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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

An AU where high-schooler Taehyung falls in love with fellow 2nd grader Jeon Jungkook, baseball team star.

Taehyung considers that his life was perfect ever since he got married to the love of his life. That is until everyone—literally everyone in the university fangirls over some newly-employed professor who also turns out to be his husband.

Taehyung loves tattoos and flowers. Jungkook loves Taehyung. Jungkook is questioned on why he loves Taehyung.

in which jungkook finds unlikely love in the goofy boy with the gucci umbrella

Jeongguk and Taehyung get to know each other in a broken-down bus on their way to Daegu. Nothing less, nothing more.

"What's wrong with Jungkook?"

"It's Taehyung, guys."

Taehyung never thought he'd be threatened by another man's sandwich-making skills, but Jeongguk proves him wrong.

Jungkook wonders if the fact that soul-focused battle techniques make people horny as hell is just something the professors politely ignore. Or maybe he's just weird.

If you listen closely, there are two boys connected so deeply their hearts beat as one.

A University AU where Jungkook and Taehyung become roommates. But Jungkook has insomnia and can't fall asleep with other people and Taehyung can't fall asleep alone.

recollection of memories.

feelings just don't go away, it's the platinum rule.

Or where Jungkook has had an embarrassingly big crush on Taehyung for years and tries to get him to open up through their shared passion—music.

It was a casual slip of the tongue for the sake of his pride. Of which Taehyung ends up having to spend several weeks holding hands with someone he can't stand.

"Because daddy, I need a part 2 of what we were doing earlier." He slowly grinds his ass on Jungkook's groin to make him go hard

"No one has died from a love that never was."

Unfortunately, no one has ever expressed this fact to Jeongguk.

Jungkook just wanted to do something sweet for Taehyung - but this little boy won't give him the prize in the egg.

He can do it. Right? He definitely can do it. Everyone says so. But what if he got rejected?

Or. Kim Taehyung is having problem when he's about to ask someone out. Namjoon is there to make everything better.

Kim Taehyung went to Las Vegas to unwind but ended up getting married to a headache that is Jeon Jeongguk, his ex.

It was supposed to be a fun walk in the park in Las Vegas but, hell, the happenings in Las Vegas made his life feel like a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park instead.

It was a myth he heard, about a boy who loved a siren and is loved in return.

"you look like there's a lot more of stuff about you than what meets the eye." taehyung murmured. "there's more to me too, you know."

Seasons come and change and come again, and so have Taehyung’s feelings—but, maybe Jeongguk's never changed.

Jungkook knows being a one-sided soulmate is rare. So isn't it just his luck that his soulmate is Park Jimin, and Jimin's soulmate is Kim Taehyung, and Taehyung's soulmate is Jungkook.

“Uh, I – I’m looking for – spicy-flavored ramen. It’s my best friend’s favorite and I want – I have to bring it to him.”

Jeongguk is aware that he probably sounds like a bumbling idiot right now, forcing the words out and barely sounding coherent, but he couldn’t stand the worried looks Jimin and Taehyung kept giving him so he had to say something. Even then, when Taehyung is walking down the aisle trying to find the type of ramen Jeongguk is talking about, Jimin still looks worried, like he’s half-expecting Jeongguk to crumble to dust right in front of his eyes if he says the wrong thing, if he breathes the wrong way.

Jeongguk finds himself looking into Jimin’s big, beautiful brown eyes, and that’s when he remembers his mother’s words. When he knows just who, and most importantly, what are Taehyung and Jimin to him.

8i never miss a beat i'm lightning on my feet Taehyung laughs, and Jungkook falls head over heels. In roller skates. Onto his face. In public.

Honestly, a site called should have been Jungkook’s first indicator that he was about to get into some deep shit.

“You don’t know that,” Junghyun said in defence. He didn’t even turn from the television. It was at the scene where the Hwarang were being initiated. “Kim Taehyung is an angel.”

Jungkook huffed. “Whatever,” he grumbled. “It’s not like you or I will ever meet him.”

Jungkook would later eat his own words.

Jeon Jungkook has been avidly stanning idol Kim Taehyung since his recent debut. He can't believe he gets to attend the idol's first ever fansigning. While having the idol sign his album, something unexpected happens.

Kim Taehyung is _____.

a) a mystery

b) somebody worth fighting for

c) a person Jeongguk cannot get enough of

d) the one that Jeongguk loves

e) all of the above.

Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

(I came, I saw, I loved)

Ever since that day, Taehyung has been looking for something, chasing a dream he seems to be missing. Something important that makes his heart whole. It’s a creeping sense of someone he can’t quite grasp, who’s always on the tip of his tongue, nails on a chalkboard screeching loudly in his ear to remember. But every time he tries, it hurts. But he chases the dreams, the feelings, whatever it is that he’s missing because he thinks it would hurt more to never find whatever’s gone.

Jeongguk stares at his palms absent-mindedly, body rocking with the movement of the train. His fingers trace over non existent words on his right palm. Something he hadn’t thought about in years. He has a feeling; something deep and nostalgic bubbling inside him tasting like chocolate muffins and caramel lattes and smelling of vanilla and strawberries. It stirs within him as his fingers trace each stroke over his palm. It stirs something melancholy, something sad. A feeling.

Agent Park meets a rogue agent who manages to make him question everything he thought he knew reality was.

A few weeks later when he too vanishes newbie Jeon Jungkook is sent after his head with, inexplicably, a case full of silver bullets and a machete.

But who is he to question anything about the assignment? Why would the agency ever lead him wrong?

Jungkook loses Holly, but he finds Taehyung.

the story of jeon jeongguk and kim taehyung, as told through a boyfriend tag.

when taehyung wakes up as a kid, everyone wonders why jeongguk is the only one taehyung wants.

jeongguk loves g-dragon but he loves kim taehyung more

Jungkook hates everything to do with the land. Especially Land Walkers. He hates their disgusting sticks of meat and mini sticks of meat protruding from some sort of ugly stump -

but Taehyung's an exception.

Jungkook is stranded at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, Daegu. He tries to hitchhike his way back to Seoul and gets picked up by Taehyung. Cue unexpected road trip that comes with lessons in eccentricity, navigating using the stars, and love.

Of all the duplexes in all the towns in all the world, Jungkook moves in next to music student Kim Taehyung.

Jeongguk visits Daegu for a summer, but ends up finding a lover, some new family, and a second place to call home.

Taehyung is an idol who needs to get in shape for his next MV. He hires Jungkook, the best fitness coach in town, and gets more than he bargained for.

Or, the one where Jungkook hates idols, but then Taehyung happens.

Taehyung was all ready for bed, until he heard a sob, and of course his too-big heart needed to step in.

Jungkook is dating Taehyung, but he's yet to know a little something about his boyfriend.

"Why on earth would something like that bother me?" He asked when he turned to face Taehyung.

"I just thought because yo-" he was cut off by Jungkook's voice. "You thought what? You think that I have a crush on you? You think I get jealous over the others being around you because I want all your attention?"

Kim Taehyung is a rich CEO and Jeon Jungkook is a poor, Uni student, looking for some money.

Taehyung saves Jungkook from the worst blind date ever.

Quite literally, Namjoon muses.

(alternatively: jeon jeongguk accidentally opens a portal to hell because the customer said his coffee was never hot enough, and as they say—the customer is always right.).

  • i can't wait so see your dog

Jeongguk thought Holly hated him. He didn't know that the dog would help him find the most beautiful man he's ever seen.

Where Taehyung joined the Taekwondo Club to stalk his crush

Jungkook is but a simple delivery boy; the last thing he needs is a high maintenance fake boyfriend.

In which Taehyung gets Jungkook's ring stuck on his ring finger and Jungkook misunderstands.

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, Taehyung proposes a plan. What follows is the systematic exploitation of every couples-only deal in the city.

taehyung is pretty and all-around nice guy so obvs jungkook lowkey likes him and yoongi is grumpy grandpa/matchmaker god

“It’s a lot like falling in love with a city you’ve never been to.”

Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

Jeongguk likes hurting girls, but he doesn't like hurting Kim Taehyung.

Sure, he's fought werewolves, werecoyotes, dark spirits, and runaway raven demons... but no one ever prepared him for a war with his own heart.

In which Jungkook can’t see the colors of the world around him but Taehyung spins a tapestry with words that make up for it.

Taehyung falls for a cute barista he likes to sketch over and over again.

They never meet; not really

Kim Taehyung was deaf.

And Jeon Jeongguk was a fucking idiot for not noticing sooner.

The sound of a phone ringing, a deep sigh, three knocks on the wall, and Taehyung knows where he’s going to spend the rest of the evening.

Alternatively; when Jungkook, a college freshman, moves in next door, Taehyung has an incredibly hard time keeping his hands to himself, in the most literal way imaginable.

(n): The combination of two or more galaxies of comparable size to form a single, larger galaxy.

Even if Jungkook represents everything Taehyung doesn't, he's sure they'll be able to create something beautiful just between the two of them.

On average, people found their soulmate soon after they turned 18. Taehyung was 22 and, despite being a romantic at heart, he had little hope.

“look,” taehyung says honestly, “i find you very attractive. i’d love to take you home tonight, if that’s okay with you. tell me if i’m reading things correctly.”

the excitable, aroused portion of jungkook’s brain wants to say 'yes' very badly. he looks over taehyung’s shoulder for his brother. there’s only a shifting crowd of people; no brother in sight.

jungkook swallows. turns to look at taehyung again. the other man’s eyes are dark.

“i’d like that.” jungkook says.

“As long as I remember you, you will never be lost to me. You will never be lost again.”

Gay thoughts should be for gay things, except Jeongguk's brain reserves them for straight friends.

Jungkook is a god, Taehyung just wants to be his friend. They both end up as something more.

Jungkook and Taehyung met in a hazy afternoon coffee shop.

Jimin and Jeongguk took one look at transfer student Kim Taehyung and decided that they were going to fuck that.

Jeongguk never expected to actually pay attention in one of his customers and never would have thought that this customer was such an odd but lovely person. Taehyung never thought he would manage to find a way to stop his panic attacks until he met Jeon Jeongguk.

In which Jeongguk is a barista at a café and Taehyung is his loyal customer who is also a nerd, anglophile with a panic mindset.

Taehyung decided that it simply had to be fate, because this was the fourth time the mysterious and beautiful Jungkook had visited the cafe, and if he knew anything about the universe, really that had to mean something. And maybe Taehyung wasn't some sort of philosopher, but working in a shitty cafe had taught him something; people don't always just keep coming back.

It doesn't matter they've gone to the beach already so many times that they can't count them on their fingers anymore, they still love it like the first day of it.

If there’s one thing Taehyung doubts he can ever get used to, it’s waking up to a blade inches from his neck.

After his castle is stormed, Prince Taehyung is forced to flee to secure reinforcements and save all those he holds dear, but he can't do it alone, and the King entrusts his only son, the future of his Kingdom, to Sir Jeon Jungkook, one of his bravest knights, and the son of his closest advisor.

Together, they must learn to rely on one another as they embark on their mission and navigate their feelings, trying to survive long enough to save their home - and their future together.

Jeongguk is the son of one of Rome's most important men, a respected centurion in his own right. But he finds himself weakened in the face of one gorgeous, golden-skinned slave boy from the far east.

Taehyung just wants to return home, but he has begun to accept his new life in Rome, partly due to a kind domina who was from his homeland. Now, he has her son to answer to.

Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.

Jeon Jeongguk was never meant to handle so much responsibility, but when he sees a vision foretelling the King's death, he cannot just sit back and let it happen. The 'right' thing to do would be to stop it, but as Jeongguk soon discovers, doing the 'right' thing is never so simple, or easy. Stuck in between underhanded plots for the Iron Throne, Jeongguk must figure out who he is and what he stands for. He must choose a side, and he must choose well, for in the Game of Thrones, you win... or you die. There is no middle ground.

In Jeongguk's experience, sometimes you just gotta crack a book.

Jeongguk never thought he would end up stumbling upon his Twitter crush's nsfw account, much less discover he's a camboy. As if that wasn't enough already, he ends up at Jeongguk's place with something he can't refuse.

Blue was the only color Jeongguk was able to see, until it wasn't.

jeongguk, confounded, looks up at taehyung's valiant figure. "fuck your corn field, you've got aliens hanging out around your house."

it's early in the morning, and taehyung can't get jeongguk out of his mind.

Apparently the new boba shop around the corner does delivery, and Taehyung thinks the guy who does the dropoffs is pretty cute.

Also, Jimin’s a shitty wingman and Taehyung sucks at taking cues.

"i'm trying to protect you but you're seriously just fucking with me now stop running around along rooftops and geT BACK HERE BEFORE I TIE YOU DOWN" AU

"Why are you hanging leaves above all the doors in our corridor?? It's midnight, and you're wearing a sheet please explain??" AU

With his boyfriend working as a callboy, everyday life sure as hell never gets boring for Jungkook.

It was an untold story with no ending, until now.

Jungkook has always been able to see ghosts. When he meets Taehyung and falls in love, the last thing he would guess is that Taehyung is one.

But somehow, in a world neither of them truly belong to, they walk the boundary between life and death together and make it work.

Magic, and holding Taehyung, were both like the moon reflected in water. The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken. And Jeongguk knew he wasn't a great man, nor a great illusionist, simply a convincing actor - but one who would hang Taehyung up in the night sky, where he belonged, in this dew drop of a world.

The first of many times; where nothing ever goes to plan.

Jeongguk had always known that warriors like himself lived like cherry blossoms; bursting into colour, and falling at the height of their youth and glory. To flower - ever so briefly and brilliantly; and to lay down one's life, for a master worth dying for.

Elections were a dark and dirty business, a zero-sum game of winner-takes-all.

And boy, did Jeongguk love winning.

Jeon Jeongguk hadn’t become the youngest jaeger pilot in South Korea by breaking the rules. But Kim Taehyung was showing him - slowly, but surely - that rules were meant to be broken.

From the moment a new family hobbled into town, having come a long way for sanctuary, Taehyung had eyes only for Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook always waited for Taehyung to come home.

Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook's clothes. They don't care that alphas and omegas aren't supposed to be best friends.

Taehyung grows up with Hanahaki and decides he'll never fall in love, though his roommate Jeongguk makes his life decidedly harder than he ever expected.

In which Taehyung tries to suffocate his feelings so they won't suffocate him, Jeongguk is a hot mess, Seokjin tries to play matchmaker, and somehow everything works out in the end.

Taehyung runs a restaurant and Jungkook is a food critic.

Both of them are a little bit too proud for their own good.

The gate at Jeongguk's apartment complex is fucking loud.

“Never seen me angry before, Taehyung? You wouldn’t know. I’ve been so angry lately, but you wouldn’t know, Taehyung. You know nothing about me anymore, and I know nothing about you!” Jeongguk shouted at him, his manners going to shame as he heard gentle gasps from around the restaurant.

“Jeongguk, calm down —“

“You don’t get to tell me anything, Taehyung,” he cut back sharply, taking a deep breath and removing his strong gaze from Taehyung to the back wall instead as he continued more softly, “did our promise mean nothing to you?”

This is a world where soulmates share the same skin.

Only Taehyung and Jungkook are the first. Ever.

On those nights, vodka is the only thing that tastes like Jeongguk's kisses, so he loses himself to that. Loses himself to what he thinks might be love and Jeongguk. Loses himself to the feeling of numbness. On those nights he wants to fall and leave every broken piece of him behind so when he crashes on the floor those pieces won't break further.

But he can't fall and he can't mend his broken pieces on his own. He wants Jeongguk by his side, always

Jungkook never expected to meet him, the boy that shone as bright as a million suns yet carried a darkness so heavy in his heart that it left his soul shattered, scrambling to pick up the splintered pieces and put himself back together again before he fell apart again. He never expected to meet him, but he did, and he wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Jeongguk sulks and glares as a six-year-old steals all of his boyfriend's attention.

"you killed the wrong one, idiot!"

And with what felt like a punch in the guts, he was reminded that beauty was indeed a sad thing.

A coming-of-age story.

Jungkook is spontaneous.

Taehyung adores every aspect of it.

in which jungkook is an idol and taehyung decides to send him bad pick up lines and cute selfies via instagram direct message


that one time idol!jungkook liked a picture on fan!taehyung's ig page on accident because he found tae cute

Jeongguk is pretty damn sure that cycling isn't a life skill. Like what could you even do? He can probably run faster than Taehyung can ever pedal on his crackpot bike, but okay.

Whatever he says.

Or Jeongguk’s happy as a college freshman and is in love with the physical embodiment of sunshine but some shitty supernatural phenomenon makes his boyfriend appear and disappear like magic and the world must have messed up.

Taehyung actually isn't that bad and Jungkook falls for the guy he's supposed to hate.

Jeongguk figures if Taehyung is the sun, bright and shining for the whole world to see, he must be the moon, ever constant in reflecting the beauty of the sun.

Jeongguk has learned that friends with benefits is better if friends is more like a loose term for people you pass in the hallway or the guy you outdrank at the anime club’s terrible meet-up or that one crazy guy on campus who talks to pigeons. Luckily for Jeongguk, Taehyung fits into all three categories. Unfortunately, he’s also Jimin’s roommate.

The earth is surrounded by a universe that doesn't care, and filled with people that do. When something is out of place, the universe will correct it, no matter what the cost.

"I just want to own you and for you to own me just as much. I'm sick of people saying that we'll never work out, that two alphas would be a destructive relationship. I want to feel secured that you won't leave me for a pretty and delicate omega or beta, want you to feel the same security with me as well." Jungkook's voice is shaky, breaking at some parts of his speech. Fuck, he's crying. He grips Taehyung's shirt with both his hands, tears slowly running down his cheeks. "I want to prove them wrong, hyung. I want them to know that we're just as good as every alpha/omega or beta/beta pair out there. I want them to stop doubting our love and saying that it's just a phase."

aehyung is invited to participate in a social experiment. There, he learns about himself and another boy.

As a veteran model, Jeongguk's prepared for anything. Anything except for Kim Taehyung, and the wanderlust that follows him everywhere.

Jungkook was a kid and Taehyung a teenager. Even though the two of them were completely different people, they quickly became friends. One day, Jungkook decides to confess his love to Taehyung, only to be rejected by the other. “Tell you what, you can ask me if I want to date you again when you’re eighteen. Maybe I’ll have a different answer then.”

As the years passed, the two boys slowly drifted apart until the day where they stopped talking at all.

Six years after his confession, Jungkook, now an eighteen year old boy, is determined to change Taehyung's mind for good.

There were times when Taehyung would just sit there; quiet, calculating, and mysterious. All the members would be worried and they will ask him what's wrong but he would just look at them with his blank face before asking, "Hyung, why aren't blueberries blue?"

Everyone would be flabbergasted except Yoongi who's about to smack the lights out of the kid.

Kim Taehyung swears he isn't going to fall in love with Jeon Jungkook, the boy who is 100% sure that he will.

Jeongguk's shitty day was turned into a heavenly day by non-other than Kim Taehyung - a certain eccentric boy he met on a bus.

Kim Taehyung kidnaps Jeon Jungkook, because people in love do crazy things.

five moments when taehyung and jeongguk fall in love (again).

the sun, rose garden, hot air balloons and you.

Jungkook never knows how to say no to Taehyung.

“Do you think he’s cosplaying an anime, or manhwa?” Jimin asked, voice in a trance.

Taehyung understood his confusion because it wasn’t every day you see a person dressed as fine as the king of Joseon himself stumbling through a crowd and knocking over some Sailor Mercury’s wand.

“Hmm, maybe he’s going for someone from Yona of The Dawn?”

Jimin scoffed, “Yeah right, more like my 9th grade text book.”

In which love is a continuum.

(or, the mini-sequel to the taekook Rooftop Prince AU.)

Contrary to popular belief and multiple eyewitnesses, Taehyung did not make out with Jungkook in the pool. And no, they absolutely did not fuck in the shower rooms. Seriously.

It's during times of 4AM thinking or after too many glasses of wine that he starts to honestly believe that the Universe is against him.

Maybe Taehyung is right.

When he's standing out in the rain on an early Sunday morning, he can't help but wonder if the Universe really does hate him.

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