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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* yoongi&namjoon *:・゚✧

Yoongi and Namjoon are high-schoolers trying to make it in Seoul's hip hop scene. Alternate reality.

when the money for their mixtape runs dry, yoongi and namjoon do the only thing they can do. no, not selling organs. the other thing. it goes catastrophically, as expected.

namjoon expected a lot of things when he called a sexline one night as a dare. yoongi was not one of them.

Yoongi is broken, Namjoon shows him his place. (Part 3 of Times Three)

Seokjin goes into heat, Yoongi is the only one home. (Part 4 of Times Three)

Yoongi and Seokjin are caught by Namjoon. (Part 5 of Times Three)

If there was one thing Kim Namjoon was good at, it was reading -- too bad this particular skill set didn't extend to people. (Or, the one where Min Yoongi is unabashedly lascivious and Kim Namjoon is very, very confused.)

It's a four step process: 1. Fall into somebody's head; 2. Figure out what's wrong; 3. Fix it; 4. Fade out, rinse, repeat. Simple, really. Foolproof. The problem is that Kim Namjoon isn't a fool, and takes a little bit more time. A little bit more work. A little bit more attention.

He knows that the other members can tell that this award is affecting him differently than the other ones have. And nobody said anything for the first win, or even the second! But now Namjoon is sitting next to him in the van and they've still--everyone's just let him hold it, and even so it still feels like a dream.

Five times Namjoon notices Yoongi and Jimin's particularly close moments, and five times he tries not be completely, irrationally jealous. He fails miserably.

There’s nothing subtle in Yoongi’s words, no metaphors, no hidden meaning. They’re challenging, provoking and Namjoon finds himself enjoying this battle more than any other before.

Mutant!band au. Down here in the slums, 20 doesn't seem much different from 19 when simply surviving is the biggest thing to celebrate each day.

It takes Yoongi less than five seconds to locate his target. He’s looking through the lense of his sniper, and he has it trained on the tall, blonde man.

Yoongi trusted Namjoon, trusted him with his life, trusted him with his death. "I don't want to kill myself, Namjoon, I want you to do it for me. Please."

“If Namjoon wakes up and decided he would rather not have been turned into a zombie, he can always go get himself hit by another car.”

They had never talked about what to do if one of them died, but in the moments after Namjoon was pronounced dead, Yoongi made the somewhat controversial decision to rush his body to an alternative healer for resurrection. It’s a success… mostly.

Namjoon is definitely happy to still be around, but he keeps embarrassing himself around their friends and neighbors. One moment he’ll be hanging out at a backyard barbecue, and the next he’s teething on Seokjin’s shoulder and getting smacked for it.

yoongi meets namjoon under very weird circumstances.

twenty minutes after missing the last bus home, yoongi walked through the quiet city streets and wondered if his life could actually be a cheap horror movie. he felt eyes watching him and couldn't fight a shiver. apparently, the answer was yes.

on the first day of yoongi’s heat, namjoon and donghyuk are startled by three sharp knocks on their door.

getting under yoongi's skin is namjoon's favourite hobby.

It starts with Namjoon laughing at Yoongi's rap for Cypher Pt. 3. It doesn't end with him still laughing.

Namjoon and Yoongi fall together so easily, even if their trajectories are miles apart (Underground!Yoongi/Idol!Namjoon AU)

They must be testing Namjoon, with the new concept of tiny shorts, because never has he so badly wanted to devour Yoongi's plush thighs.

yoongi has a plan for his birthday and that's to go out, get drunk, maybe have a questionable hookup, and definitely not think about the lowkey crush he may or may not have on his English tutor. that plan falls apart when kim namjoon walks through the door and jimin's face lights up like christmas came early.

In which Min Yoongi has an uncountable series of absolutely terrible evenings - and one evening which is perfectly wonderful.

“is that all? wanted to give me an erotic foot massage? charming,” yoongi’s voice is smug and syrupy, drips on namjoon’s ego and makes his flush linger.

he’s so alluring, fiery and raw, and namjoon is the moth to his flame, utterly devoted.

yoongi's a fan favorite.

namjoon and yoongi are bad at expressing their feelings.

namjoon is an increasingly bad actor, and yoongi ends up not caring (because namjoon’s ass is 10/10 would bang.)

[8:43 pm: Unknown: Why don’t you send me some nudes. Your body is so cute from what I’ve seen of all your pictures and videos on the internet. You’re so pretty, baby.]

Min Yoongi of BTS has a stalker.

Kim Namjoon is an idiot who sets himself on fire - more than once.

Min Yoongi is angry but saves his life anyway - more than once. Even when he's not supposed to.

(Lab / College AU where Kim Namjoon is a struggling college student and Min Yoongi is...a grim reaper going through a hard time.)

Yoongi’s soft when he’s tipsy, softer when he’s cold, and softest when Namjoon says “I love you.”

If Yoongi doesn't get jealous when Namjoon flirts with other people, then maybe it's not worth being in a relationship. At least then Namjoon would really know how Yoongi feels.

“You, of all people, should know how talented my tongue is.” Yoongi harassed, tongue licking tantalizingly at Namjoon’s plump lower lip.

They intended to conduct an experiment on the writing prowess of a drunken Min Yoongi. Intended.

Prompt: "Yoongi is shit with feelings and namjoon is open about his kinks- it's easier for yoongi to wear red converse than it is to say 'I like you'"

Yoongi has anger issues, and Namjoon has a cool car.

It's a jack of spades, and it makes a shiver run like icewater down Yoongi's spine, goosebumps raising on his skin despite the balmy pre-summer temperatures. He knows that card—still sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat because of it, words already dying on his lips before he can even speak them. It was that card that turned him into a cop, after all.

Namjoon doesn’t even have to knock anymore. Yoongi knows he’s coming. He opens the door to his apartment, shirt hanging off one shoulder and a lazy grin on his face, and Namjoon steps inside carefully, aware that this could break, that he could break it, that he’s going to by the end of tonight.

That he has to.

the end of the school term is always hard, but luckily yoongi has namjoon.

“You're such a fucking pathetic excuse of a human.”

Yoongi cheats on Namjoon.

Jungkook's young, but his words are so wise that he has Yoongi questioning himself.

We all know there's porn on the computer in Bangtan's workroom.

“Ever wished upon a star?"

“No, why would I wish upon a dying, burning rock in outer space?”

Namjoon grins. “You make a fair point.”

“What would you wish for?”

“I wish for Min Yoongi.”

Kim Namjoon came in the form of a broken chair leg and a shattered coffee mug.

Yoongi and Namjoon work through fame at their own paces.

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Yoongi and Namjoon have been stuck doing small time work, it's time to get back into the long con (conmen AU)_

Yoongi's just bitter enough not to let it go.

[4/10/16 4:51:06 AM] Namjoon

sorry i’m stupid

Namjoon always talked about how beautiful the world was. He always talked about making the world more beautiful. He just never talked about what he thought he had to do to make the world better.

Or: After Namjoon comes home. (Part 1 of drabbles)

Kim Namjoon was a prosperous university student, who went under the nickname Rap Monster whenever he hit the underground stage as another aspiring rapper, sometimes wondering if he was actually doing it all to get famous or just to catch the attention of mysterious musician Suga. Meanwhile, Min Yoongi was his university’s fashionista and a devoted fan of American post-hardcore music, but there was something he kept under wraps.

they're on a road trip across the country to make it to seokjin's wedding, and namjoon thinks yoongi's choice of soundtrack is... compelling.

in a world where their species is being pushed down to the ground, they make an escape, and things are no less confusing or complicated than they were before.

min yoongi isn't one to give up his chance of joining seoul's crossfire team lineup, especially to a certain kim namjoon. the rest of the school, however, are all up for watching syubd and runchranda trying to pwn each other until there was one candidate standing.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than being able to save yourself but not your loved one.

A boy, significantly shorter than Namjoon and wrapped up tightly in a grey scarf, sleepy eyes half-hidden by soft brown locks, moves out of the crowd, both hands wrapping around the paper cup and he looks so cold and Namjoon moves without thinking, leaping out of his chair and pushing through the crowd because the boy is already leaving and holy shit that boy might be the owner of the name that’s been on his wrist for the past two years.

au where yoongi is an underground rapper and namjoon is an idol rapper drawn into his orbit.

The thing is, Google doesn't have anything on people switching bodies one day and finding themselves slipping to their original selves days after. Yoongi hates to assume, but he's pretty sure it has something to do with being sandwiched between tight schedules and stress that arguments are almost inevitable already. Also, a few, choice thoughts rapping at the back of his head, telling him to look up, look at Namjoon in the eye, look at him.

you spend your whole life living, or you spend your whole life dying. the choice is yours.

namjoon and yoongi are best friends who don't know as much about each other as they think they do.

Yoongi lives for music, but Namjoon is his favorite song.

Zoologist Kim Namjoon finds that helping hands and good intentions are not always enough and that what he should worry about is not just gaining the trust of the animals he is trying to work with, but also the trust of the people in their community.

They intended to conduct an experiment on the writing prowess of a drunken Min Yoongi. Intended.

Yoongi's been a good boy, and Namjoon rewards him accordingly.

Wherein Namjoon is a smug bastard, Taehyung wants to bang a lifeguard, and Yoongi just wants to enjoy his vacation.

Yoongi finds himself a daddy dom online and it's all fun and games till Daddy Joon calls for a meet up. As in, IRL.

Even though Yoongi stole his favorite seat on the class, Namjoon didn't really mind. He had never really minded anything when it came to Yoongi.

Namjoon had never been in love before, but when he saw Yoongi, it was like he always had been.

Being a 200-year-old vampire is tough.

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