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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&yoongi *:・゚✧

Between Prefect duties, a quidditch team to captain, N.E.W.T.s, and a certain Kim Namjoon's hair experiments, Yoongi's got enough on his plate without meddlesome, big-eared commentators getting in the way. He just wants to get through his sixth year in peace, dammit.

Yoongi is a prickly-pink marshmallow, Taehyung is totally intrigued. Taehyung is a Marine Biology major who only does casual sex and one-night stands, but Yoongi doesn't kiss before the third date. They manage to meet in the middle and kind of fall in love.

Taehyung and Yoongi, reimagined and rearranged in a series of drabbles and one shots*.

Yoongi's made his choices. And now it seems Taehyung is making his own.

When Gods play dice with our lives, we stop playing the game to get our voices to be heard.

And if they won't listen to it, then maybe they'll listen to the sound of our blades.

Yoongi had found the perfect subject for his photography in a quiet little flower shop.

He didn't do relationships. They knew that. And he wasn't going to let one drunken mishap haunt him.

Or: Kim Taehyung's Guide To Domesticating A Killer

Rising star author Min Yoongi has writer's block. When Namjoon gives helpful advice (fuck a stranger), Yoongi doesn't quite follow his orders.

Yoongi tries so hard to come home. Taehyung is already there.

Taehyung thinks Yoongi is cute in the fuckable way.

Yoongi thinks Taehyung is an asshole.

taehyung's got the car, yoongi needs to run.

Taehyung's heat hits him hard. Yoongi just wants to help his mate.

Yoongi, Taehyung, and the rest of the team head to Milan to complete a very important mission.

Yoongi revels in the feeling of having a mate and a home.

Nobody says the name, but the Vigils run the school. And Kim Seokjin runs the Vigils.

When Kim Taehyung challenges the authority of the reigning gang in his new school, he sets off a series of events that nobody could have predicted.

When Yoongi wakes up a few hours later and finds Taehyung lying next to him, smiling lazily, and softly kissing his lips, Yoongi calmly gets up and then proceeds into his bathroom to hide for at least two hours and scream inside his shower.

Min Yoongi likes to volunteer at the library - that way he can avoid people. It's a simple way to pass the time, until Kim Taehyung, one of the most popular kids in school, notices him.

Yoongi finds a note in almost unredable writing on his doormat. Turns out it's a request.

"I don't care where we go, I'll go anywhere as long as I can spend time with you."

Yoongi just wants to make Taehyung smile, because it's as bright as a star.

Or, Yoongi doesn't let people sleep in his room but can't turn Taehyung away. Invites him to stay, even.

When Taehyung returns to the BTS dorm after his impromptu trip to home post-Inkiyago win, Yoongi thinks he has changed. Taehyung no longer seems to be in love with him.

Because Taehyung lives in the moments, for the moments, with the moments.

And Taehyung lives for Min Yoongi.

Yoongi gets cold when he sleeps. Taehyung suffers.

music producer and model au where Yoongi and Taehyung date

au where taegi goes on a bunch of cute dates and taehyung instagrams them all!

yoongi likes photography and gorgeous boys with sketchbooks full of flowers and comic book characters.

taehyung likes bad pickup lines and sarcastic college students with pink hair.

This is Yoongi's favorite part.

“what are you trying to find?”

taehyung smiles, bright and fake. “you know what, i don't know yet.”

What catches Yoongi the most off guard are the big, deep brown eyes that stare back at him with a look that would fit some modern day mermaid – attracting pirates, bewitching them to their deaths.

He even had a damn flower crown on his head.

Yoongi knew, yet he wished he didn’t.

Yoongi under anesthesia is a pretty embarrassing pick-up lines Master.

Taehyung is simply a good doctor who ends up playing along.

Check, call, fold, bet, raise.

Yoongi has been doing this for months now.

Your usual night in the bleak suburbs.

As usual as it can get.

ooooOoooOooOh a tAEgi dRABBLe you SAY?

Yoongi's a busy businessman who travels a lot. He somehow acquires a dog and has to hire a professional pet sitter, Taehyung.

Yoongi and Taehyung’s pillow talk consisted of pregnancy scares and 'where do pencil marks go when you erase them?'

Taehyung’s lucky he’s cute. (But Yoongi’s luckier to have him.)

Taehyung's heart was too big for others, considering how weak it physically was.

In which Taehyung and Yoongi need a little push in the right direction.

Uni AU where Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon are all on the same music course and work together for a project, but Namjoon starts to feel like a third wheel somewhere down the line.

Yoongi just wanted to go for a walk, not find some kid's phone.

Yoongi always believed that even the most broken hearts had a strong voice. And Kim Taehyung was no exception.

Taehyung's seen some weird things at work but, the cute guy sleeping in the outdoor furniture range is definitely something new.

Taehyung needed to get a better alarm clock. And not run into the middle of traffic.

Yoongi can't believe he let Taehyung go, but it was for the best, right?

Loosely based off of thisAU : “I’ve been going to this library for a very long time to get certain books that I need for class, and I’m always left with recommendations from an anonymous librarian. Being the curious student I am, I always check the book out, only to find the most perfect cheat sheet for the class I’m meant to be studying for hidden within its pages”

In which Yoongi meets Kim Taehyung one spring day and gets a little more than he had bargained for.

its a simple and stupid story of kim taehyung and min yoongi.

basically it's entrepreneur yoongi wanting to live cheap that met a part-time bartender taehyung au

When Namjoon and Seokjin announced that they are going to be getting another hybrid... Hoseok and Yoongi were not happy about it.

Taehyung is trick or treating alone for the first time, and everything is going just as he'd imagined until he arrives at a new tenant's door.

taegi shotgunning need i say more

Taehyung "accidentally" calls Hoseok while he fucks Yoongi.

Maybe sober Taehyung would concede that toilet papering is a little immature, but it’s relatively harmless and drunk Taehyung thinks it’s hilarious. It’s Halloween, pranking is tradition. It’s a prank or be pranked world, and Taehyung is choosing to be proactive.

'“I’m Min Yoongi. ‘Taehyung’s Outrageously Amazing Ingenious Sundae’? What’s so outrageous about it? I’ll take a glass of water and a single potato.”'

Seokjin carefully lays out his scrying rug, smoothing the thick russet furs over the forest moss. The others gather around in a circle and watch- Seokjin shakes his velvety deerskin pouch before tossing its contents onto the fur. He examines the scattered animal bones and their positions; ravens and rats, voles and vipers had died so that their spirits might guide the gods’ will to him. “A full moon night,” he murmurs, picking up the raven’s skull and staring into its empty eye socket. “A blood magic night. It’s the best chance we’ll have. We should get this done before she gets any stronger.”

“She’s close. And hungry,” Namjoon says. He looks at Taehyung apologetically. “She likes you best.”

Taehyung and Yoongi, reimagined and rearranged.

maybe taehyung should have realized a little earlier that walking past young trick-or-treaters in an axe murderer costume wasn't the best idea.

Yoongi can't get his scene right, so Taehyung helps him practice.

Taehyung is a black cat hybrid in a magical world that detests his kind. When Yoongi, a student studying the Magical Arts, performs a spell to summon a witch's familiar, he unknowingly grants Taehyung the opportunity for freedom and love he's long been denied.

yoongi is cursed and taehyung...well, taehyung just acts like he wants to be cursed by yoongi.

...that bastard.

“Everyone loves him.” Seokjin used to say with blind admiration.

or, alternately: yoongi and taehyung take a trip down memory lane after Yoongi betrays the organization they work for.

Taehyung loves strawberries and Yoongi loves to lick them off him. The Halloween food porn special no one asked for!

yoongi walks out of his last lecture of the day feeling like he's suffocating

There are some things that should be left unsaid.

There are some things that shouldn't.

There was an unspoken rule in the music industry, never accept food from fans. So it was no surprise to Min Yoongi when he saw Kim Taehyung happily accepting just that.

Yoongi was stressed, Taehyung was bored. It wasn't like it was love, or was it?

It was at eighteen when Kim Taehyung killed a man, and twenty one when Yoongi burned the body.

They'd never let go...

Yoongi is a boxer who goes by the name Agust D, Taehyung is his boyfriend/ring boy.

Did you know, the devil and his fallen angel have conversations about flower crowns?

Taehyung is a ten year old with an imagination the size of china and Yoongi is his eighteen year old brother who protects Taehyungs imagination like his life depended on it.

Yoongi is a prickly-pink marshmallow, Taehyung is totally intrigued. Taehyung is a Marine Biology major who only does casual sex and one-night stands, but Yoongi doesn't kiss before the third date. They manage to meet in the middle and kind of fall in love.

Request from polywog-of-platitude: (1,3,5 or 6 with taegi or sugamon plzzz , all your choice) - Taegi, 5:Characters can’t build the tent and end up sleeping in the car.

Tumblr drabble prompt from rainyseouldays: "How long have you been standing there?; Taegi."

The stories of their past will be forever engraved in their hearts.

three years after the incident, taehyung and yoongi meets again.

Yoongi has a thing for destroying good boys, and he has found his next target

Taehyung, the kid who was bullied, harassed and humiliated, is blamed for something he didn't do and is forced to go to a private "boarding school" where he becomes V.

At this point, he's positive he isn't going to survive. Especially because the legitimate rebels of the facility are keeping an eye on him.

Yoongi is silent. He watches the others fuss around the fan, fighting for the blast of air as it turns around for each of them. Inhale. Exhale.

When everyone knows they’re in love before they do.

Taehyung seeks revenge in a paper shop.

"You embarrass me." That's what he remembered the younger male saying. "I take you to business dinners and you embarrass me."

Falling in love is a condemnation.

But the real question is, was it all worth it?

The stranger is possibly the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen. It’s dark where they’re sitting, but the lack of light does nothing to hide how beautiful he is and the smile he shoots at Yoongi when their eyes meet makes his whole face light up. The sun must love him, all tall and golden.

One night, Taehyung brings along a new friend.

Yoongi was the bunny at the Easter Carnival. Taehyung had to bring his annoying brother to carnival. Things happen.

Yoongi is avoiding him like the plague, and Taehyung is not amused. If his hyung doesn't want to take responsibility for what happened, then Taehyung is going to make him, one way or another.

Yoongi never gets jealous... usually.

Yoongi falls in love with Taehyung's back profile. He swoons behind a big white vase. He's in love.

the taegi hs prom au that none of us asked for but hey i wrote it anyways! aka tae asks yoongi to prom!

"It's not a real party until we sacrifice a virgin."

"And where are you gonna find one of those?"

can you send me a pic of holly im sad

a merman and a fisherman's son–rooted in the sea yet separated by land.

or alternatively, fire-breathing sea cucumbers and Taehyung thinks Yoongi is the prettiest human he has ever met (with Issues of course)

Perhaps he should have expected it. After all, Yoongi had veins pulsating with vibratos; dulcet harmonies woven into the nuclei of his cells. A manifestation of music with passions that threatened to consume with roaring rhythms in place of a heartbeat; an incendiary soul.

A visionary.

And Taehyung was…Taehyung.

(they were souls destined to collide and self-destruct. taehyung copes the only way he knows how: he runs)

Yoongi had been aware of the shadow for as long as he could remember.

Sometimes he went months without feeling like it was just a few steps behind him or waiting around the next corner. But no matter how long he was able to avoid it, it always came back. Always.

It's 1993, and Yoongi is a music major starting his sophomore year in college. A bunch of stupid dares from his friends aren't supposed to turn his world upside down. Then again, maybe it's not the dares. Maybe it's just Taehyung.

Yoongi just wants to get through the night with his pride intact.

Enter Kim Taehyung.

Or, the one where they used to date and meet again at their ten year high school reunion.

Taehyung just wants to get to know his new - incredibly attractive - neighbour, Min Yoongi. But a certain cellular device is making that task pretty damn difficult.

Yoongi used to be an angel, until they were cast out of heaven. God was merciful when He left Yoongi with their wings intact.

Taehyung is a lust demon, but wants to be human. Satan said that in order to become one, he has to steal Yoongi's wings.

Eventually, they realize that they don't need heaven to find peace.

sometimes, yoongi likes to feel like a puppy.

Min Yoongi has decided that the best thing to do is just keep his shit to himself.

When Taehyung is hurting, Yoongi is there to make it better.

the "you work in a strip club and gave me the best lapdance of my life and now you're my new neighbour" au

Yoongi finds himself alone at 1 AM on the back porch of the party.

"Yoongi should be inside where the party is bumping, but he finds himself slipping onto the deserted back porch, muffling the roar of what’s happening inside. It’s chilly and leaves crunch below his feet as he takes a seat on one of the two steps leading off of the porch."

Yoongi hates feelings. In fact, he hates anything that has to do with feelings in general, like romance movies or heartfelt gestures in hospital hallways. But most of all, Yoongi hates how vulnerable feelings make him.

taehyung doesn't like using honourifics with the guy he likes

Yoongi had become used to Taehyung turning to him for advice, asking him for extra help, and following him around the gym during practice. Taehyung was always close by, and Yoongi liked it. He liked Taehyung. Things always felt easier when they were together.

So when Taehyung started avoiding him, Yoongi noticed. Maybe he wasn’t the best at reading people, but Taehyung was a hard thing to miss.

Taehyung is trick or treating alone for the first time, and everything is going just as he'd imagined until he arrives at a new tenant's door.

Taehyung wants attention from his boyfriend but his boyfriend is busy. So what does he do?

Taehyung and Yoongi met, fell in love with each other and lived happily together (sometimes not) in different alternatives universes.

Taehyung is a honeypot, always getting hit on in clubs. Yoongi starts to feel increasingly protective, especially when people can’t seem to take a hint. Features hotaf!Taehyung, dancing!Yoongi, a bit of denial, some serious sexual tension, a ton of pining, platonicsoulpartners!Yoonseok, lots of ot7 love, and a hopefully pleasant lack of emotional constipation. A sort-of University AU.

Taehyung wants attention from his boyfriend but his boyfriend is busy. So what does he do?

"what do you want?" yoongi asks the boy hovering at his table. the boy hasn't said another word, and continues to stand there. his eyebrows are furrowed, he’s biting his lower lip, and he bends his knees every few seconds. either his joints are aching or he's preparing to bolt out of the place at the slightest provocation.

"i-" the boy starts, voice cracking a bit. he clears his throat and speaks louder. "i'm taehyung." he spares a glance at his friends sitting by the asymmetric tables. yoongi thinks he sees a few enthusiastic upturned thumbs in his periphery.

"i know," yoongi answers lazily.

The night before Min Yoongi's senior year he finds himself on the beach ready to end his life, but Kim Taehyung wouldn't be Kim Taehyung if he didn't interfere and tell the smaller boy about the stars in the sky.

Or the one where Taehyung is the real life version of Peter Pan with a lot of knowledge on star mythology and Yoongi somehow never, not really, believed in fairies.

Kim Taehyung definitely isn't fond of airplanes. Min Yoongi definitely is fond of Kim Taehyung.

even though they just stole a painting two months ago, it feels like yoongi just can't say no to taehyung.

Min Yoongi was a man of habits. When he found something that suited him, he stuck to it. A brand of clothes, a position on the couch, a route to go to work, a takeaway at a restaurant nearby.

A mocha at a weird coffee shop.

He didn't deserve him.

It only proved how much the younger cared about him, to notice every single detail, that even the other members wouldn't notice. It was the first time someone worried that much about him and here he was: spoiling everything.

  • Saplinger

When Taehyung's upset, Yoongi knows exactly what to do.

Everything good about Daegu he took with him when he left.

“So what do I do, then?” Yoongi asks, lowering the hood back down and dropping it closed with a muted thunk.

“Take it to a mechanic," Jeongguk advises.

(Yoongi knows nothing about cars. Taehyung is a mechanic.)

How to write this fic:

1. insert angsty rain scene trope

2. insert romantic rain kiss trope

3. now make it taegi

In which seven friends take a trip to California, and Yoongi has to put up with Taehyung being... himself.

Meaning, of course, annoyingly attractive, way too cuddly, and a little bit breathtaking.

Taehyung and Yoongi solve cases together.

Latest case: Find out what feelings they have for each other.

yoongi's the new and quiet, stone faced sound tech for taehyung's late night radio show. taehyung reaches out.

For as long as he can remember, Taehyung has been traveling the universe in his little spaceship. He was always lonely, never going anywhere.

Until the day Yoongi sent him off to find a friend. And everything changed from there.

Taehyung knows that his relationship is broken, because his boyfriend is barely ever home and when he is he smells like some stranger. He just can't bring himself to let go.

Then he meets someone who makes him feel brand new.

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