I swear to God. I know you get horny when you’re drunk, and all, but have some restraint...

Lately Jimin has found himself smelling more and more like Hoseok.

hoseok's a writer and his biggest fan managed to be his boyfriend

In the midst of a battle of wills and twelve year olds, Hoseok and Jimin fall together.

Hoseok knows he can't always be there to catch him. So, instead, he makes sure that Jimin never falls in the first place.

there are things you said that i really wish you hadn't

Jimin's on the ground, handing out blankets and bottles of water, volunteering the minimal first aid he's picked up over the years of having Jung Hoseok as a friend. Hoseok, who's terrified of heights, snakes, and spiders. Hoseok, who will walk into a burning building if it means helping people. (Part 1 of the mortality club) (Part 2 of kiss kiss fall in love)

jimin's got an ass that won't quit and doesn't hoseok know it.

jimin's thoughts are on fire and hoseok's just trying to forget.

After a disastrous summer party, Hoseok's left to pick up the pieces.

In the midst of a battle of wills and twelve year olds, Hoseok and Jimin fall together.

Hoseok spends a Friday night with mirrors, long-term pining, and a lot of sugar.

Like all good stories, Jimin's begins with a single decision that spirals into a grand adventure. Unlike most stories, Jimin's features a man who fears heights and yet knows more about them than any human ought to.

At this point, Jimin isn't even sure what he's running from anymore.

Maybe it's his damned roommate, Kookie.

what happens when you meet a you that isn't you?

Jimin wasn’t sure how he’d found himself in this situation nor what he’d done to warrant it. All he knew was that he was trapped in the corner of the dance studio, shoulders pressed against the cool glass of the mirrors that stretched out either side of him, Hoseok standing too close for the younger to even try to escape.

The dream Jimin is having isn't feeling so sweet anymore.

five times hoseok kissed jimin when he was busy, one time he got back.

"So you climbed up the fire escape, into my window, and bumped into my coffee table, scaring me completely shitless in the process? Is that something you usually do to my neighbor too?"

"No, he doesn't have a coffee table. I told you that already."

Hoseok laughed at Jimin’s eagerness and followed him out of the office, smiling when the younger laced their fingers together.

Jimin just wants Hoseok to scream for him.

If the only thing Jimin ever remembers about the guy after the fact is the way he smells, he’ll be okay with it. Humans smell like a lot of things, but Jimin’s never met someone who smells like sunshine. Sunshine and bonfires and sweetgrass all at once. It’s intoxicating, and Jimin isn’t used to it, and he wants more.

It continues like that— Jimin reading, Hoseok pressing gentle kisses against his neck to keep him distracted just enough not to get bored, rubbing little circles into his skin through his clothes. It’s the normal process for them, and Jimin droops just slightly against the elder. It’s nice. Despite the nature of their relationship, it’s just nice to be near each other like this— even if Hoseok is sliding his hand across Jimin’s thigh every so often, nipping just hard enough on the skin of his neck to make him stutter over a word here or there, teasing without trying. As long as Jimin can finish his work, he’ll let Hoseok do whatever he wants to him— he just had to wait.

A silly AU where Hobi is a Poltergeist and accidentally gets stuck in Jimin's house.

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