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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* Seokjin&Jimin *:・゚✧

"We all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. Some call that critical error. Others call it human existence."

Jimin is a mob boss and Seokjin is his princess. There's no way out of the underground world, except through death. Even for the king and his princess.

Seokjin finds a USB at the library and forgets to turn it in to the Lost & Found. Jimin decides they should look at its contents to find its owner.

Jimin writes stories about a person who’s still stuck in the past; someone who won’t be able to read any of them, anyway.

Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream. (Part 1 of We Could Be Immortals (Just Not For Long))

In which Jimin finds himself a handsome sugar daddy in a perfectly tailored navy suit on a painfully hot day. And stuff happens ;)

Jimin pretends he isn’t eyeing every expensive suit in the building. He pretends he isn’t examining the ones wearing designer, and the ones wearing designer. His gaze continues to flicker back to the same man every time, though. Armani suit hugging broad shoulders and fuck Jimin is nearly drooling. He tosses back the last of his drink, straightening his tie and trying his damndest not to smirk when he strides towards the pretty face that black Armani suit belongs to.

Seokjin feels like he’s meeting the parents except they’re not jimin’s parents, they’re apparently his friends.

Seokjin’s been hearing a lot of rumours about the new cafe two blocks away: the menu has much more ‘experimental coffee’ than most cafes Yoongi has ever been to (and that says a lot, because Seokjin believes Yoongi has been to every single coffee shop there is in South Korea). The interiors are a lot cozier and warmer than what they have in their place, news that would probably make Hoseok throw a fit. There aren’t too many cats that the patrons can feed and play with, though, but that doesn’t change the fact that Seokjin has been losing his frequent customers, money, and patience to the new cafe in the area. And at an alarmingly fast rate.

So Seokjin decides to take off the apron one day, see what – rather, who – his once-loyal customers have been raving about, and develop a grand scheme to take down this asshole of a coffee shop owner, one cup of coffee at a time.

Please forgive me, Seokjin learns, is the message purple hyacinths convey. He laughs, clutching vibrant purple petals in his hand. Fate has always had a sense of irony: he is, indeed, apologetic about falling in love.

From the prompt: "I work at a vet clinic and you work for the mafia. You started coming in to get patched up and threatened me to not to turn you into the police. Little do you know that I remember you as my high school crush, and you have no need to threaten me, because I'm still charmed by you."

In which Kim Seokjin is an ex-High Society member who owns a café, and Park Jimin is an ex-gang pet who's on the run.

Jimin drunk-talks when he's tired, and forgets the next day.

"Jin smiles like an angel, but there’s something about him that isn’t altogether holy – not quite an angel entirely fallen from grace, but one that might’ve taken a slight tumble, tripped over a stray lute or misplaced its halo after a wild night out with the cupids… something like that."

park jimin wasn’t actually allowed (as in he was literally sat down on his temporary bed and verbally prohibited to move unless he had to) to go to the next two practices. he thought, sure, it’d be fine to get some form of rest at least, recuperate, whatever, and yet he spent them feeling ridiculously sorry for himself, which wasn’t exactly a shock when it came to the overexcited boy.

Seokjin is smiling and pushing his hair back from his face and Jimin is struck, suddenly, by just how beautiful Seokjin actually is. In this dim lighting, backlit by the setting sun beyond the window, he paints a picture Jimin thinks he'll be seeing in his dreams for many months to come.

Jin doesn't like lap dances. Jungkook thinks there's a way to fix that. Jimin to the rescue.

Jin is sick of him, sure, but he also wants him desperately.

Jimin's been such a good boy.

Jimin loves being spoiled, and Seokjin loves spoiling him

Fate has always had a sense of irony: he is, indeed, apologetic about falling in love.

Kim Seokjin is the heir to Bangtan Pharma, recently discovered model, Korea’s favourite boy next door, ideal son in law, with his face on the cover of local and international magazines alike. And Jimin is a student slash waiter, who sleeps in the guest bed in someone else’s dorm, saved from being homeless by Jeongguk and Hoseok, who can’t even bring up the courage to go to class most mornings. Jimin isn’t exactly good at math, but he knows the chance of them meeting was probably closer to zero than the number of fucks he gives about Statistics.

In 2016, a list of male idols with sponsors leak to the news outlet. Kim Seokjin's name is on it.


In 2021, BTS is a group with four Daesangs, record-breaking albums, and six members. Everyone calls them a success. Jimin calls them a failure.

An incomprehensive list of things Seokjin did not expect when he took a job at the library.

In every universe, it goes like this: I need only catch your eyes, from across the room, and there will be a jolt of vague anxiety, deliciously cold, sending shivers across my figure, until I am struck dumb by the look in your eyes and the way you hold yourself, and I know without a doubt, that I am gone for you, and will be gone for you until the end of time.

or: jimin and seokjin fall in love in every universe they meet.

Seokjin falls through time, leaving pieces of himself wherever he lands

A peek in the life of a mukbang star.

In the spring of 2017, Seokjin chances upon Jimin, smiling, cherubic Yondae kid, through his viewfinder.

Jimin's not good at dealing with anger, and he's always been one to hold a grudge a mile wide.

Seokjin wasn't going to be the exception to that rule.

For as long as Seokjin can remember, Jimin's never said no to him, not even once. It's his biggest regret.

"My brother is in a polygamous relationship with my two childhood friends," Taehyung blurted out. "And I may or may not need ice cream to recover from the trauma."

seokjin reflects over the beginning and end of his relationship with jimin through dreams and dimensions.

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