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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

maybe they're a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

The college tour guide raved about the uni's friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare.

taehyung really really really really really really likes jeongguk

i just can't let you go you give me something i've never known so baby you don't have to rush you can leave a toothbrush at my place

The point of being friends with benefits is to do it no strings attached - no getting attached.

Dates are cool. Dates with straight-laced family friends arranged by your mother are not. Thank goodness Jeon Jeongguk has his trusty best friend Kim Taehyung close by to bail him out of any dire situations.

Jeongguk comes up to Seoul to pursue a music career and somehow ends up rooming next to that one dude in the sharehouse who just will not stop making noises in the middle of the night.

Weeks before the first the first snow powders the dry, cold ground, Jungkook meets Jimin and Taehyung.

When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

Lesson 1: it’s not real. (Part 1 of You Bring Good to my Lonely Life (Honestly))

Love is a strange, strange thing. (Part 2 of You Bring Good to my Lonely Life (Honestly))

Dramatization. Do not try at home. (Part 1 of I'm Feeling Electric Tonight)

If you experience headaches, nausea, or heartbreak, discontinue use and talk to your doctor because relationships might not be right for you. (Part 2 of I'm Feeling Electric Tonight)

Happy endings sold separately. (Part 3 of I'm Feeling Electric Tonight)

The world as most people see it is only half the story. (Part 1 of Where You Go, I'll Go Too)

This is the other half of the story. This is forever. (Part 2 of Where You Go, I'll Go Too)

If you can read this, take another shot.

A relationship is a two-way street.

I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Min Yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

Somewhere in New York, Seoul, Florence, Los Angeles, is a tale as old as time.

Taehyung has always wanted to be a superhero. Jeongguk has always been a supernatural. (Part 1 of Moonrise)

For better or for worse, everyone gets better at this. It’s practice. It doesn’t quite make perfect but it gets pretty damn close. (Part 2 of Moonrise)

There are some perks to having Jeongguk as a boyfriend. For one, he makes procrastination impossible. (Part 3 of Moonrise)

Jungkook is the pup of his pack and he detests being babied so much by his fellow litter mates. He’s always wanted a human friend and so he searches to find one even when his brothers disapprove and try and stop him. He meets a quirky young male by the name of Taehyung and rapidly becomes entangled in the human world and his life. But will he disregard his brothers and pack rules all for this one human? (Part 4 of Keepsake)

The year is 5191. Scientists from the Paradisus Institute have discovered ways to fuse animal DNA to humans, creating a new race of hybrids. (Hybrids!AU)

"Gryffindors again?"

"No," Jungkook answered. "Seriously, leave it, Yoongi-hyung. It's not a big deal."

"I'm just curious. No need to be so defensive, Jungkook." Yoongi took another bite and looked off to the side before giving him an unreadable glance. "You're not invincible, you know."

"I know," Jungkook mumbled automatically.

Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should. Just don't tell Jimin about it.

taehyung and jungkook share a hotel room.

AU where your soulmate's first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet.

Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook's forearm will now forever read "Hey baby, if you were a booger, I'd pick you first."

What the fuck, universe.

“It’s a lot like falling in love with a city you’ve never been to.”

Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa. One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang. Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.

But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.

Dragons destroy and stars explode.

Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.

"You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated."

Jungkook knew about Lo Crux, just like every other high school kid in the capital. He had heard rumours about them, terrible rumours that made them the most feared high school gang in the entire country. Especially their leader, Kim Taehyung.

However, Jungkook slowly starts to learn that sometimes legends aren’t as grand as he thought they would be.

Not when his entire life turns into one.

“If I'm such a legend, then why am I so lonely? Let me tell you, legends are all very well if you've got somebody around who loves you.” Judy Garland

Jeongguk wakes up and decides that he really, really wants to spoil Taehyung today.

"Sorry, Jungkookie." Taehyung's voice is garbled over the phone, static and an unwarranted hitch in his breath threatening to overcome what little Jungkook has of Taehyung right now. "I'm still trying to figure out where home is."

Seokjin finds a USB at the library and forgets to turn it in to the Lost & Found. Jimin decides they should look at its contents to find its owner. (Part 1 of Do You Even Yak?)

Frankly speaking, Taehyung knew better than to change his phone background to that picture of Jeongguk. (Part 2 of Do You Even Yak?)

With Jeongguk rushing a fraternity, Taehyung's been feeling a little neglected. This is how Jeongguk makes it up to him. (Part 3 of Do You Even Yak?)

Taehyung goes away on competition and misses Jeongguk more than expected. When he comes home, he's got a treat waiting for him. (Part 4 of Do You Even Yak?)

Taehyung always comes up with the best ideas. Luckily, Jeongguk is down to try anything Taehyung wants. (Part 5 of Do You Even Yak?)

In which Taehyung seeks to avenge himself after having sported a boner in gym class due to his oblivious, sexy twin brother.

Jimin convinces Jungkook to pose nude for a senior's photography project.

Taehyung learns about and no one is safe.

When Taehyung signed on at BTS Entertainment, he just thought he'd start getting laid a lot more. Then he films with Jeon Jeongguk. (Porn Star AU)

It doesn’t matter how many times Taehyung has to watch him from afar, because every lifetime is worth it for the one in which Jungkook looks back at him.

Jungkook starts craving pizza more often, and it’s totally not because he wants to see the cute delivery boy again.

Taehyung's a doctor. He can fix anything, including Jungkook. (Part 1 of tattoo artist!au)

jungkook doesn't know when 'you' became 'us' and 'us' became everything. (Part 2 of tattoo artist!au)

Taehyung and Jungkook always make it work. (Part 3 of tattoo artist!au)

tumblr prompt: okay imagine an AU where Guk gets to intern under Kim Seokjin, the best in his field (idk u can choose the field of study/work) and Guk is super excited to work with THE Kim Seokjin & he's doing a really good job until he finds out Jin has a younger brother that likes to visit him at work, who has crazy colored hair and wears ugly paint splattered baggy clothes (art student) and he's sO CUTE Guk just keeps fucking up because he can't concentrate with a cute Tae around.

"What does it feel like?"


"Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?" (Part 1 of Stop My Heart AU)

A compilation of scenes in the Stop My Heart universe that didn't make it into the main storyline, or exist before/after the main storyline.

Happy Birthday, Baby: It's Taehyung's birthday, and Jeongguk has the perfect present for him. (Part 2 of Stop My Heart AU)

finding your mate isn't really an exact science (Part 1 of Werewolf AUs)

welcome to luxe, where you can indulge in your wildest pleasures.

taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

they were supposed to break up and never see each other again. they weren't supposed to end up like this.

Taehyung finds himself stuck in the past.

Jungkook feels his first heat coming in the middle of his business economics lecture.

Initially, the fire alarm going off at 3 in the morning the day before finals isn’t ideal.

“I am going to destroy you, piece by piece, until there’s nothing left,”

taehyung never wears a shirt.

because nothing is permanent

jungkook can't hear the music

The past does not dictate the future.

Jungkook is the sun. Taehyung is the moon.

AU where all Jungkook wanted was a roof over his head while he attended university. Instead he got two brothers as roommates named Jimin and Taehyung, whose main thing in common is their tendency to smother Jungkook with affection.

Taehyung has a talent for capturing all the best moments.

Everyone in BTS thinks they're courting each other, or something like that.

If it's you I'm stuck with, then I guess I'm okay.

It doesn't feel like I'm breathing when you're not by my side.

Taehyung adopts Jeongguk when they're in elementary school. Taehyung doesn't let Jeongguk go.

Taehyung is inquisitive, and Jeongguk reaps the benefits of his curiosity.

Jungkook's a rich playboy and Taehyung's his secretary. He wants to get into Taehyung's pants, but Taehyung's no easy lay.


From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.

Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

“You think relationships last in the Village? You want one with me? You think you’ll be happy?” Maybe Taehyung did think that they could be happy. (Part 2 of We Could Be Immortals (Just Not For Long))

Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.

Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

In the game of love, everyone’s a winner.

Admit One: Kissing Booth Ticket

“We should stop because I want to permanently add you to the snapchat story of my life.”

Just a random compilation of shitty drabbles probably written in under 30 minutes (and on my phone, at that). I'll continue to update this as I complete more prompts from tumblr!

"Okay, but really, you would look so hot driving in a Lambo."

Apparently IOU's are a few of Taehyung's favorite things (to Jeongguk's standards at least).

Taehyung is a flight attendant, Jeongguk catches his eye (and his pants). (Part 1 of Up, Up, & Away)

When casual hook-ups on planes takes landing. (Part 2 of Up, Up, & Away)

A Somewhat Cosmic Adventure, In Which: Jeon Jeongguk is both a Flustered Meme Child as well as the King of Hell; Kim Taehyung is really good at peeling back layers; Jeong Hoseok can go wherever he wants; balance requires sacrifice.

A retelling of the Abduction of Persephone, but with extra awkward flirting and way more gay.

How the hell was Taehyung supposed to know that 'bicycle' was a euphemism for prostitute?

"So, we're soulmates."

"Yeah. We are."

In a world where the meeting of soulmates predestines impending death, no one wants to meet theirs, not when it ends in illness and heartbreak and death. Taehyung isn't so lucky. (Soulmate!AU)

taehyung lives in jeongguk's garden

taehyung watches. hides it under his absent gazes and concerning facial expressions, but he's paying attention. he’s always been.

In all of the heart beats that constitutes a person’s life; there will be at least one murmur to show that that person is alive. These murmurs are indescribable and may never occur. For some people they might. The only difference is that those who have murmurs in their heart beats; they are the ones who have lived. Taehyung lives to find out the meaning of these murmurs of life; and Jungkook knows the answer.

I’m nothing, he’s famous.

I’m weird, he’s cute.

I’m a fan, he’s a star, a sensation.

Jeon Jungkook, a.k.a kookieseagull, is my crush. A celebrity crush perhaps? He’s an internet sensation anyways. And he is also someone that probably won’t notice me due to the fact he has a lot of fans and I’m probably just an ant in his eyes. But then there’s this guy! He talked to me way from the other side. He told me to call him Justin Jiyong. He’s really weird as well and we really clicked right away! ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊ But whenever I wanna call him via Skype he would reject it without any hesitation (πーπ)

I’m Kim Taehyung and I fell in love through social media (‘∀’●)♡

Taehyung is the rich kid with a flashy apartment and Jungkook is the post-boy with a noisy bicycle, and they’re about to change each other’s lives.

studies show that sitting next to someone in very close proximity, for extended periods of time, increases the chances of falling in love.

it’s no secret taehyung loves flowers.

jeongguk hates sunlight.

For his first year of university, Jeongkook expects sex. If he was honest with himself, it's one of the things he looked forward to.

What he doesn't expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with.

Jungkook believes that everyone is born as a tabula rasa, but Taehyung is convinced that he's born sick.

For two and a half years, Jungkook harbored fear in the back of his mind that one day, he would wake up and Taehyung wouldn't be next to him anymore, that he'd suddenly leave him for someone better.

He didn't know Taehyung felt the same.

Jungkook gets his first apartment away from Busan, away from his parents, away from the stress of his earlier life. He soon finds out that his next door neighbor is pretty much out of his fucking mind.

Taehyung needs a distraction.

Jeongguk is practically the definition of a perfect son, which made the strike his father delivered to his face all the more unexpected. The unreasonable treatment that he was dealt sends him into confusion and depression, to the point where he wants to take a long walk and possibly never return. During his walk, he hadn't predicted that he would meet someone much like himself– someone he can relate to– someone he can depend on. What he least expected, though, was to fall in love with that very person.

Taehyung never thought he'd fall in love with his roommate. Then again, he never thought his roommate would have been a literal gift from god either.

A collection of Taekook drabbles.

He didn’t want to go out on such a night, but Taehyung was out of ramen and he was starving. So he bundled up in a puffy jacket and headed out of his apartment building into the rain.

'i purposely get your coffee order wrong just so you’ll talk to me again' au

V has a popular YT channel featuring videos of his random and exciting escapades. Now that he’s reached 500 subscribes, he’s promised he’d introduce his pride and joy, Kookie, to his viewers. Looks like Tae may be getting a new YT partner.

Their first interaction is hate at first sight, and Jungkook is absolutely convinced that Taehyung is his personal unlucky charm. Who else could be so completely annoying, distracting and god-forbid cute at the same time?

Some days, Taehyung just doesn’t want to get out of bed. (And if he’s not getting out, Jungkook’s not allowed to either.)

jimin thinks he knows jungkook's ideal type and is hellbent on playing matchmaker for his best friend

Taehyung is a lost college student. He falls in love with the radio DJ on Cool FM who comes on at midnight every day.

Taehyung's done a lot of dumb shit.

But getting drunk and shoving his hand up a vending machine while crying his eyes out over a chocolate bar in front of Jeon Jeongguk definitely takes the cake.

in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

In which Jungkook can’t believe that he fell for someone as dense and childish as Taehyung. He also can’t believe that he is the maknae because he swears that his hyungs are mental. Or in other words, the failed attempts of showing Taehyung that he loves him and the hyungs unknowingly screwing up his mission.

When Jeongguk draws Taehyung’s (aka the love of his life’s) name in their school’s secret santa, he vows to be the cutest goddamn secret santa this world has ever seen.

Taehyung gets a new tattoo just above his heart, and it’s a small star in black ink. "I got it for you, you know that, don’t you?“ Taehyung asks Jeongguk as he traces his fingertips across his skin.

Where seven-year-old Jungkook meets nine-year-old Taehyung on a Halloween evening and Taehyung is a beautiful human being who looks like he’s golden in the afternoons and laughs like he’s got the world’s secret painted at the back of his hand.

"You'll give me that much, won't you, fluffy flower?"

Jungkook thinks that he can view the world in a better perspective as long as he has Taehyung by his side. However, those kind of things only happen in his head.

‘Aren’t you that tiny boy who followed me around like a puppy in middle school and looked at me like I hung the stars? Ok well we’re in college now and you still have a huge crush on me and the only difference is now you do ridiculous things to try to impress me and honestly you’re so adorable even though you’re huge and stronger than me now’

Jungkook was scared of elephants.

When injuries don’t go fine just by band aids.

When Taehyung wakes up as a kid, everyone wonders why Jeongguk is the only one Taehyung wants.

Taehyung changes his hair colour like he changes clothes. He won't leave Jungkook alone and Jungkook thinks his new neighbour's weird as fuck.

"No, I don’t understand, how I held it together before I could hold your hand.”

In which everyone in the world has a Soulmate, and Jeongguk happens to find his while eating jjigae in the mall. (Part 1 of tattooed onto your skin)

Jeongguk goes overseas for a summer and when he comes back, things are changing. (Part 2 of tattooed onto your skin)

“Whatever she can do, I bet I can do it better.”

Jeongguk is not his, he has no right to be jealous.

Of which Taehyung has had enough with a certain member gushing on G-Dragon.

Taehyung decides to fight the power and he needs the help of Jeongguk's lips to do it.

taehyung films, jungkook is camera shy.

Moral of the story? Don't fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you'll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails.

A playful make-out session on a Sunday evening turns out to be a little more than that.

Jeongguk just wants to spend some time with his kitten.

When their one home in this wasteland tests the limits of their morality, they're forced to flee. The only question is whether or not they will be able to find salvation before time becomes their greatest enemy.

kim taehyung is a musician in need of a steady job. he never expected to become infatuated with jeon jeongguk, the vocalist in a screamo group that covers shitty linkin park songs. only maybe it's a little more than that.

In which, Kim Seokjin is the most awkward person living on Earth, Min Yoongi is just a pain in the ass, Jung Hoseok lives for making others laugh, Kim Namjoon should have became a doctor, Park Jimin is the dwarf, Kim Taehyung is a stupid walking ball of sunshine and Jeon Jungkook’s only mistake is being born after these idiots.

It really sucks when you have a crush on your best friend, especially one who you have made a no-secrets pact with. Especially one who comes to your apartment most days and has no idea what a personal space bubble is. One who you love with all your heart and wouldn’t want to see go because of a stupid crush. Kim Taehyung is absolutely flawless, and Jungkook is in deep shit.

Taehyung finds himself being followed around by a certain black-haired vampire and doesn’t know how to feel about it.

Taehyung has finally entered the prestigious RM LLP, which is infamous for its Up or Out policy. He will be assigned a team for the rest of the year, and he prays he’s not on the same team as that asshole Jungkook or whatever his name is.

A look into Taehyung and Jungkook’s lives from their baby years to adulthood.

smart and handsome millionaire jeon jungkook is around his secretary kim taehyung pretty much 24/7, and in the three years the exceptional older boy has worked for him, jungkook has finally learnt what it feels like to be loved.

Jungkook finds Taehyung’s hidden collection of yaoi. Reading makes him question how straight he really is, and Taehyung certainly doesn’t mind!

Jungkook had never kissed anyone before so who better to teach him than his best friend.

Taehyung and Jungkook are best friends who would do anything for each other, even transfer to a new school with the most ridiculous and strict rules they have ever seen. Rules on PDA? Who are you kidding?

“Hey,” Taehyung coolly leans against the desk and winks at Jeongguk. “You busy?” Jeongguk looks up from his open notebook and asks, “What do you want?” “Oh, you know,” Taehyung shrugs. Slowly, he reaches for the top of Jeongguk’s tie and strokes down its length. “This or that.”

jeongguk has a crush on the boy who sits behind him in class.

It’s trivial things, normally. See who can hold their breath the longest, get to the bathroom first, endure Jin’s cooking the longest without throwing up, simple things. But occasionally, they kick things up a notch.

In which Taehyung is a famous YouTuber and Jungkook is his camera shy boyfriend.

jungkook is a merman who curses like a sailor and taehyung is a marine biologist who scuba dives in his free time.

With his entire torso learning over the of the ship Taehyung forgets all moral obligations, all loyalty to the crew on board, and all common sense because Jeongguk is the very definition euphoria.

He wants to give all of himself to Jeongguk and have Jeongguk take him apart piece by piece. He wants Jeongguk to ruin him.

Taehyung likes to be watched and Jeongguk likes to make Taehyung happy. Jimin is slightly terrified, but mostly aroused.

Jeongguk doesn’t like the cold, but luckily his boyfriend Taehyung has a furnace for a body.

After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.

“If you want to be with me, you need to be honest with yourself and fucking tell me!”

“I’m not good at that, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

Jeongguk writes happy endings and Taehyung pens down sad ones. And with letters and words and sentences, they weave prose into a story, one that is no longer theirs the moment it is put down in ink.

They both chuckled, foreheads pressing against one another’s as the sun’s final rays drowned beneath the waves of the Pacific. A sweet kiss was shared, Jungkook’s fingers playing with the loose strands of hair that swept across the back of Taehyung’s neck. “I wish I could marry you already.” Jungkook whispered against Taehyung’s warm lips.

It was 9 in the afternoon on an otherwise quiet Thursday and Jeongguk was sprawled on top of Kim Taehyung in the middle of the campus pavement. In other words, the grass was blue and the sky was falling.

Jeongguk wakes up in the morning to find the clock on his wrist displaying the least amount of minutes it ever has, meaning he was definitely going to meet his soulmate today. Trying not to change his fate, Jeongguk attempts to go through the day as normally as a man whose whole life was about to be flipped upside down could, but as the clock nears 00:00, some things don't add up.

“it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

Some instances where Taehyung finds himself in need of support, and Jeongguk is sure to be there for him to lean on.

“Do you like anyone, hyung?” It was muffled and small, uttered into Taehyung’s neck with a sleepy yawn almost interrupting the last consonant. When Taehyung froze up he felt Jeongguk’s head lift, chin resting on Taehyung’s chest, and eyes focused on him a little too steadily to be casual. Taehyung saw the smallest twitch in Jeongguk’s innocently raised eyebrows and he relaxed a little.

“Yeah, yeah I do.”

"Sometimes I wonder whether you'd be better off without me. Whether you really need me at all."

Taehyung has always doubted his necessity to the group, as well as to Jungkook. Usually a knock on the head would suffice to bring him back to his senses. But this time, it seems someone was listening to his request. Now, everything has changed. He's in a world where Jungkook and the rest of the group are still famous, but he isn't.

Taehyung claims he is getting taller than Jeongguk. Jeongguk does not react well.

Taehyung wakes up one morning with immense back pain only to be rushed to a radio station for an early morning schedule with the rest of Bangtan. Trying not to make any trouble, he tries to keep it a secret, but eventually that becomes increasingly hard.

Taehyung just wanted to go for a little joy ride, but he can't afford to get a ticket. He'll do anything to avoid it.



“Your eyes.”

Taehyung blinked. “What about them?”

Jeongguk thinks Taehyung is as vibrant as the sun, and as mysterious as the moon.

He just wishes Taehyung could see that. (Part 1 of And I Was Lost In Your Constellations)

Taehyung tries to take care of his sick boyfriend. (Part 2 of And I Was Lost In Your Constellations)

Taehyung was not a tough or clever boy. He was almost always one of the last to finish every event that his physical education class was assigned to do. He scraped through his classes with C's and C-'s. He was sweet and kind, though, which was a different kind of strength. He connected with people and knew what to do to make others feel okay because he'd always had a way with people. Sweet and kind people don't matter anymore, though. In a world where the dead hunt the living and the living turn on each other, sweet and kind people are the first to go. The ones who are tough and clever are the ones who carry on.

Jungkook has a very bad day, and to his way of thinking, there's only one way to relieve it. There's only one problem: he can't. Good thing he has such an amazing friend who's willing to help him out.

The sequel to An Ache for the Distance. A few days later, Jungkook is still dealing with the aftermath of his and Jimin’s injuries. What’s worse is that he finds himself completely distracted by thoughts of Taehyung. They haven’t had that critical conversation yet, and Jungkook doesn’t know how to deal with all the uncertainty.

third time's a charm, right?

Jeon Jungkook, the youngest private investigator in Seoul at 23 years old, with over a hundred solved cases under his belt, does not do favours.

Well. That's what he says.

if you have a soul mate, the morn of your fourteen birthday the words that indicate who your soul mate is are inscribed on the inside of your wrist. it’s no cause for celebration — these words are the last words your soul mate will ever say. some people are lucky and manage to spend a long life with the person of their choosing and find out when they’re old and grey that this person was their soul mate all along. however, the vast majority of the population find out when it’s much too late. to many, the words on their wrist serve as a reminder that true happiness may never be theirs.

Taehyung remembers the way it was Before. He remembers the way light would look as it forced its way into his house, into their house, and would lie across the floor, creating a stage for the dust that danced in the air to perform on. He remembers the way the colors would look on the canvas as he manipulated them to create the Garden of Eden, so vibrant and beautiful that even Satan himself longed to be a part of it. He remembers the way Jungkook would smile at him, so cheesy with his puffed out cheeks and pearly white teeth flashing, the years and stress disappearing from his face with just that one gesture, that one joke that Taehyung would crack over dinner and Jungkook would stop whatever he was doing so he could flash that smile, all so he could make Taehyung the happiest man on the earth. Taehyung couldn’t remember how many times he had painted, or sketched that one smile.

Taehyung remembers the way it was Before and this is Now.

Jungkook goes for a bike ride for some peace and quiet but ends up with a little more.

in which Taehyung's texts are never warning enough for the heart attacks he likes to give Jungkook.

they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

Jungkook is a photographer who mounts every heartbeat on film, and Taehyung is the sort who never stays in one place for long.

“the world is such a small place, but still big enough for us to get ourselves lost in.”

if anyone were to ask, it has always been like this.

(or, in which Jungkook just can't get that annoying demon in his apartment to stop trying to get into his pants, because he obviously doesn't care about how hot he is or how Taehyung's touch makes him go insane, duh.)

“somewhere along the way, we will all realize that we only start chasing the things that we were once given a taste of.”

(or, in which Jungkook and Taehyung get married to qualify for more financial aid.)

“someone will hear you, they'll see you like this, do you want that?”

(aka taehyung finds out about jungkook's kink list and decides to try out number 5.)

in which Taehyung is a keeper of the past, and Jungkook only chases the future.

"I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe the anger, the devastation; it swallowed me up from the inside out, killed me right where I stood as I listened to your breathing slow to naught, until there was only static."

all his life, Taehyung has only known a spectrum of greys. Then, he meets Jungkook.

colour is a myth, but Taehyung has always been a believer, especially when it comes to miracles.

(aka soulmate!au where one only starts seeing in colours when they meet their soulmate.)

Be my sun,

and I'll be your moon,

and together, we can watch the stars.

Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe's freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love.

Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

bilinugal jeongguk meets english minor taehyung, and feelings develop

In which Jeongguk suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, Taehyung thinks he's more than done with his shit, and then they kiss (read: bang) and make up.

Taehyung goes into heat, but thankfully he has his alpha fuckbuddy, Jungkook, to help him through it.

jungkook has never seen the world and taehyung is determined to show him it

Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.

Taehyung has only ever known to keep his guard up. But that was before he knew Jungkook.

In which Jungkook meets his rainbow, his Santa, and his boyfriend.

There's a thick black poison where Jeongguk's breath is supposed to be. It’s slowly filling up his ribcage until it will inevitable drown him, poisoning his blood as he’s going under, making it rush in his ears until the sound is deafening.

“I love him to death, but he’s unable to settle, Jeongguk. He’s not good for you.”

'I know,' Jeongguk would think to himself later that night, curling into a ball on his bed. 'He’s gonna be the death of me.'

“Get the fuck out of this room, Kim Taehyung.”

The last thing Taehyung expected this summer was to meet his new family, but as with all things, he's willing to give it a shot. He's willing to try. Too bad his new stepbrother doesn't feel the same way.

"Your eyes look like they've seen the world."

"They have."

In a land far away with rolling hills and sparkling lakes and lavender sunrises, there lies a boy who waits and waits and never forgets. (PeterPan!AU)

not another day.

in which taehyung annoys jungkook with his usual antics.

Taehyung and Jungkook ease into the next step of their relationship, getting to know each other a little more.

It really wasn’t in Jungkook’s plans today to be tied up to the bed like this.

It wasn’t in his plans to have Taehyung mad at him either.

Nope. Definitely not.

“it's nothing that bad, gukkie. i just want to be choked a little, maybe. pin me down, pull my hair, call me names. nothing too intense, but everyone's too delicate, or they just don't do it right.” taehyung complains and suddenly sitting so close feels like a bad idea to jeongguk.

Where Jungkook and Taehyung quickly make mess of Hoseok's hard work.

a blur of red and a hand reaching out to him are the last things jeongguk sees before his world fades to black.

Basically, Taehyung stresses over whether or not Jeongguk will ask him to prom.

just a taekook Christmas oneshot and I couldn't think of a better title

taehyung's in love with the cute boy who works the tech booth.

The first reason Jungkook knows there's something off is because his alarm isn’t blaring from underneath his pillow, there’s no looming sense of dread that he’s late for class, and none of his hyungs are standing over him in an attempt to wake him up. The second thing he realises is that he’s overheating. The third is that his bed is moving.

Idle Youth / By all things enslaved / Through sensitivity / I've wasted my days. / Ah! Let the moment come / When hearts love as one. - Arthur Rimbaud, The Song of the Highest Tower

“What?” Taehyung’s brain couldn’t work fast enough, still caught up in the fact that Jungkook, who had never even looked at him before this afternoon, was leaning down so that his face was less than four inches away from Taehyung's, and wow the kid was really tall how had he never noticed that.

Jungkook literally loomed over him as he spoke the next words that sent shivers down Taehyung’s spine, “At three-forty-three tomorrow morning you are going to die.”

Jungkook is the newest employee in Namjoon's tattoo-and-threading parlor, and Taehyung, the parlor's loyal patron, finds himself getting pulled by the strings, quite literally.

It still baffles him, how Taehyung can smile like the sun shines out of his ass when the world is falling apart around them, but he cherishes every glimpse he gets of it. (Part 1 of the BTS Zombie Apocalypse AU)

random oneshots and drabbles in my BTS zombie apocalypse AU (Part 2 of the BTS Zombie Apocalypse AU)

Honestly, Jeongguk considers, it could’ve gone worse.

(This is how they got together.) (Part 1 of Friends-to-Lovers!AU)

Jeongguk isn’t used to feeling this protective, but he’s not complaining. Not if this is how Taehyung chooses to reward him for it. (Part 2 of Friends-to-Lovers!AU)

Jungkook is a professional at killing, and Taehyung thinks he could do a better job.

jeongguk is desperate for the comforts of home and finds more than he ever expected.

"As a philosophy kintsugi can be seen to have similarities to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect. Japanese æsthetics values marks of wear by the use of an object. This can be seen as a rationale for keeping an object around even after it has broken and as a justification of kintsugi itself, highlighting the cracks and repairs as simply an event in the life of an object rather than allowing its service to end at the time of its damage or breakage."

It's that horrible time of the month again.

Jeongguk is a prince, Taehyung is a stable boy, and the lines of their lives just barely cross.

In his realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding about love.

you work in a dvd rental store and you’re so so so cute and i finally mustered up the courage to go in and say hi, so i was browsing around without really looking at the dvds and you came up behind me and asked me if i was getting something so i hurriedly grabbed 2 dvds beside me and handed them to you anD OH YM GOD THEY’RE PORNOS au

Taehyung gets stood up and Jeongguk (unsuccessfully) tries to ignore him.

Jeongguk doesn’t look anything close to the type to work in a flower shop, and he still feels a little awkward from the odd looks he gets when he does deliveries.

Jeongguk gets stood up and a weird barista with a nametag that says "V" won't stop making him weird drinks with names like 'lean green fighting machine' and acting out complete monologues behind the counter.

Jeongguk loves lazy Sunday mornings.

Jeongguk's not sure when the case became about getting back together with Taehyung instead of finding out who killed his fiancé.

Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time.

Jimin is 500% done with everything.

Kim Taehyung is an outlier and should not have been counted. // Prompt: Jungkook does not like people, but one day he meets Taehyung and everything changes.

Jungkook had always wanted to be a famous singer. The goal was so well known, that many people had supported his decision to join BigHit as a trainee, making him leave his hometown of Daegu to Seoul. However this didn't come without harm. He would have to leave the person most important to him, Kim Taehyung.

"for life is not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis"

Taehyung and Jungkook's relationship is about to change for good but there's nothing quite like a blast from the past to speed things up.

Taehyung is a manhwa artist whose pseudonym leads approximately 97.8% of his readers to believe that he's a little less oppa and a little more unni.

And Jeongguk is his childhood-friend-turned-editor who's maybe, possibly, a little bit (a lot) in love with him.

Every click of the shutter was a new beginning for Jeongguk, especially the one that led him to an estranged Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung presents as an omega, Jeongguk responds by presenting as an alpha. All hell promptly breaks loose.

taehyung and jeongguk have a disaster of a first date, even if they're both oblivious to the fact that it's a date.

it's warm, when Jungkook wakes up.

Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.

He is always late. There is never a day. There is never a day where Jungkook gets anywhere on time, let alone to meet Taehyung on time for their date. It was in the little Corner Coffee Shop where Taehyung and Jungkook first met, that Taehyung finds himself waiting three hours for the younger one to arrive. Checking his phone for the twentieth time in the last fifteen minutes, Taehyung feels a light tap on his shoulder.

taehyung starts a bird watching club at his school.

In which Taehyung calls Jeongguk "Prince Eric" every chance he gets, and Jeongguk suffers.

They say the most brilliant war photographers and journalists die young. Jeon Jungkook likes to think of himself as an exception to this rule.

Taehyung just really wants some ice cream.

Jungkook lives a cursed existence; if he were able to die, he would've ended it a long time ago. All that's left is confusion, frustration, and loneliness. And then Taehyung nearly pushes him off a bridge. There's something. And then there's nothing.

Vkook where Jungkook thinks Taehyung is cheating on him with someone else after taehyung comes home after a really tiring day of work.

They say love makes people do crazy things - well, being horny does too. It's been a tough week at the office for everyone; the company is getting ready to publish the novel from their biggest author and everyone has been working overtime to get it done, especially Jeon Jungkook. He's basically been camping out at his office for the whole week, and he'd love nothing more than to go home and release all his stress in a bed with Kim Taehyung in it. Kim Taehyung has other plans, and these ones include desks, ties, and rolled up sleeves. [It's office sex]

Taehyung has the flu. Jungkook is overprotective.

“What did Jimin tell you?!”

Jeongguk’s lips part into a smug grin, and even if he has his eyes closed, Taehyung feels the urge to smack him.

“Nothing,” He says, “Just that you used to write lyrics about my thighs.”

he looks like an angel, jeongguk hates to admit, but angels wouldn’t be in this position.

in which taehyung has sex with older rich men for money, and jeongguk wants to forget that he's paying for taehyung's time.

jeongguk is annoyed. it's the hottest day of summer so far and he'd love to go outside to enjoy it, but he can't. because of his neighbour.

He’s sworn off dating but he thinks that maybe he could give up that oath, just so he could see smiles like that every day.

In which Taehyung has a crush on the lifeguard of the local pool, and his thirst cannot be contained. Especially not when eye-candy like THAT is walking around.

Taehyung has a large stick of pale pink cotton candy in his hand and an equally large grin on his face. The tips of his fingers are red, and his nose is borderline runny. Jungkook has never felt his heart go from zero to a hundred in such a short span of time.

taehyung really wants to bake christmas cookies right now. jeongguk wants something else.

His hands mix together; he wants Taehyung’s hands on his neck again, running through his hair. He wants hands hands hands on his back, gently tracing his spine. Taehyung’s hands.

He doesn’t know what that means. He doesn’t care what it means.

Jeongguk and Jimin were Bros for Life™... both in the metaphorical and literal sense. Neither of them anticipated that ever changing.

Then again, they didn't exactly anticipate Kim Taehyung either.

Loving him, Jungkook supposes, was as inevitable as that first peek of light across the horizon at sunrise, creeping up and then encompassing him all at once.

  • I wish that it could be like that, why can't we be like that cause I'm yours

It's like he's looking right past- through- her and she doesn't know how she never realized it before.

How he looks at her without ever really seeing her.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, please," he scoffs. "You might wear the 'pants' in this relationship, but we all know who controls the zipper."

In this game of push and pull, it’s only a matter of time before the players stumble and fall.

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