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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

Jungkook strikes a deal with death after committing a crime to save his own life. After reaping the souls of the dead for almost a hundred years he finally comes across someone who he will never be able to forget. Taehyung.

Taehyung seems to be losing every single person he cares about but it seems that was the universe's way of bringing Jungkook into his life.

In a world where oceans aren’t made of water but vast forests that grow darker and more magical the deeper you go, Jungkook has wandered too far off the path. Luckily, faerie Taehyung is there to help him. But what was it that Jeongguk’s mum used to say about trusting the faerie folk?

A love story between two boys from two different worlds that collided together as they stumble through heart break, betrayal, jealousy, but most importantly, what it means to love.

Jeongguk is the son of one of Rome's most important men, a respected centurion in his own right. But he finds himself weakened in the face of one gorgeous, golden-skinned slave boy from the far east.

Taehyung just wants to return home, but he has begun to accept his new life in Rome, partly due to a kind domina who was from his homeland. Now, he has her son to answer to.

He was beautiful, he wanted to draw him.

He knew it, so he let him.

This last latter’s unsigned too. It’s a lot sloppier than the previous ones, the handwriting, like it’s been scrawled on a whim, on a split second running into infinite possibilities.

Sometimes just a touch can make the whole world seem a little brighter.

The one in which dinner doesn't go as planned and Yoonmin are 200% done with Jeongguk.

Unknown Number:


And the rest was history.

Jungkook hates everything to do with the land. Especially Land Walkers. He hates their disgusting sticks of meat and mini sticks of meat protruding from some sort of ugly stump -

but Taehyung's an exception.

Jungkook always keeps his collar pristine, so Taehyung knows something's not quite right when he comes home with it crumpled.

Jungkook is a fanfiction writer online who never gets feedback on any of his stories. Taehyung thinks he is doing what is best by commenting anonymously on his best friend’s work but forgot to press anon the one time it mattered the most.

Jeon Jungkook is a guy who is willing to break as many hearts as he can and Kim Taehyung's heart just happens to be on his way.

jeongguk and taehyung had been dating for five months before the thing jeongguk dreaded finally came into their conversations: sex.

After his castle is stormed, Prince Taehyung is forced to flee to secure reinforcements and save all those he holds dear, but he can't do it alone, and the King entrusts his only son, the future of his Kingdom, to Sir Jeon Jungkook, one of his bravest knights, and the son of his closest advisor.

Together, they must learn to rely on one another as they embark on their mission and navigate their feelings, trying to survive long enough to save their home - and their future together.

Wherein Seokjin invited his cousin Taehyung to Seoul for his wedding. Jungkook may have developed a little (huge) crush on this super innocent boy. But Seokjin's protective of his baby cousin. Oops.

When Jeongguk's wet dreams turn into daydreams about his best friend—furniture shops, purple daisies, and all—he knows he's fucked.

prompt: Jeongguk is too nervous to approach Taehyung and only admires him from afar. With a twist!

jeongguk gets mad because people don't appreciate taehyung enough.

Where Jungkook knows he fucked up; so fucking bad and it hurts.

It just hurts all the more knowing Taehyung looks like he couldn’t care about it one bit.

Because it's damn easy to go from fuck you to I want to fuck you real quick.

Taehyung is a photographer in a college town nearby a forest nobody is allowed to enter. His life changes when he meets a boy in the woods known for being completely void of life.

so, what’s it like to reunite with your middle school ex?

Of tweets, interactions and falling in love.

Where Jeongguk is on a ride through college and he might just have a passenger along with him. The passenger? Kim Taehyung.

“So you can either answer my question or take the punishment.”

“…Alright, what is it?” Jeongguk asks quietly after a beat. Taehyung’s lips part slightly in surprise, not having expected Jeongguk to choose that option. Luckily, he’s always been a quick thinker, so an answer falls easily from his mouth.

“I’ll kiss you.”

i may or may not have already possibly perhaps adopted a kitty

When you turn sixteen, two names are tattooed on your two wrists. They will turn red if you meet the person and turn another colour if you identify the person.

One of them is your soulmate. The other one is your enemy.

In rare occasions, the enemy is replaced with the one you'll cause the death of.

You don't know which one is which.

Taehyung wished he did.

It's easy to get hurt playing soccer, especially if there's tension between the teams. So when Taehyung got hurt, Jeongguk did too - for him.

Jungkook's mom suddenly comes in and tells him he's arranged to be married soon...Jungkook is angry and Taehyung begins to doubt...will this be the end to their relationship?

Taehyung becomes an exile and is sent to the Jeon household as a guest, where he'll be most likely treated as a slave. The rumors around the heir and his friends are anything but good. Everyone seems to be liars and eager to please their darkest desires. Taehyung is no exception.

Taehyung doesn't get it. But neither does Jungkook, so, they're even, right?

i asked for prompts on twitter and someone asked me to write a "taekook au in which they're space boys kicking intergalactic butts" and i got a little carried away oops

Jeongguk likes moments like this. Standing in front of the mirror with his best friend - because that's what Taehyung is, cheesy or not, he doesn't care, he's his best friend - and sharing a space as they get ready together, him brushing his teeth and his boy blow drying his hair. Their apartment is only small, their bathroom narrow and honestly, it's difficult, their arms constantly knocking together, but he wouldn't change a single thing.

Basically just days in the life of the (not) married couple, Taehyung and Jeongguk.

"taehyung, are you wearing my iron man t-shirt?"

“did you embrace the gay, though?” he asks and jungkook determinedly ignores him. there is no gay to embrace. jeon jungkook isn’t gay. he loves pussy and that stuff. he never had it before, but he’s sure it’s good.

or jungkook sends a very unfortunate text to the wrong person.

'I couldn't help but notice you're watching a show that I really like instead of studying in the middle of lecture' AU

or where Jeongguk just wanted to sleep but this cute blonde guy is Hella Cute and Jeongguk just wanted to know his name

Because harboring a secret feeling towards your best friend is a big NO NO. And that was Taehyung's biggest mistake. To fall in love with his best friend, Jeon Jungkook.

It’s been exactly seven days since Taehyung’s birthday, and exactly seven days since he started sulking every time Jeongguk was in a 10 meter radius.

December - a month proven to define Jungkook's and Taehyung's relationship.

taehyung thought his boyfriend really forgots his birthday but in the end, all he feel is happiness.

Jeongguk thinks he's numb, but Taehyung is too warm, too bright, too precious to ignore.

In which Taehyung is persistent about dating Jeongguk and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jungkook has had a bad day, he just needs Taehyung to make it better.

who is taehyung to resist a puppy and jungkook's puppy eyes, honestly?

They're fucked up, but Jungkook decides he doesn't care.

Taehyung is tired so Jeongguk sings him to sleep.

“You have to promise not to fall in love with me.”

The first time Taehyung Kim meets Agent Viktor Jeon, he’s struggling to stop their getaway car with his bare hands. Taehyung thinks he’s barely human.

Well, he isn’t exactly wrong.

When your mind traps you inside its cold and dark cell, how will you escape?

there is something in the way Taehyung touches Jeongguk so carefully that burns a warning at the back of Jeongguk's throat, simmering subtle but loud beneath his skin. Perhaps, this is the something that Jeongguk never knew he had been looking for.

Jeon Jungkook was first born in 1670. Twenty years later, he fell in love with a man named Kim Taehyung. Then, helplessly, he fell in love with him hundreds of times after that. Jungkook chases, fights and cries for him, far and wide over endless lifetimes because he loves Taehyung until it hurts, even though Taehyung dies each time they meet, and it is all Jungkook's fault...

Dates are cool. Dates with straight-laced family friends arranged by your mother are not. Thank goodness Jeon Jeongguk has his trusty best friend Kim Taehyung close by to bail him out of any dire situations.

Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?”

Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.”

“Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?”

(So much for suit-and-wine.)

He finds in Taehyung the only place where he can forget everything that is painful.

Taehyung just might have signed his soul to the devil.

jungkook revisits his past.

Taehyung accidentally kidnaps Jeongguk's children.

In which Taehyung walks dogs and Jungkook has a dog

Note to all: Don't run during an earthquake children, that shit's not safe.

my manager wants to suck his dick and he’s a straight man

in which kim taehyung sees an attractive stranger at the park with a very adorable dog and texts the crew to ask how he would go about talking to him

Intimacy Bingo square: Sexting

in which kim taehyung loves strawberry milk

Jeon Jeongguk's never wanted to kiss someone while knocking the living daylights out of them so badly before.

At twenty years old, Jeon Jeongguk learned that loving someone was also letting them go.

“you’re having a conversation in a language i’m fluent in and you just called me beautiful without realizing I understand every word you’re saying, and you’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself so hello there”

Jungkook brings happiness to himself and his loved one in a harsh way

the time when Jeongguk saw a flashdrive connected to the lone computer he usually uses in the library and is eager to find out who the cute owner is

"— Did you know, Guk-ah, that there are areas of your body that, if touched, can cause pleasure?"

The day Jungkook gets at the classroom and reads EROGENOUS ZONES written with white chalk on the board, he knows he is screwed in more than just one way.

A clueless human is kidnapped by a sad young vampire. A custody battle ensues when another creature of the night enters the scene.

California beach AU in which Taehyung needs a little help finding himself.

"You are sitting next to me at the doctors watching me freak out. Oh, I am just deathly afraid of needles and need to get a shot." au

Laying in bed together, foreheads pressed together, just gazing into each other's eyes and taking it all in. Everything is silent. And then Person A suddenly sneezes and scares Person B so badly that they fall out of bed.

Taehyung was bored. All the members were out, except Jungkook, which should have been ideal, but his boyfriend was too busy watching the game to pay attention to him. Taehyung decided that a quick wager and a game of rock, paper, scissors would at least entertain him, even if Jungkook was massively competitive. Too bad he sucks at the game.

Taehyung and Jungkook were best friends since high school. They are both late bloomers and only present after they enter college.

Photos of Taehyung leaving a motel with a man emerge.

It changes his relationship with Jungkook.

Jungkook is confused. Thoroughly confused.

Prompt: Jungkook wakes up to find his lover Taehyung gone & everybody is convinced he never existed in the first place.

Prompt: Jungkook wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and the only thing he can remember is Taehyung.

Taehyung has always had a nonexistent filter, but can't he at least keep quiet when he's meeting Jungkook's parents?

Even if Jungkook represents everything Taehyung doesn't, he's sure they'll be able to create something beautiful just between the two of them.

Wanna put my fingers through your hair

Wrap me up in your legs

And love you till your eyes roll back

Every date Yoongi set him up with had sucked ass. And not in the pleasant manner.

"Hey Gukkie, which Disney couple do we remind you of the most?”

Taehyung looked at Jeongguk like he had been the one to put the stars in the sky and the sun in their universe and Jeongguk couldn't help but think that maybe he hadn't put the sun anywhere at all, but had instead kept it for himself because it was in his arms in bed with him at 9:57 AM with a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes.

In which Jeongguk suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, Taehyung thinks he's more than done with his shit, and then they kiss (read: bang) and make up.

Jeongguk has the confrontation-skills of a six-year-old and Taehyung was supposed to be gone for two more days.

Taehyung's plan is simple: fall in love with Jeon Jungkook and ace his final assignment.

(Spoiler: it isn't that simple.)

Jungkook has a secret-a secret filled with pink, purple, and bows.

[JUNGSHOOK] is there a giant ass cardboard cutout of you in my room

Jungkook's a bit tipsy, and Taehyung has always been a little dense with his advances...but today feels different.

Taehyung got a muscle cramp and Jungkook is a sweet boyfriend.

"Always, hyung," Jungkook had said.

Taehyung could never have imagined doubting those words. And yet...

Kim Taehyung has gone away to deal with a one-sided love and now he's over it, he still doesn't know.

Taehyung wants to know how much he's loved.

No one knows what communication is; Taehyung keeps laughing at all Jimin's dumb jokes and Jungkook keeps fuming about it.

The guy blinks slowly. "You into time machines?"

Taehyung was too normal & too conservative about every single thing & he had to cross path with Jungkook who was too weird & too reckless to be handled So Taehyung indeed felt like jumping from a hill when he had to call the man Daddy.

He was there to change every single normal thing in Taehyung's life and Tae of course wasn't sure if he was really ready for that.

what is it like being in love with someone you don't remember

Taehyung blows dandelions and Jungkook blows him kisses.

Jeongguk always feared coming back home to see what happened to the boy he left behind, what kind of life he's lead without him.

Taehyung spends the countdown searching for someone.

  • late nights, roommate conversations, love

Room Number: 192

This is when Taehyung fell sick during HYYH concert period. Changed the storyline a bit.

“Jeongguk. You can’t keep showing up to important meetings like this, kid.”

Jeon Jungkook has a fear of needles. Taehyung is there to help him.

Deeming himself an international playboy, a drunk Jungkook sets out to prove it with with pick-up lines.

Taehyung's heart had been stolen by a boy who had stolen his store's Cheetos

[Grampa Min] So you mean you stole Yugyeom’s golf buggy, and got yourself bogged

In which a proposal turns into a break up chaos because of the overly dramatic Taehyung.

Jungkook hopes that Taehyung will see him instead of Hoseok. He wishes that he could be the one for Taehyung.

No road is long with good company.

(or: Jeongguk and Taehyung meet on the road, and impulsivity leads the way.)

Jeongguk likes hurting girls, but he doesn't like hurting Kim Taehyung.

Jeongguk can't deny that he's attracted to Taehyung. No, he realised he was attracted to him as soon as his car pulled up by the side of the road. Jeongguk appreciated a handsome face and Kim Taehyung was beautiful to him. What he didn't expect however was for the beautiful man with the expensive car to take him back to an equally as expensive apartment away from home, give him new clothes, allow him to stay and then ask if Jeongguk wanted a sugar daddy.

Honestly, who came up with the idiotic idea that they needed to make Jungkook jealous?

Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.

Jungkooks dad gets killed by a mercenary and he swears to get revenge. What he didn't plan though, was falling in love with said murderer.

Karma hits Taehyung hard when he tried to play around with Jungkook.

In which home is not where the heart is

taehyung decides that after 2 years of living alone in his apartment, he should finally get a dog.

What Kim Taehyung wants, Kim Taehyung gets.

Taehyung got a muscle cramp and Jungkook is a sweet boyfriend.

Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.

Love is not something that you can control. Love is a feeling which doesn’t choose gender, it just tugs you without hesitation.

as jeongguk is constantly hesitant about proposing to his boyfriend taehyung, he recalls the memories of their unorthodox love life and asks for help to his best friends.

Jeongguk is pretty damn sure that cycling isn't a life skill. Like what could you even do? He can probably run faster than Taehyung can ever pedal on his crackpot bike, but okay.

Whatever he says.

Taehyung and Jungkook host the first ever Kim-Jeon Christmas party; it turns out to be the most wonderful Christmas either of them has ever had.

Living on the top floor has a plenty of advantages.

At least that's what Jeongguk thinks, until a noisy neighbour moves in the flat below and suddenly things take an unexpected turn.

There is a dick on his face. There is a big, bold dick drawn onto his face in black permanent marker, and though Jeongguk scrubs and scrubs and scrubs until his forehead is red, he only succeeds in smudging it around.

He pumps a fistful of soap onto the towel and renews his efforts with twice the vigor. He has hagwon later today, and he’d rather step on Legos than go there like this. Maybe, he thinks, pausing for a second to examine the state of the dick, his parents will allow him to skip just this once. Does this count as a medical emergency? Jeongguk isn’t sure, but his hands are shaky and the towel is shaky and he’s growing more panicked by the second because it won’t come off.

He’s going to die. He’s going to die of public humiliation in front of everyone, and then he’s going to come back to life and kill his soulmate, because who the fuck draws a dick on their forehead knowing full well that it’ll show up on someone else, too?

one time jeongguk is asked what he thinks is important for a relationship to work. and he said only one thing - to compromise.

As a vampire, Taehyung's life is full of walls and restrictions. Jungkook is a temptation and a risk, someone who could take away Taehyung's eternity, even as he could steal Jungkook's future.

Kim Taehyung has other plans, and these ones include desks, ties, and rolled up sleeves.

jeongguk doesn't really seem give a fuck about office etiquette and it blows taehyung's mind (literally).

In a land far away with rolling hills and sparkling lakes and lavender sunrises, there lies a boy who waits and waits and never forgets. (PeterPan!AU)

for the first time, taehyung felt out of place in the pews.

Jeongguk learns how to let go, and it sort of works.

Pregnant Jungkook takes a bath, Taehyung plays with his bubbles, and that's about it. ♥

'You're taking up the whole bed can you please move I know you're not asleep you jerk I will karate kick you out of the bed' AU

Taehyung has always wanted a more interesting life than the one he has in this fishing town he calls home. Nothing ever happens there. However, that changes when a mer washes up on the shore near his house- for the better or the worse.

Taehyung is sick and he hates medicine. Everyone caves in and Jungkook is called to the rescue.

With the ever-growing crime rate in the city there's no telling what the leading figures will do to remain leading. The safety of the people is at risk and the possible collateral damage looms over the authorities. There is only one safe option, sacrifice a few to save the lives of many. Tear them from the inside, cool the situation down- should be easy enough, right?

Jeongguk was just trying to live out his days peacefully, but running from one's past never really worked out for anybody- so why would he be an exception? He's not. Demons tend to find who they're looking for in the end.

Jungkook doesn't expect to end up on the lap of the cute department store Santa.

Jeongguk thought hearing ghosts was way worse than people made it out to be.

All their jokes were terrible.

Kim Taehyung was trying to do his job. He didn't plan on crying.


Jeon Jungguks' night does not go as planned. Kim Taehyung was the only one there.

Jungkook isn't comfortable with Vmin bromance, Suga's "I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck" vibe is real(ly fake and melts completely when Jimin's around), J-hope has dry eyes okay? And Namjin are ignored because Bangtan still can't forget that ONE TIME.

Jungkook definitely did not expect to be woken up at three in the morning and then meet a really hot stranger in a duck robe, but life works in strange ways.

There are exceptions to many things, including Jungkook's straightness.

Jungkook receives drunk texts from an unknown number in the middle of the night.

Basically Kim Taehyung is re-evaluating his life because he realised he's ~lowkey in love~ with Jeon Jeongguk and he doesn't know what to do with that information at all.

This is when Taehyung fell sick during HYYH concert period. Changed the storyline a bit.

Taehyung suggests that they drink. They do. Some hair braiding happen, secrets spilled and cute boys blushing. Taehyung also, accidentally, spills that he's in love with Jungkook, and Jungkook promptly wants to fall from a cliff because did he fucking hear right, or did Kim Taehyung confess to him?

Life, Taehyung eventually realizes, is not a game of luck, but rather one of timing.

Battles over food are a common occurrence in their apartment.

Taehyung teaches Jeongguk how to ride a bike.

He digs into his back pocket for a stick of gum. His hands quiver as he pops it between his lips.

Taehyung is Jeongguks soulmate and Jeongguk is fine, he swears.

When Taehyung came barreling into the living room with a box of what would reveal to be a pair of kigurumis for the maknae and himself, the others didn’t think of it much.

At first.

The 'We’re contestants on a reality show and we kind of hate each other so the producers told us to pretend to be warring exes for the ratings so now we keep inventing crazier and crazier things the other did while we were dating’ AU that nobody asked for

Beach AU where Taehyung and Jimin are best friends who are dumb enough to take any dare imagined by their bored minds. Their game of truth or dare might kill one of them or it’ll lead to a great summer, chances are tied.

jungkook knew that he shouldn't go near wildfires, but he truly couldn't help himself with taehyung.

The heat didn't really bother Jungkook, but Taehyung always did amplify everything he felt.

so when he softly called taehyung's name and he lifted his head up, jeongguk went for it.

with no hesitance.

A story about two boys who love the stars more than they love themselves.

When Taehyungs friday night in gets sidetracked by a snappy boyfriend, Seokjin knows just the thing to turn his mood around.

Taehyung is a cute barista and Jeongguk experiences multiple mental breakdowns.

Jeongguk doesn't like how one of the richest guys in the capital keeps visiting him at the club. Not when he's wearing lipstick and enough powder to hide the fact that Taehyung reduces him to nothing but a blushing mess.

Taehyung suggests that they drink. They do. Some hair braiding happen, secrets spilled and cute boys blushing. Taehyung also, accidentally, spills that he's in love with Jungkook, and Jungkook promptly wants to fall from a cliff because did he fucking hear right, or did Kim Taehyung confess to him?

I'm still waiting.

Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook is the school fav couple. But life isn't always about sunshine and rainbows. Kinda like 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' but with a different story line.

Jungkook starts waking up in the middle of the night with a "presence" that keeps visiting him over and over again, Jungkook has no idea of the "presence" intentions and he isn't too afraid either, especially when he finally sees what keeps visiting him.

"but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic would they be seriously grossed out" au

Just a short fluff of alphaXomega TaeKook. Featuring Baby Hoseok~~

A single flight in Jeon Jungkook's schedule that changed his and Taehyung's life.

On 15 January 2017, Taehyung runs over a little girl named Im Yoona with his car.

(It was an accident.)

On 16 January 2017, his guardian angel comes down to earth.

(His name is Jungkook.)

Slowly but surely, in a whirl of wings and golden tears, the sinful and the angelic learn to love each other.

(And it is a beautiful disaster woven out of light and shadows in a world of men and angels.)

Taehyung wonders why Jungkook won't admit he's gay.

Maybe waking up in the middle of the night to your twin brother grinding down on you isn’t exactly the best way to describe your brotherly relationship, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to have a say in this.

taehyung is not gay, he just feels an overwhelming sense of over-protectiveness over his dongsaeng. he's not gay, he just likes to kiss the boy whom he's been living with and has been taking care of for the past how many years of his life. whatever it is, taehyung is not gay.

“How do you not know if you have ice cream? You weirdo.”

All Taehyung sees is splashes of color. Red of the winter rose, yellow of the sunflower, sunset orange of the tulips. Sometimes he sees the lavender fields, its pale violet petals spread for miles into the horizon. But he can't smell them. He never can.

Taehyung was the one who asked to take it slow.

Taehyung hates Jungkook because he had to share his #1 place with the latter. Well his hatred doesn't last long.

It was dirty, loud - and just a little bit disgusting in the best of ways.

  • leaving (loving) you was the best part

[] in which taehyung is trapped in a toxic relationship with jungkook yet doesn't do anything to stop it.

Taehyung sets Jungkook aflame.

Like, literally.

One simple question can hide a lot of pent up feelings.


In which Taehyung can't take it anymore that the golden boy became a golden man.

Jeongguk had grown loving Taehyung too much by the time he actually realized his merely existence.

However he tried so hard not to let any signs came out of him. Because in the middle of his chaos life, he knew, there wasn't any use of it.

It was only a waste of feelings to be acknowledged.

that one time jk went to a club and ended up with a whirlwind of problems he didn't see coming

"Damn that Taehyung. Damn him for looking so deliciously fuckable."

Jungkook watches Taehyung dance and gets very turned on. He goes to the bathroom to take care of himself but things don't really go as planned...

Jungkook is Taehyung's roommate.

falling in love with their best friend’s partner au

“sounds like someone i should meet”, namjoon murmurs and then looking up at seokjin in amusement: “how ‘bout you? like him, hyung? think he’s too much?” seokjin faces the tv, bright lights reflecting on his dark hair, glistening on the bridge of his nose and sparkling in his eyes, huge in thought.

“too much”, he says. yet absolutely endearing, he thinks.


Sneak peek on Taekook's daily life. Domestic and fluffy af. Read on your own risk.

But he wanted to believe. Believe those words were Taehyungs own, that they were real.

Where they have sex for the sake of relieving stress until they come to terms of what it means to be more than skin-on-skin.

All Taehyung needed was a little money. He never would have voluntarily signed up for this if he wasn't that desperate.

"how does it feel like, baby?" drawing circles up the latter's arm to his neck, he leaned a bit closer, placing the other warm palm in his lover's hand.

"like touching a butterfly," jeongguk softly smiled.

Jungkook doesn’t classify his relationship with Taehyung as being “friends with benefits” because they’re not friends— not at all. He doesn’t even know what they are, really; they have sex sometimes, maybe cuddle and they’ve met up for coffee like twice but only because Taehyung refuses to leave him alone.

But then he sees Taehyung at the club with another guy, someone who's obviously not Jungkook.

Taehyung has spent his whole life looking for excitement, but instead, he ends up finding Jeongguk; somehow, that seems to be even better.

Taehyung has needs at 5AM and Jungkook might have a thing for rope.

Taekook short, sweet date underneath the stars.

Jungkook grows tired of his mother's arrangements. He takes Taehyung's advice.. together with Taehyung's heart.

Who knew running twenty laps and sweating buckets would attract the school's cheeky sweetheart?

After a myriad of mistakes committed in his leather jacket with a cigarette between his teeth, Jungkook finds himself exiled to his aunt's house in a quiet, faraway town for the summer. Nothing much goes on at the neighbourhood; or so he thinks, until he meets a boy with sunset-coloured hair named Kim Taehyung.

Jeongguk and Taehyung are just riding it out together, getting high on waves and drugs and each other—platonically, of course.

let me present to you the most cliché trope of all, starring tattoo artist jeon jeongguk & florist kim taehyung.

Jeongguk meets Taehyung on the most frustrating day at work in the bubble tea shop, and the world around him swirls into colours and patterns at the sight of the beautiful boy.

Jeongguk tries to get the new transfer student expelled from the academy and fails.

CEO Taehyung gets tangled up in some illegal business without even knowing and when Assasin Jeongguk gets assigned to extract information from him after being caught, he realizes in what mess he's gotten himself into and agrees to cooperate with the assassins, after learning their true reasons, to bring down his uncle's company. What Jeongguk and Taehyung didn't expect was falling for each other in the progress.

"Taehyung turns away from the commotion to look up at the blue sky, but before he can tilt his head all the way back a six-pack catches his eye and, of course, everything goes south from there."

In which Taehyung has a crush on the lifeguard of the local pool, and his thirst cannot be contained. Especially not when eye-candy like THAT is walking around.

Taehyung forgets his strength kink until Jungkook picks him up during a group project meeting.

It's all a game, and Taehyung’s willing to play.


The 'We’re contestants on a reality show and we kind of hate each other so the producers told us to pretend to be warring exes for the ratings so now we keep inventing crazier and crazier things the other did while we were dating’ AU that nobody asked for

A lot can change in a year, spring eventually becomes winter after changing into summer and autumn but what never changes is how a person can be a home and a home is always there for you to return to.

Taehyung didn't think his 21st year of existence would drastically lapse into a cheap remake of another washed out fairytale, but Seokjin did always say wherever Taehyung was, trouble was close behind.

“Don’t you think those two first years look really familiar?”

“It’s eerie, how much they resemble Kageyama and Hinata, don’t you think?”

Jeongguk is a beta who was supposed to room with a beta, but things never quite turn out as planned.

Everyone is born with a tattoo on their ankle. When someone falls in love, their loved one's tattoo appears on their skin. This includes romantic love, friendship love, and parental love.

Jeongguk questions even if him existing is worth it

Taehyung needs a heat buddy so he hires an alpha off Naver.

Yoongi and Jungkook were a force to be reckoned with when facing their enemies.

Throw in a cute brunette who loves to wear pajama pants and suddenly you've got two piles of absolute mush.

he looks like an angel, jeongguk hates to admit, but angels wouldn’t be in this position.

in which taehyung has sex with older rich men for money, and jeongguk wants to forget that he's paying for taehyung's time.

in which jeongguk should be just a client, and taehyung might like him more than he should.

Taehyung’s wardrobe is full of Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and that Donna Karan until he meets Jeongguk, who reeks of Armani and wears Gucci to sleep—except he hasn’t bought Taehyung any of that ice.

Taehyung accidentally walks in on Jungkook at an inopportune time.

The confluence of the four elements – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, was how we have been taught to live. Through Confucian values, we have learnt to be stable like the ground beneath our feet, light-hearted and ready to forgive as the spring breeze, passionate and motivated like flames that lick at wood, and flexible as running rivers course through their paths. This is the tale of the four elements – of three men and a single woman embroiled in a beautiful tale of love and loyalty, one whispered amongst the fine silks of mercenaries and scholars, or conversed about loudly in the bustling marketplace. This is the story of the King’s Clown.

Jungkook believes that everyone is born as a tabula rasa, but Taehyung is convinced that he's born sick.

Legend has it that as the clock strikes twelve and their lips meet first in a simple, unifying kiss, they will validate their marriage.

And Taehyung…

Taehyung will belong to the second prince.

falling for someone is quite a dangerous thing to do

taehyung likes to wake up with the sun.

The only masterpiece that has even remotely caught Taehyung's attention recently is the new, talented (and incredibly gorgeous) junior who just got accepted into his senior art class.

  • (a twist on the) roommates trope

taehyung wakes up and can't remember what happened to have landed him in the hospital, but at least his roommate is hot

taehyung can't think about anything but jeongguk

“Do you know what this is?” Jeongguk held up the wreath-crown-thingy.

“That, my man, is mistletoe.”

Perverted minds do think alike.

A story of how Taehyung ended up marrying his (ex-)professor, and the aftermath.

Powerful CEO, Sang Sunwoo, catches sight of the pretty, little florist that works at the corner of the street, and what he wants, he always gets.

Taehyung huddles under his blankets away from the cold, trying to block out the winter chill. He looks down at the small rag with a sign down next to it, there's spare change haphazardly scattered around it. He counts them up and sees that he's managed to barely get to two hundred won, that doesn't stop the grin on his face.

Jeon Jungkook watches the brunette huddled in an old blanket from the cafe across the street. He doesn't miss the box shaped grin that appears on the man's face, it's endearing to see someone so happy about only a handful of coins. But then he'd never know what it's like to be out on the streets.

Jeon Jungkook is not the person everyone thinks he is.

"I'm sorry, hyung. Can you forgive me?"

Taehyung pulls back from where he was kissing Jeongguk's hair. He searches Jeongguk's face for some sort of appropriate remorse. He does look sorry, but: "Only if you let me fuck you."

Jeongguk thought all he had to worry about this semester was his lead role in the school play, but Kim Taehyung was one enigma that hadn't been jotted down in Jeongguk's planner.

The man, Chimchim – or Jimin as his mother once named him, slides onto an empty stool at the far end of the bar. It’s become his spot, where he’ll watch the magic happen from the late afternoon until past midnight. He finds it hard to look away.

If Jungkook hadn’t been so drunk, he would’ve noticed how fondly Taehyung was looking at him. If Jungkook hadn’t been so drunk, he would’ve noticed the way Taehyung’s eyes kept falling to his lips.

Rainy days were meant for making the first move

More than you can manage, more than you can hide: a study in light.

'Great,' Taehyung says, and Jeongguk's knees are about to give out. 'I'm dying, and my soulmate is yelling at me.'

Jeongguk's knees give out.

In the missing year between summers, Jeongguk relearns how to breathe.

Wherein Taehyung is an idiot who starts his pokemon journey 10 years too late and Jungkook is the master trainer who takes the bumbling idiot under his wing.

"He knew exactly what Taehyung was doing. It wasn’t the first time. Taehyung had crawled into his bed, or the couch he was on, or next to him on the floor, or backed him into a quiet room more than once before, luring him in with innocent words and smiles. It wasn’t long until those words became suggestive and the smile darkened with his eyes, kissing his neck and stroking his body. Almost every single time they had been interrupted, the others Jungkook had made up some excuse to slip away, and as much as Jungkook tried to convince himself that he was thankful for it, a lingering annoyance rested in his stomach every time he dragged himself out of Taehyung’s arms."

Or, in which Taehyung has been trying to get into Jungkook's pants for way too long, and Jungkook has been quietly praying for it to happen, and the two are finally presented with an opportunity to do just what they want to each other.


Taehyung just wanted to know his name.

all good things must come to an end

"Vampires don't exist Kookie."

Softly, Taehyung's laugh shone through the darkness, and Jungkook could only smile bitterly at his words.

He feels his heart against his chest, beating slow, steady. And all he can do is smile helplessly when he brushes a lock of brown hair behind the gentle curve of Taehyung’s ear.

“i’d be so happy if you stayed,” taehyung whispers, tears finally subsiding in place of a watery smile. he reaches up, warm palm of his hand pressing against jeongguk’s cheek, and jeongguk’s heart practically swells.

the boy standing in front of him has got stars in his hair and sunshine in his eyes, and he touches jeongguk so tenderly that it’s almost breathtaking.

or, jeongguk makes a living by street racing and taehyung's got more money than he knows what to do with.

What do they say about a summer's crush? It will not last.

"Does it work though?"

"I hope it does."

Hugging nothing, trying to hold onto the past, Jungkook sobbed as his arms found their way around himself, embracing his lonesome, trembling body in comfort as he choked within his own misery.

"But..But me, and the babies really want some strawberries!" He says with a pout.

Jungkook is whipped, Taehyung is a tease and the hyungs ship it.

Taehyung finds a cute puppy... and it's cute owner.

He’d be somewhat with the world, yet still cradled in Mr Sandmans gentle hands.

Taehyung walked Soonshim around 10:13 in the evening which made Jimin sleepless for one night.

After the next day, Jimin had twenty-four hours to wait for Taehyung before he stuffs himself with too much chocobanana cupcakes.

"Don't date a boy who reads."

Jungkook has always been able to see ghosts. When he meets Taehyung and falls in love, the last thing he would guess is that Taehyung is one.

But somehow, in a world neither of them truly belong to, they walk the boundary between life and death together and make it work.

'You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I'm married with a baby' AU

Jungkook wonders if the fact that soul-focused battle techniques make people horny as hell is just something the professors politely ignore. Or maybe he's just weird.

"What if Taehyung told you that he wants kids?"

OR the one where Taehyung and Jeongguk just keep missing each other

Let's be real - who could possibly ever say that their happily-ever-after starts with a fan meeting their idol, realizing they’re soul mates, and subsequently turning tail and running away?

Well, Taehyung’s always been a bit different.

'sometimes the universe makes mistakes' or 'you come to the restaurant i work at and choose me as your waiter every time just to annoy me and i can’t do anything in retribution or i’ll get fired' au

“There is a moment—Oh, just before the first kiss, a whispered word—something that makes it worth while.”

Where Taehyung joined the Taekwondo Club to stalk his crush

Taehyung entered college expecting a whole new world; he didn't expect to find a home in the form of Jeon Jeongguk.

“You sure you can handle it?”

Jungkook is too shy to confess, and writes his feelings down on pen and paper.

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