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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

(i saw you at starbucks once and immediately started crushing on you and oh shit did you just talk to me? fuck im so weird you're probably weirded out im so dead kill me now au)

As a vampire, Taehyung's life is full of walls and restrictions. Jungkook is a temptation and a risk, someone who could take away Taehyung's eternity, even as he could steal Jungkook's future.

Taehyung and Jeongguk become soulmates – more or less – by accident.

It was as if he’s slept through a century, and came back with the memories only of his last day being conscious.

The story behind Taehyung's opening scene in 'Spring Day'.

In a city full of happy people, Taehyung realizes that he is slowly starting to become an anomaly.

Jeon Jeongguk is a boy who is searching for sometehing he doesn't remember.

Jungkook had left Taehyung as quickly as summer turned into fall, and fall into winter. The leaves were starting to regain their color, and flowers tried so hard to bloom, but their love was slipping. Taehyung didn't know how much longer he could wait, and whenever he and Jungkook had these talks, his return to the elder seemed less likely than before. He didn't want to turn his back on the younger, he really didn't. But nobody can wait forever.

Kim Taehyung was beautiful

Taehyung calls the midnight acoustic darling and jungkook loves bathroom concert. Or I can't stay awake but I drank three cups of coffee with three spoons of sugar and you just need to let me in so that I can hear you play the guitar and I can finish my essay.

Jeon Jeongguk's never wanted to kiss someone while knocking the living daylights out of them so badly before.

No one would change how I feel for you, nothing will ever change. I will forever cherish you through thickness and thin, I will be by your side whatever may happen, and I will forever love you with all my heart.

Jungkook's problem was Taehyung and Taehyung's problem was Jungkook.

Everyone else's problem was that they were fucking oblivious and needed to Get Together™ soon.

They all knew it wasn't going to happen, though.

To be honest, Jimin was ready to just shove them into a closet and call it a day.

'im dating my biggest enemy's brother n shitshitshit they just walked in on us making out oops' au

Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. "Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. I hope you're thinking about me too. Love--" he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. "Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?"

Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand.

Or, Taehyung's been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi's criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

"As long as you want me, I’ll stay. I’ll be in love with you; for eternity, forever. I don’t think that will ever change," Jeongguk says, a smile to his voice.

"You’re my first love. My only love."

“Well, what do you do for a living?”

“At this rate meeting my parents would have been easier for you.” Taehyung comments dryly.

"Daddy, when are you marrying Taehyung oppa?"

Jeon Jungkook is one of Seoul's leading corporate attorneys, and when he isn't making his clients billions, he's taking care of his son. All seems to be going well, until he gets called to the principle's office. Don't get him wrong, he's seen his fair share of principle's offices growing up, but Jinyoung was different.

Kim Taehyung was one of Seoul's most creative architects, on the fast track to becoming the top designer at his firm, until a sudden accident killed his brother and sister-in-law, leaving their four year old son in his care. Two years later, they're making things work. It's taken some time, but Taehyung is finally in the swing of things. Well, until he gets a call that Minjun has been caught fighting at school. Taehyung is ready for a lot of things, but he's definitely not ready to meet Jeon Jungkook...

"What if Taehyung told you that he wants kids?"

'You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I'm married with a baby' AU

After his castle is stormed, Prince Taehyung is forced to flee to secure reinforcements and save all those he holds dear, but he can't do it alone, and the King entrusts his only son, the future of his Kingdom, to Sir Jeon Jungkook, one of his bravest knights, and the son of his closest advisor.

Together, they must learn to rely on one another as they embark on their mission and navigate their feelings, trying to survive long enough to save their home - and their future together.

“It is a lesson taught by both adults and horror movies that Jeongguk could never sit through without ending up in his parents bed later that night: never talk to strangers and never answer the incognito voice. But now, it is different. Especially when the noise, now voice, calling for him is tender and nearly as naive as his own.”

In which Jeongguk finds friendship through his bedroom window.

Jeongguk wants to go back to that summer, to the rocky beach and clear sky, to easy smiles and comfortable silences, to hearts beating pit-a-pat, to light brown hair dancing lightly in the breeze, to Kim Taehyung and his love; to that summer where there is them.

Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that's okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend.

(Or: Jeongguk falls in love before he knows what the word means. Taehyung spends all his years teaching him.)

Taehyung was tired of the company's ban on girlfriends and relationships. He was dying for a little stress relief but he couldn't even look at a girl without being reminded that its off limits. However, what Taehyung does find is a loophole. A loophole with cute bunny teeth and big brown eyes. For the company never banned BOYfriends.

“Um,” he starts and then clears his throat, but then the other person speaks first, clearly confused.

“How’d you get this number? Please don’t put it on the internet, please don’t. I’ve had this number for as long as I can remember, and I don’t wanna get a new one,” and now Jungkook is confused as the stranger begins to ramble, his deep voice filling the boy’s ears.

Jeon Jungkook has a secret admirer.

Taehyung and Jeongguk are in a relationship, a secret that they keep from many people. Until one of them decides to change that.

Taehyung and Jungkook were childhood bestfriends. An incident at a café changed their lives forever.

What Jungkook did to pay off his debt.

When Taehyung has to leave, Jungkook wonders if it's too late for him.

He smiles at him as he takes his hand and shakes it. The full on teeth baring one, because he knows it makes him look cute and he really wants this guy to think he's cute.

Taehyung is infuriating and Jungkook's always been easy to rile up. Which isn't the best combination, but also isn't the worst, either.

(or: Taekook as hockey fuckboy rivals)

"taehyung, are you wearing my iron man t-shirt?"

or a story of a bad boy jeongguk, who has a soft spot for the living masterpiece, named taehyung.

In a ceremony where two souls are bound in a marriage, what happens when Jeon Jungkook is forced to marry the man he learns to hate, Kim Taehyung. Will Jungkook learn to love or will Taehyung break first?

Jeongguk's been having bad dreams. Taehyung notices.

Never trust shapeshifters. They're sneaky little things and are always up to no good. Troublemakers.

Taehyung is just enough but Jungkook needs everything a.k.a I'm crushing on my bestfriend but he doesn't believe in relationship au:)

Taehyung's a real fish out of water (no like, for real) and Jungkook just saved him from drowning

Jungkook has an uneasy restlessness deep in his chest that won't let him sleep - but then he meets Taehyung

“don’t growl at me jungkookie,” taehyung’s voice sounded stern but jungkook could hear the usual mocking hidden underneath it, “you aren’t the wolf here.”

“what, and you are? you can call yourself a fucking wolf if you want but you’re really, really mistaken if you think that’s gonna scare me. you can be a wolf but i’m no fucking little red riding hood.”

taehyung comes home to find a package at his door. naturally, he opens it without bothering to look at whom it's addressed to.

They’re alone in Jungkook’s bedroom. There’s a song playing faintly from the speakers of Jungkook’s phone. The lyrics go like this: Oh, my heart hurts so good. I love you, babe, so bad, so bad.

Taehyung is his love, his best friend, his soulmate – Jungkook is sure of it.

Taehyung gets a little creative on White Day, and Jungkook spends time enjoying it ;)

The TA for Jungkook’s chemistry class is fine as hell but no way is that why he enjoys chem class. (Lies, all lies). AKA the “oh no you spilled a chemical and now you have to use the emergency lab shower” AU no one asked for but for some reason I had to write…

In which Jimin drags Jungkook to a Pokémon GO singles event and Taehyung wanders in blissfully unaware. Turns out, there's only one thing Jungkook is interested in catching after all.

Jungkook ends up at a nightclub that has something much more dangerous than usual prowling its dance floor.

It all starts when Taehyung somehow manages to fall into Jungkook's lap at the annual Halloween party.

Good thing Taehyung likes it rough.

Taehyung accidentally walks in on Jungkook at an inopportune time.

Taehyung has needs at 5AM and Jungkook might have a thing for rope.

Jungkook was an idiot for thinking he could hold it.

Taehyung is very enthusiastic about dogs and also very enthusiastic about dog owners. Well, just one dog owner actually. One very cute dog owner.

Taehyung decided that it simply had to be fate, because this was the sixth time the mysterious and beautiful Jungkook had visited the cafe, and if he knew anything about the universe and its magic, he knew that really it had to mean something. And maybe Taehyung wasn't some sort of philosopher, but working in a shitty cafe had taught him something; people don't always just keep coming back.

Babysitter for hire.

wherein taehyung dreams about the same person every night and jimin just wants to eat his pancakes

"Want you to fuck me so hard that it's all I can feel when I'm on my knees, praying," Taehyung whispers into his ear as he yanks Jeongguk's boxers down over his thighs, fingers sliding around to wrap around his cock. "Fuck me full of your come, Guk."

Jeongguk sends a silent apology to the man upstairs because Jesus fucking Christ.

Be my sun, and I'll be your moon, and together, we can watch the stars.

facts about the human heart.

In which Jungkook begins to doubt his relationship with Taehyung.

With his boyfriend working as a callboy, everyday life sure as hell never gets boring for Jungkook.

Taehyung starts reading out a Taekook fanfiction to Jeongguk and things get a bit...heated.

When Jeongguk's parents die on his 18th birthday, he decides to take guardianship of his 3 year old brother, Jimin. One year later, he's slumped on a dirty grocery store tile floor with a 4 year old with glassy eyes and flushed cheeks. 13 dollars in his pocket will pay for his cheap bread and eggs, but it won't pay for cheap bread and eggs and $9.89 Motrin for his little brother's fever. And he's not going to let the boy who approached them with lavender hair and golden skin pay for it, no matter how sweet he is.

Jeongguk makes Taehyung go harder, longer and stronger.

Taehyung has been running away from Jeongguk for seven years. Now is the time to be brave.

Jungkook won't stop playing Overwatch, and Taehyung is horny

But if they were to start over and meet again for the first time, Jungkook would rather want them to be like parallel lines. Similar and harmonious in every which way, but never to connect and touch.

Jeon Jeongguk likes to travel. For so long, his life has been made up of new countries, new places, new experiences (and new boys.) A vacation makes you feel suspended in time, detached from the world, weightless. And Prague seems far enough away from Seoul for him to disappear completely.

That is, until he meets Kim Taehyung on the plane, and his entire world shifts on its axis.

Jeongguk doubted that the day could get any worse. Feeling sleep deprived and with the high of coffeine already fading away, he wondered why he even decided to go to his lecture.

He should really get some sleep, even his eyes played tricks on him. Didn’t he already erase the note that read ‘Shouldn’t you have a license for being that ugly’?

Taehyung is really good at precision-based games and Jeongguk is really good at strength-based games. Together, they amass a terrifying number of prizes before being kicked out of the carnival.

Later, when Jeongguk stays in the stadium and checks his shots, he realizes that he took more shots of Taehyung than of Jimin. He mentally flicks himself at this, but he couldn’t help but give his full attention to Taehyung during the concert.

Wherein Jeongguk runs a fansite dedicated to Park Jimin but falls for another idol instead.

Ever since that day, Taehyung has been looking for something, chasing a dream he seems to be missing. Something important that makes his heart whole. It’s a creeping sense of someone he can’t quite grasp, who’s always on the tip of his tongue, nails on a chalkboard screeching loudly in his ear to remember. But every time he tries, it hurts. But he chases the dreams, the feelings, whatever it is that he’s missing because he thinks it would hurt more to never find whatever’s gone.


Jeongguk stares at his palms absent-mindedly, body rocking with the movement of the train. His fingers trace over non existent words on his right palm. Something he hadn’t thought about in years. He has a feeling; something deep and nostalgic bubbling inside him tasting like chocolate muffins and caramel lattes and smelling of vanilla and strawberries. It stirs within him as his fingers trace each stroke over his palm. It stirs something melancholy, something sad. A feeling.

They were friends.

At least that's what Taehyung thought up until now. He wasn't so sure about it anymore, though. Not with the way his heart had gone haywire and envy flared up inside his chest as he witnessed five pretty wolves circling around and doing their best at courting Jungkook.

Taehyung finally convinces Jeongguk to do the boyfriend tag/boyfriend does my make up tag.

Everything in Jeongguk's life was familiar: work, exercise, his nagging parents and useless coworkers. He thought he had life all figured out. What he never considered was the addition of another variable, Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung had never wanted to be a part of his father's drug dealing lifestyle, but it seems to want him around when he falls for the mafia's leader that was supposed to help him stay away.

Taehyung was having a good day, a great day, really. What he didn't didn't know was that it was about to get much better.

On the morning of his 18th birthday, the name of Taehyung’s soulmate appeared on his left ring finger. Imagine his surprise when he realized that his childhood best friend turned sworn enemy turned out to be his life line.

Taehyung is bored, and Jeongguk is suffering.

What else is new?

or, the story of jeon jeongguk and kim taehyung, as told through a boyfriend tag.

Excerpt from the interview with celebrity couple, lawyer Jeon Jungkook and novelist Kim Taehyung to be released next month. Please look forward to it!

Taehyung has always had thing for fantasy stuff if you'd like to call it that. He liked to imagine how it would be to have a pet dragon or move things without touching them and sometimes when he had been sinking into his books for the past hours he liked to ask his parents questions like “Would you prefer teleporting or flying?”

What Taehyung never expected was an old man with a long white beard animatedly talking to his parents when he came downstairs for breakfast on August 17, telling him that he had magical powers and got invited to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Nurse Taehyung and Dr Jeongguk are friends who work together. Nurse Taehyung has always been in a one sided love for his friend, coworker and roommate, Dr. Jeongguk, could he ever love him back?

There’s a few faces he can pick out, people that he’d spoken to briefly back at auditions, but Jungkook knows that in all reality: he’s alone.

That’s okay though. He’s not here to make friends, and he knows he’s got what it takes to win this season of Korea’s AdeptChef.

lovers remember all.

Rain Guy starter pack: a rainy day, an umbrella, an impeccable street fashion clothing, a cup of hot chocolate, and a smile that could kill thousands.

And Jeongguk? He's just one of those thousands that could get killed by Rain Guy's smile. And the person who makes that hot chocolate. Such is life.

Kim Taehyung hates silver and Jeon Jungkook has lots of them.

and in us, there are all these in-betweens.

Basically, some secrets spill out as game night takes place.

jeongguk isn't quite sure if he will ever adjust to his new life in suburban daegu, until he finds home in the form of the boy from the swings.

He came again. At the same time, he came with the rains.

taekook hogwarts au! slytherin jeongguk! gryffindor taehyung!

When you turn sixteen, two names are tattooed on your two wrists. They will turn red if you meet the person and turn another colour if you identify the person.

One of them is your soulmate. The other one is your enemy.

In rare occasions, the enemy is replaced with the one you'll cause the death of.

You don't know which one is which.

Taehyung wished he did.

  • The One Who Abandoned Me

[] Yoongi wants to escape this empty hellhole and just reach Taehyung again, but it's hard being in love with someone who's dead.

jungkook is always so close until he isn't

Jimin is bilingual. Taehyung isn't.

"Welcome aboard to the Fantasy Express; a train that's only destination is your dreams. If you're lucky enough you might find a good night. However, if you're unlucky enough, well... you might find love."

Usually Taehyung could deal with negative fan comments. He was a naturally sweet and cheerful person who would be upset for a few minutes before moving on. This week it was harder. Taehyung was tired, and it was harder for him to shake it off and move on.

Jeon Jungkook is a guy who is willing to break as many hearts as he can and Kim Taehyung's heart just happens to be on his way.

Eight months ago Jungkook’s older sister passed away in a car accident. After that, the young boy is still struggling with the echo of guilt and the memories she left. Without searching he finds an old notebook belonging to his sister full of lists: movies to watch, places to go and things to do. A whole life bucket list. To honor her memory he decides to accept the challenge and complete it for her. Of course, things would have been much easier if that dumb boy wouldn't keep appearing out of nowhere.

Jungkook and Taehyung are a married couple, yet they're far from being happy. Could it be the end?

Shoes on my feet, sun on my back, soft place to sleep, yeah I like that.

Taehyung gives Jeongguk a helping hand.

Imagine coming home late and having to explain to yourself that the sounds from your friends' room are not what you think they are.

After this, the sale of ear muffs on the market increased drastically.

Basically Taehyung writes everything about Jungkook in a book called Eevee..

jeongguk can't keep a cool guy image for his life, much to his chagrin and taehyung's amusement

jeongguk thought he lost his other half, but fate had other plans for him.

“what is it? is there something on my face? you haven’t stopped staring.” jeongguk pats at his face subconsciously, “the stylist didn’t-”

Jeongguk moves out to a house on the shore, and falls in love.

Taehyung lived in a world of vibrancy.

Everything was bright and cheerful, optimistic to the end. He’d never known any different. And Taehyung was golden, inside and out.

sex makes jeongguk feel a little more human

Jungkook definitely doesn't want to fuck Taehyung. (He just can't stop having dreams about it.)

And I want to suck his dick (?)

Soulmate AU in which you could only see the world in the color of your soulmate's eyes. But to everyone's surprise, Jungkook's soulmate had found a way to outsmart fate.

in which drunk jeongguk calls taehyung in the middle of the night just to shakespere-like confess his undying love

Jungkook and Taehyung always hated attention. The love letters and chocolates on their lockers and the sneaky glances from people in the cafeteria really tick them off. They are willing to do anything just to divert attention from themselves even if dating is their only option.

It's been two years since Kim Taehyung decided to leave BTS and two years since Jeongguk has talked to him.

Jungkook always waited for Taehyung to come home.

Jeon Jeongguk's life was normal, mediocre at best. That was until he met Kim Taehyung, a demon, who claims to be his soulmate.

The day before his birthday, Jeongguk wanted to take a break from his relationship with Taehyung. Meanwhile Taehyung had bought him a promise ring as one of the presents.

yoongi is tired of taehyung and jungkook being clueless little shits and takes matters into his own hands

"No Jungkook, let's try again." Seokjin reprimanded him for the umpteenth time.

Teaching the maknae how to say something cute and romantic wasn't an easy task. And yes, he was incredibly sure 'you don't look like crap today, that's an achievement' wasn't the best way to conquer his crush's heart.

Let alone when said crush was oblivious to everything.

Jungkook is anxious over how dinner with his hyungs is going to go because of his feelings for them. Turns out he was nervous for nothing, but he doesn't know that yet.

jungkook likes a dumb boy who likes a dumb boy. it sucks.

or that one au in which taehyung accidentally finds jungkook's wallet

1. When he sneezes, it sounds like he's a beached whale, yet still cute????

30 day TaeKook NSFW challenge

It was an untold story with no ending, until now.

jeongguk and taehyung get more than they bargain for when attempting a simple luck spell.

be destined to happen, to turn out, or act in a particular way.

Jungkook was pretty satisfied with his life as an unpopular, slightly emo, self-proclaimed Seoul rebel, fanfic writing, high school sophomore. Shoot, he was even fine with being in love with his extremely popular older brother's boyfriend. And he had long since accepted the fact that he would never be as smart as his genius younger brother, Namjoon. But, at least, the creative writing classes his dads signed him up for weren't as bad as he thought they'd be (though that might be due mostly to the presence of one particular hottie). So when Jungkook saves the life of the CEO of one of South Korea's top chaebols, has his name in all major news articles across the country, becomes a teen consultant for the company, and even falls a little (*read*: A LOT) in love with the CEO's son; Jungkook's not entirely sure what to do with himself anymore.

In which Taehyung gets Jungkook's ring stuck on his ring finger and Jungkook misunderstands.

In which Jeongguk always thought his first love was the sky.

“You and me,” Taehyung says “I feel like it’s all a wonderful, wonderful dream.”

Taehyung was born into nature. As the God of spring, he is destined to give life back to the earth, spending his days making the flowers bloom and the meadows flourish. All his life, he’s been convinced that the Gods of the underworld can only mean disaster; they bring death in their wake, which completely contradicts the work he puts forth in order to keep things alive. Still, he finds no reason that he can’t get along with Jeongguk, who is nice despite the deadly world he was born into.

Your origins don’t define you - this is what Taehyung believes. It’d be so much easier if their parents thought the same.

❝[...] If Jeongguk had tasted like coffee he tasted like everything Taehyung had ever craved for now. Lovely and manly in a way only Jeongguk could taste like.❞

Rivals in sport, know only one way to flirt.

The mute swan was silent until its final moments in life, then it sings the most beautiful of all the songbirds.

Jimin's doing what he does best; cockblocking Jungkook as if his life depended on it.

Jeon Jungkook is one of Seoul's leading corporate attorneys, and when he isn't making his clients billions, he's taking care of his son. All seems to be going well, until he gets called to the principle's office. Don't get him wrong, he's seen his fair share of principle's offices growing up, but Jinyoung was different.

Kim Taehyung was one of Seoul's most creative architects, on the fast track to becoming the top designer at his firm, until a sudden accident killed his brother and sister-in-law, leaving their four year old son in his care. Two years later, they're making things work. It's taken some time, but Taehyung is finally in the swing of things. Well, until he gets a call that Minjun has been caught fighting at school. Taehyung is ready for a lot of things, but he's definitely not ready to meet Jeon Jungkook...

Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook's clothes. They don't care that alphas and omegas aren't supposed to be best friends.

Taehyung mostly keeps to himself and spends his time painting, until one day a neighbor shows up with his mail. After that, it's only a matter of time until Taehyung finally gets the hang of actually having a life.

or, spring break isn't the only thing that comes (repeatedly).

Then, Taehyung said it. "Do you like me?"

Even still, in the bursting of the other, smaller bubble of silence that always existed between them, Jeongguk managed to pretend nothing was different. "Of course," he said. "You're my best friend. We're married."

"No," said Taehyung, feeling a little cold. "Do you want to date me."

Taehyung was trying to name the feeling he had whenever he was with Jeongguk.

Taehyung and Jeongguk have a talk and find out a few secrets.

Jeongguk didn't think he'd crush so hard for his best friends’ babysitter, especially when the guy was a twenty-something year old with bright blue hair and the emotion tolerance before he breaks down into tears, a zero. Jimin was in ‘babysitter love’ with the guy and Yoongi didn't approve of a baby looking after his babies.

Jeongguk doesn't believe in love at first sight, but Taehyung walks by again anyway.

Taehyung just might have signed his soul to the devil.

“They bet you couldn’t get my number?”

The beach is where all the magic — his magic — will happen.

The number one rule when you're a producer on a show like Miss Right, Taehyung thinks, should be do not fall for the bachelor.

It's such a shame Taehyung has never been good at following rules.

Taehyung and Jeongguk fall in love in every universe that they meet.

in which taehyung makes a lot of friends easily and jungkook & jimin are petty little children

God, Taehyung was in love.

taehyung climbs into jungkook's bed when he's cold.

Jungkook and Taehyung come out to the rest of BTS.

When it comes to love even the strangest combinations of colours attract each other.

Kim Taehyung considers himself a master at games, and when his University announce a campus-wide game of Assassin, he's all in. Now all that's left is finding his target.


ten reasons why jungkook hates taehyung

In order to forget, Taehyung writes.

In which Taehyung tries to prove to Jeongguk how good his lap dance skills are. And well, everything goes downhill from there.

"Wanna string this bunny up, hm?"

When Taehyung asks for a divorce, he doesn’t expect that Jeongguk will ask him to stay.

Jeon remembers all the times he fell further in love with Taehyung.

In that moment, Taehyung knew he would steal the stars time and time again. If it meant Jeongguk would come out of the Summer Palace and trek towards the Winter Kingdom, bringing with him the phenomenon of the dark night twisting and turning into an aurora borealis, then he would grasp hold of the very sun that Jeongguk's kingdom had praised over and pluck it straight out of its cradle.

Or, Jeongguk is an artist struggling to get by and Taehyung owns a magical store that sells blankets. They (re)discover an extraordinary life – a life which should have been nothing more than a dream.

A concert’s end didn’t mean that the boys stopped moving.

In which sometimes you need a little bit of spice in your life. Even if it ends up kinda complicated.

Jeongguk's trying to figure out how he ended up with a sugar daddy when all he wanted was a couple packets of instant noodles.

The road less travelled is not always the easiest. When Jeongguk joins Produce 101, he doesn't expect to meet one of his ex-members, not after BTS disbanded almost three years ago. He doesn't expect to meet Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook is supposed to be doing his essay, so why is he here cuddling with Taehyung?

taehyung missed his boyfriend and jungkook loves him a lot

When Jeongguk wakes up, he doesn't expect to find a completely different person from the one he met at the club in his bed.

Taehyung is the elixir Jungkook never thought he needed in his life.

Jeongguk has learned the hard way from the tender age of thirteen when his father pushed him down the stairs, that people are a disappointment. They always will be and so he breaks hearts instead.

Hurt people hurt people.

Jeongguk likes hurting girls, but he doesn't like hurting Kim Taehyung.

“They have this glow. Not like glow in the dark or anything, but my mom says it’s something called radiance. Something only soulmates share.”

"Why didn't you invite me to Jeju Island with you and Bogum hyung?"

taehyung and jeongguk meet on a train ride

On the morning of his 18th birthday, the name of Taehyung’s soulmate appeared on his left ring finger. Imagine his surprise when he realized that his childhood best friend turned sworn enemy turned out to be his life line.

“Come on,” Jeongguk says, long fingers tangling up with Taehyung’s and he squeezes his hand. He motions with a simple nod of his head towards the bathroom door. “Come take a bath with me.”

Jimin frowned and Taehyung smiled, prompting again, “Right? After all, genies don’t exist right?”

Taehyung was used to being the spectator of his students’ stories. He enjoyed the way the pages of their life filled with the adventures and plot lines that he was more than happy to be a witness of. He was always going to be their number one fan. That was up until the moment he became a character in a very messy story.

Jeongguk does not understand what’s the big fuss –he’s just pregnant, they all should just chill

summertime in seoul feels a lot like a thunderstorm, jeongguk thinks.

Jeongguk has always loved the rain; it reminds him of warm brown eyes and rectangular smiles, of glowing skin and glittering lights.

It reminds him of when he first met Taehyung.

Jungkook wants.

"I miss him so much"

"Taehyung! He has just went to the washroom!""I miss him so much"

"Taehyung! He has just went to the washroom!"

There's nothing that will get you farther in life than being something more than the people around you. That's what school has taught him, what the teachers and the students have taught him.

Everyone is always looking for the Chosen One, but there can only be one.

The test results just came in.

Jungkook just barely registered the warm soft skin of Taehyung’s palm, before his whole world changed. His skin prickled almost painfully, and it felt like somebody had sent a great wave of electricity crackling through him. The world went black for barely a second as a strange weight settled in his chest, and then the world came rushing back like a flood.

He looked up with wide eyes at Taehyung - no, at his soulmate - and expected to be met with the same surprised eyes as his own, but Taehyung just looked at him with a carefree smile.

“See you soon, Jungkookie,” he grinned teasingly before releasing Jungkook’s hand and turning around to leave. Jungkook stood there for several minutes, just staring at the spot where Taehyung had disappeared, with only one thought in his head.

Why had his soulmate just left him?

Taehyung misses the way he used to feel but time doesn't forgive anyone at all.

Two senior boys being left alone on a Saturday night with video games doesn't sound like a bad idea to Jeongguk's parents, especially when their son is straight as a board. Little do they know that Kim Taehyung made Jeon Jeongguk question his sexuality two years ago.

taehyung loved jungkook. but taehyung loved jimin more.

They are two heirs that belong to opposite sides of the universe.

Taehyung has always been a little bit too oblivious and Jeongguk has always been a little bit too jealous.

and maybe I'll fall asleep to you talking, the same way you do to my voice.

take care, i love you.

Jeon Jungkook is set on looking for the one who got away.

“Kookie,” Taehyung said, dumbfounded as he watched his boyfriend move mechanically around their apartment until he was fucking lighting up incense, closed his eyes, and - was he praying? “What the fuck are you doing - are you - is that a shrine for my hair??”

a fluffy something of what taekook could have done after jungkook ended his v live broadcast.

Jungkook is too cute, and he hates it.

It's Taehyung's birthday and Jeongguk decides to offer himself as a present.

AU where Jeongguk is an artist who moves to a small town looking for inspiration. There, he finds one - and the only- art supplies store, that happens to be the coziest little place and it's almost as nice as its owner.

Because the light that Jungkook saw in Taehyung never faded, even when his world did.

5 Times Taehyung got manhandled by Jungkook + 1 Time they manhandled each other (eyebrow waggle)

Taehyung nods, and nods some more, and he looks stupid. "I got a cat."

"You hate cats." says Jungkook.

"I like this one."

He doesn't reply that the only reason Taehyung got a cat is because he had nothing better to do while being single and needed something to occupy his time, instead he says, "Oh. Well, that's cool, I guess."

And it is cool. Also, annoying as fuck. Jungkook takes a big gulp of the tequila and cranberry Jimin got for him and tries not to wince at the burn.

Jeon Jungkook is another name for revenge. Except, it's not so easy when a certain college professor Kim Taehyung is involved.

Jungkook is a quiet reserved guy with a hope for immortality. SoulmateAU where at the age of 18 one becomes immortal until they meet their soulmate. Once the clock strikes 12am, the birthday boys and girls get a vision of the birthmark of their eternal betrothed. But what happens if Jungkook sees his soulmate, but wishes not to search him out in order to obtain true immortality? What if his soulmate has found him?

Jeon Jungkook is one of Seoul's leading corporate attorneys, and when he isn't making his clients billions, he's taking care of his son. All seems to be going well, until he gets called to the principle's office. Don't get him wrong, he's seen his fair share of principle's offices growing up, but Jinyoung was different.

Kim Taehyung was one of Seoul's most creative architects, on the fast track to becoming the top designer at his firm, until a sudden accident killed his brother and sister-in-law, leaving their four year old son in his care. Two years later, they're making things work. It's taken some time, but Taehyung is finally in the swing of things. Well, until he gets a call that Minjun has been caught fighting at school. Taehyung is ready for a lot of things, but he's definitely not ready to meet Jeon Jungkook...

"A recent update from the police department brings new information about the unsolved murder cases as another victim is claimed, Jeon Jungkook, partner of consulting detective, Kim Taehyung, is kidnapped and held hostage."


The best way to get revenge on Kim Taehyung is through Jeon Jungkook.

He needed the money, that much Taehyung knew. He needed it to be able to get him and his mother out of the house. In desperation, he does something dangerous, and in turn met with a crime boss who offered more money than he could hope for.

However, he didn't expect to meet someone else who would change that.

When someone asks, how did you guys meet?

Jungkook knew he should've just stayed at home to sext the guy he met on Grindr, but he was beginning to think it was physically impossible for him to take the easy way out.

Cue him climbing through the window of the wrong apartment at one in the morning and coming face to face with arguably the most gorgeous man he's ever seen, who just happens to be masturbating. With a dildo, may he add.

The same dildo he ends up being brutally attacked with at the hands of said gorgeous man.

In which Taehyung just really wants tacos on a sad Saturday night - but ends up calling a really hot, kind of familiar-sounding phone sex operator who calls himself Bunny.

you can't just dare two people to not touch each other and everything for two weeks when they literally can't keep their hands to themselves all the time.

CEO Taehyung gets tangled up in some illegal business without even knowing and when Assasin Jeongguk gets assigned to extract information from him after being caught, he realizes in what mess he's gotten himself into and agrees to cooperate with the assassins, after learning their true reasons, to bring down his uncle's company. What Jeongguk and Taehyung didn't expect was falling for each other in the progress.

Taehyung couldn’t ask about it.

Taehyung knew he would miss Jeongguk, but he didn't realize how much he really meant to him until he was thousands of miles away.

“Good evening Jungkookie~” Taehyung said as he stood outside the doorway. “I forgot my teddy bear at home.” he explained vaguely. His eyes scanned the sleepy makane, “But…. I suppose you’ll do.” He shrugged as he grabbed the boy by the arm.

“Wait what-”

In which Jungkook is Taehyung's substitute bear.

Because Taehyung is a knot and Jeongguk would give blood and bones just to unravel him.

Jeongguk and Taehyung meet when they're both roped into the company's Hot Men For Charity calendar shoot.

A powerful sweet-tooth and empty stomach can lead to awkward circumstances.

Taehyung wants some candy, preferably the kind you can eat.

Things might have gone a little bit hot after Jeongguk and his team won their final game—not that they're complaining.

Taehyung and Jungkook had always been one piece of a puzzle. One work of art.

"You often meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it"

In which Jeongguk and Taehyung meet in a train, and mess happens.

You're hot, hot weather in the summer.

Jeon Jungkook is known as a goodie-two-shoes by everyone.

But behind his closed bedroom door, when his parents think he's always studying, he sneaks out with his boyfriend.

OR, Taehyung faints on stage and Kookie takes care of him.

Taehyung proposes a game with just one rule: touch yourself and you lose.

Jeongguk hates Taehyung, but he hates losing even more.

Jeongguk does urbanex. During one of his little expeditions to an abandoned factory, he stumbles upon the camp of a homeless person, one he finds himself dying to meet.

The one where Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook find love amidst the craziness that is Produce 101.

Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung are about to graduate from the elite Bangtan College Prep School. This is the last chance their teachers have to convince them they're in love.

jeongguk doesn't know what to expect when taehyung asks him to be his pretend boyfriend, but he should've known better anyway.

Or in which: Taehyung only writes rhyming poems, and Jungkook is his doctor boyfriend that has to suffer (or maybe not) with his confusion of very important words.

Or in which: Taehyung's mother despises Jungkook and tries to set Taehyung up on dates; but, fret not, because their loyal friends are there to help (note: the helping part of things doesn't go so well)!

Or: Taehyung comes back from America to live with his friend Jimin to learn about their ancestral traditions, but instead has a very strange encounter with his little brother instead.

Taehyung is a do-good enforcer when the mayor blackmails him for the job to be done. Little does he know, that behind a pretty face, Taehyung's got his own little secret in the form of a powerful man.

It isn't every night, that Jungkook comes across a beautiful, dancing cherub in the desert skies.

Taehyung is so utterly confused.

Jimin is a gym enthusiast (who drags Taehyung to his doom).

And Jungkook isn't following up on the latest dating etiquette on how to do feelings (or ask someone out).

Like. At all.

Yugyeom gets pulled into all of this shit (and remains disloyal 'till the end).

Jung Kook and Taehyung fall in love the summer Hoseok goes missing.

Now, Taehyung tastes of peach and green apples, silky red hair and rosy lips, features sharper and kisses sweeter, deeper.

Now, Taehyung kisses Jungkook with slow whispers and promises of love that doesn't quiver at dawn because although Jungkook gets tired of things easily, he could never grow tired of Taehyungs love.

“He doesn’t even know why he just did that, why he wanted to kiss him so badly and what he wanted to achieve with it. He doesn’t know why his heart is pounding in his chest, mind running a mile a minute but still screaming only that one single sentence: kiss him again, kiss him again, kiss him again.”

When their plane crashes on a small deserted island in the middle of the ocean, Taehyung and Jeongguk realise that you're only really alive when you're about to die.

a small adventure into cafe owners taekook

It was Taehyung's idea, really. Somehow it always was.

AKA Jeon and Tae do it in the middle of a sex club, because Taehyung likes an audience (and maybe Jungkook does, too).

Taehyung is just looking for something to fill the empty void in his heart and Jungkook only has money to offer.

The first time Jeongguk finally meets the love of his life, they spend twenty minutes together, the twenty minutes that he will keep replaying on his mind until the day they meet again.

All Jungkook wanted was a bank loan to buy the property for sale in town and turn it into his personal art studio. Well, that and to meet his soulmate. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when he's hiding under a desk in Mr. Kim's office.

Tired boyfriends in college share the last cup of noodles together.

  • The Devil Wears Socks In Bed

Taehyung spends the night at Jeongguk's place for the first time and Jeongguk is, for lack of a better word, shitting himself. Until he realizes Taehyung wears socks to bed.

Taehyung thinks he's going to die in this goddamn hospital but atleast his nurse is hot, right?

Too bad the only two words Taehyung manages to say around him is "Fight me."

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