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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

Prompt: standing quietly together in the kitchen after long, exhausting days, leaning into each other for support, breathing in the smell of home, fingers carding through hair and stroking down spines, until they feel like they can relax and smile properly again. (Part 4 of the the adventures and misadventures of fanboy!jeongguk)

prompt: 'a rumor started that we slept together and I don’t even know you but I want to put an end to it oh wait you’re really hot.'

Jeongguk has idiots for friends and Taehyung is stranded on the ocean’s shore. (AKA Jeongguk hates the sea, but Taehyung comes from the sea (and Jeongguk loves Taehyung))

Jeongguk accidentally rents a male escort for the night.

Taehyung is thirsty, Jimin is confused, Namjoon can't stop breaking things, and Mark is 101% done.

Jeongguk has a crush on the boy who makes him coffee.

Because who ever said finding your soulmate always went perfectly?

a collection of prompts I get on tumblr, all originally posted on my tumblr

Everyone tells Jungkook that loving the ocean is impossible. Taehyung proves them all wrong.

When Jungkook was six—the year before his grandmother passed away—the two of them would sit together at the kitchen table, counting up and then down for each year he had been alive. Starting from zero, when he had nothing, to where he had reached a new full year of life and then back down to remember where he had come from; that’s probably what she wanted to get through to him.

Or, where Jungkook discovers the beauty of life.

"what does it sound like, hyung?” the words unzip the quiet and for a moment jungkook is petrified that taehyung won’t remember. that he’ll have forgotten a rainy afternoon spent in the very same blanket.

jungkook has loose bones and taehyung has bad days.

Taehyung is a famous ulzzang who gained popularity on SNS too. To celebrate his 16thousand followers on Tumblr he decided to make a live Q&A on Youtube for the first time. There are a lot of questions but what everyone really wants to know: Who is Taehyung mysterious boyfriend?

Taehyung is enjoying his life and his ulzzang career, however he decided to try something new. After he gained a huge popularity on Tumblr he will challange himself in the Youtube world too. His fans can follow his everyday life, can meet his friends and moreover they can get a glimps into his love life because seriously... the pictures from Tumblr aren't enough ~

Taehyung is a vampire. Jungkook is human. One likes to bite; the other wants to be bitten. You'll have to read to find out which is which.

He never means to hurt him, never.

Namjoon is a record store clerk that Jin sees everywhere he goes. Jin never talks to the man blonde, turned pink-haired man he just admires from afar. But after taking some bad (okay probably good) advice from a wise green-haired friend. The pouty-lipped man discovers his most beautiful moment in life.

Jungkook hates Halloween, but Taedracula is about to make it Jungkook's favorite holiday.

Some days, it just hit him a little harder. He missed home. He missed his mom and his room and his dog.

Which was how Jeongguk wound up on his upstairs neighbor’s doorstep, with a six pack and a box of dog treats.

He tried to take it all in. A fluffy white ball of fur, barking adorably. Bare feet, jeans showing plenty of wear and tear, bright blue t shirt, soft brown tousled hair, and a face that made all his carefully planned introductions fly right out of his brain.

“Seoltang, hush. Let me find out who it is.” He looked at Jeongguk expectantly, petting Seoltang calmly. The dog settled into his master's touch and joined him in staring at Jeongguk.

"Uh..." A really smooth introduction. "Hi. I live in 1240, right below you? I'm your neighbor. I heard you have a dog, and I like dogs, so I came to say hello." Jeongguk held out the dog treats and beer, hoping that would cover any remaining awkwardness.

"Something’s gotta give. Something’s gotta happen if I’m gonna keep…” Jin trailed off, realizing he was muttering to himself and the other two had swiveled their stools around to look at him curiously.

“If you’re gonna keep…?” Yoongi supplied. Jin sighed.

“If I’m gonna keep this place open.” he finished, a worried look crossing his face.

It wasn't their first vacation. Not even their first trip overseas. Every couple of years, when the itch and the funds lined up right, they'd get on a plane and go make new memories.

Not for the first time, Jungkook rolls his eyes and counts to ten. He’s more nervous than he should be. It’s just the members. There are no cameras. Taehyung even made all the hyungs promise to put their fucking phones away because there was absolutely no way this was going to get out to the internet. Taehyung promised. Jungkook trusted Taehyung.

A glimpse of Taehyung and Jeongguk's rainy night.

“Can I use your bathroom or can you just spray me with your hose because my shower went off in the middle when I was showering” au.

Jungkook is being creepy but Taehyung's okay with that.

Jeongguk doesn’t want things to end how they began. In fact, Jeongguk just doesn’t want things to end at all.

Jungkook's night starts out in a bar and ends in the ER. Luckily, he has Taehyung to help him through it.

taehyung and jungkook had no idea their relationship has been perceived the way it was, until they found quite a popular group on facebook.

Jeongguk takes a wrong turn somewhere and ends up underground in a strange new world. (Urban Alice in Wonderland AU)

In where Jeongguk makes an exception for the theater major that stays late each night and Taehyung likes to watch the dance major giving it his all at 3 am.

'You are my only one, I am your lucky one.'

After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude.

But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him.

Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

Taehyung gets a new tattoo just above his heart, and it's a small star in black ink. "I got it for you, you know that, don't you?" Taehyung asks Jeongguk as he traces his fingertips across his skin.

In a ceremony where two souls are bound in a marriage, what happens when Jeon Jungkook is forced to marry the man he learns to hate, Kim Taehyung. Will Jungkook learn to love or will Taehyung break first?

Taehyung and Jungkook "hate" each other.

Jungkook loved Taehyung when the latter couldn't love himself.

snapshots of taehyung's and jungkook's relationship throughout the years

Taehyung can't stop sneezing and Jungkook is just standing there confused and half naked.

introducing: dumb and dumber

'I came to the hospital to visit you and decided to confess because I thought you were asleep. Your heart monitor is beeping out of control now and oh- you were awake all along.'

Jeongguk wishes that he could absorb Taehyung's sadness, his despair. He wishes that he could carry the weight of Taehyung's anguish, that he could be the one who had to carry out such inhumane treatment, because Taehyung, his sweet, loving Taehyung was not made for a world built from bloodshed and war.

Taehyung was made for a world conjured from love and happiness.

(OR: Taehyung's a warrior and Jeongguk's the camp's healer who tends to Taehyung after a fatality).

No matter how hard he tried, Jeongguk just couldn't remember the beautiful man's name.

It’s a curse, maybe, that prevents Taehyung from loving anyone too much. It happened when he was younger, with his grandmother, and it happens again now, even more frequently, with Jungkook, and whenever Taehyung falls in love he can see the light in Jungkook’s eyes. When he forgets, that light dies.

Taehyung's life is ridiculous

mrs. jeon was an inquisitive, curious woman (aren't we all)

so do you blame her when she starts to notice something with her son?

and maybe he didn't think she noticed. but she did.

Jeongguk ends up sharing a bed with a stranger.

Cc: Jimin

(aka oh my god jimin did you just fucking sublet my room to some stranger yeah im fucking back what do you fucking mean he still has 2 months in his contract i'm going to KILL YOU au)

Jeon Jeongguk finds his muse amidst the sea of politicians

It started off with Jimin—now, it’s so much more.

Your Search History is currently empty.

Taehyung is trapped in a game and Jeongguk just happens to be the host.

Who thought it was a good idea for a Music major to enroll in Law School just so he can get back at his Ex?

Taehyung, apparently Taehyung.

Taehyung wants to catch a fever so bad, and he finds just the guy to help him.

a dashing tale of poorly-wielded magic and clandestine escapes in the dead of night

“Mom,” he whispers. “I don’t want to be the school’s freaky genius again.”

“Then don’t be,” she says. “Just be Taehyung.”

Recipe to The Perfect Halloween:

1. Pokémon costumes;

2. Lots of candy;

3. The perfect friend

All of which seven-year-old Jeon Jungkook finds in nine-year-old Kim Taehyung.

(Then they grow up, and it's not quite the same anymore.)

For everyone, the magic comes from nature and the outside, lingering in the air and extracted from plants that glow a different shade at night.

For Jungkook, the magic comes from within his body, seeping out the windows during the daylight.

(But true magic, he supposes, only comes with the right company.)

Kim Taehyung is a famous actor in the industry and all he needs is, well, Jungkook.

Jungkook knows that Taehyung has always been great at some weird things, but he never knew why.

Taehyung makes lame jokes, and Jeongguk laughs (because he's his best friend). He realises belatedly that perhaps he is something more, perhaps he always has been.

“Maybe I always did. Maybe it started right from the first day we met. I’m sorry that it took me so long for my head to catch up with my heart.”

They were the Keepers of the Seven Deadly Sins, each tasked with perpetuating their sin. Just when anyone was getting a little too good, their name would pop up on the radar, demanding someone’s attention.

Jeongguk & Taehyung are worst enemies in High School, until Taehyung gets into an accident and has complete memory loss..

Or: Jeongguk realises he's wasted a whole heck of time hating the cutest person on the planet, and he slowly descends into a whipped ball of fluff....

Jeongguk watched, as the boy lay in the grass, lazily pulling a stray blade through his teeth. He stared at the flash of silver, his identification bracelet, squinting hard in a failed attempt to make out the words, his name.

"They’re not like us. They’re not really alive." His father’s words drifted into consciousness, so unconnected from the beautiful sight that lay before him.

It had been a year now. One year since he’d first seen him, a flash of brunette hair and golden skin, a smile that seemingly lit up his entire being. Jeongguk had to meet him.

Jungkook wakes up as Taehyung...

Texts Jungkook receives from Taehyung... literally.

Taehyung didn't expect to meet a literal sex-god on his first day back at college ---- hello Jungkook.

Each chapter is a different 'fluffy drabble'.

brown was the way jeongguk usually saw the world, the warm colour familiar to him.

jeongguk is needy and taehyung's parents are downstairs.

maybe one day, hopefully soon.

taehyung is falling apart.

his blog remained the same, colourless and simple, until kim taehyung appeared in his life.

for the first time, taehyung felt out of place in the pews.

a drabble for each song on fall out boy's album american beauty / american psycho

How was Taehyung supposed to go on everyday looking at his best friend who he's known all his life and hiding such a huge secret from him? He hated that he had to put on a fake smile every day so that Jungkook wouldn't see. Every day he just tried to make believe that it didn't hurt, seeing Jungkook with someone who wasn't him, but that just made it worse. How he wished he could just come out and say it. Tell him, "Jungkook, you belong with me."

In which South Korea’s favourite and internationally acclaimed model Jeon Jeongguk falls in love with the one person who doesn’t.

Taehyung is nothing without the sun.

Jimin is a dickhead that changed all the numbers in Jeongguk's phone to the number of the local sex line. Needless to say, Jeongguk wasn't fucking prepared for some deep voiced boy to pick up, instead of his dad.

Jeongguk thinks Taehyung is as vibrant as the sun, and as mysterious as the moon.

He just wishes Taehyung could see that.

V is literally a world class idiot and Jung Kook is all talk.

Prompt: Imagine A keeps leaving gifts for B (chocolates, flowers, love letters, etc) as an obvious hint that they have an admirer. Except B is dense and gets confused as to why someone keeps leaving their shit all over their desk, bag, and locker.

Jungkook the straight-laced policeman who always seems to have something shoved up his ass meets Kim Taehyung, resident detective, and things just go on from there.

“You crashed your bicycle into me and I’m fine, but you’re the one that’s hysterically crying” AU (credit to shittyaus)

In which Jeongguk is obsessed with himself and having an aesthetic, Jimin and Yoongi won’t stop fucking, Hoseok wins worst co-worker of the century, Seokjin and Namjoon are dirt-poor, and Taehyung is just an overly emotional klutz with a penchant for boys with egos the size of the Northern Hemisphere.

In this world, nobody sees 3D or colour until you fall in love. Nobody sees light or shadows as different until you fall in love. Nobody sees life as life until you fall in love.

Jungkook is a simple guy who lives off one night stands, but when he lays eyes on Taehyung, his world begins to spin.

Taehyung is new in the business but after a night with oh-so-hard-to-please he feels he's got this. Then Jeon Jeongguk comes into the picture and everything gets blurry.

in which jeongguk's friends are absolute dickhead's and they force jeongguk to go to a sex shop where a certain purple-haired cutie works.

because who would've known that in-between tears and fashion, the depressed emo would fall for the hopeful hipster?

"the fire alarm went of at 3 am and goddaMN here you are standing in your underwear while i’m wearing two different shoes and could only think of grabbing my doritos.. wanna share???" AU

Taehyung was his sun, his moon and his stars all together.

A tale in which iPhones are superior in every way, beige couches are strictly for douchetwats who wear boat shoes, a preference for Spring weddings, and Jimin’s sculptures suffering because of a certain asshole named Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung tries to take care of his sick boyfriend.

Jeon Jeongguk was just a wannabe high school reporter with a crush on his editor in chief. His biggest problem is the one new kid that started hitting on him. But recently weird things have been happening in LA and it's about to get real personal.

Jeongguk said he'd follow Taehyung anywhere, and now he's proving it.

This whole thing is new and a little uncomfortable, like the pink skin of a sunburn. Jeongguk is still getting used to it.

Taehyung is Taehyung (and maybe, just maybe Jeongguk is very much in love).

In which Kim Taehyung decides to gatecrash Jeon Jungkook's dates so he can convince him that Park Jimin is his soulmate, damnit.

Stand on the edge, let yourself fall and don’t look back. Or grab a friend, take a shot and hope for the best.

“Okay, Jeon Jeongguk. I don’t have time to deal with this right now, but if you’re so intent on being an absolute douchebiscuit, I’ll indulge you, but later. I get off work at 8; meet me“

“You know what, no worries. I’ll find you later. Now go back to work, I’m sure your masters are missing you, kitty.”


Finding lost friends is a little hard when you've got a bright eyed and smitten siren scaring the crap out of your crew while trying to get your attention.

Kim Taehyung is mortally scared of hot guys in elevators lying in wait to steal his virtue.

Turns out his fears weren't exactly unfounded.

in which jungkook beats himself up for letting kim taehyung sweet-talk him into one of his crazy schemes for the umpteenth time, and wonders when he ever let himself get so weak and so easily pushed around by a full-grown man who has the mentality of a five-year-old.

in which jungkook attempts to find out which one's sweeter: taehyung or his beloved stash of chocolate. the results are extremely gratifying.

taehyung is terrified of the bad weather outside, he's just praying jungkook arrives home safely

Namjoon, in order to help his depressed and traumatized lover recover, decides to get a hybrid - Taehyung.

Jungkook, Seokjin’s younger brother, who also happens to hate hybrids, starts to develop feelings for Taehyung... things get interesting, with knowledge that hybrids go into heats.

a collection of sad drabbels that absolutely no one asked for

Where had they gone wrong?

That day Taehyung made himself a friend for the first time in his life, everyone else that he grew up with always found him weird. They called him strange, a weirdo, a misfit. But Taehyung didn't care. All he knew was he was carefree of what people said to him, and cared about how people treated others.

being kim taehyung's lab partner was probably the worst decision in jeon jeongguk's life. it might also be the best.

Even when it seems as if there was no spark of hope left in the darkness - it always is hidden out there somewhere. You've just fallen too deep into your misery and despair, too scared to open your eyes and realize it was always there - waiting for you to reach for it.

The first reason Jungkook knows there's something off is because his alarm isn’t blaring from underneath his pillow, there’s no looming sense of dread that he’s late for class, and none of his hyungs are standing over him in an attempt to wake him up. The second thing he realises is that he’s overheating. The third is that his bed is moving.

And all Jeongguk wants is for Taehyung to come home; maybe then he can burrow under every single blanket they own, tuck the boy with the wide, blinding smile against his side -the one that’s his, god, he never gets used to the idea- and take a long, never-ending nap.

Maybe then, the horrible, icy feeling in his toes would fade away.

Jeongguk used to take photos.

taehyung likes swimming in the river at 3am in the morning. so does jeongguk.

In which Jeongguk decides to scare his boyfriend in slow motion, and he doesn’t really get the reaction he was expecting.

in which jimin and taehyung are very affectionate best friends and jeongguk puts an end to it.

Jungkook was frozen staring at him, because he was alright looking on pictures but he had never seen such a beautiful person before. Kim Taehyung was the embodiment of beautiful.

His hair wasn’t like in the picture, where it was pink. It was brown now and the colour suited him perfectly. His eyes were to fucking die for. Even from a distance of three metres Jungkook could see how beautiful they were. Even his eyebrows were perfection and not to mention his lips. Jungkook stood up on shaky legs.

Namjoon had to elbow Jungkook and he suddenly remembered that this was work and he had to get a grip. Taehyung smiled at them with a grin that reminded Jungkook of a box and why the hell did he find that cute.

freshman year in college is already a tough experience. add in a withholding drug dealer, an incredibly attractive t.a., a mysterious pair of jordans and it's a college experience that's completely different from what the pamphlets handed out at jeongguk's high school suggested

On Monday Taehyung thinks that carnations are the prettiest.

On Tuesday he discovers that orange blossoms have the best fragrance.

On Wednesday he finds daisies the cutest.

On Thursday he forgets to water the violets.

On Friday he decides that no flower could ever be as gorgeous as Jeon Jungkook.

Basically taehyung has a shitty shift at the bar he works at and he just wanted to go home and cuddle and have hot sex w his bf jeongguk but he was out with jimin at some party so now taehyung's annoyed and sexually frustrated.

jungkook is working on a song and taehyung surprises him.

Taehyung rewards Jeongguk for vanquishing the spawn of the Devil; a tiny thing packed with immeasurable evil.

Jeongguk is more than ready to be rewarded.

AU. Jeongguk has strict guidelines that must be followed, but Taehyung has always been a rulebreaker.

Taehyung was head over heels in love with Jungkook in high school, and truth be told he still is. The only problem is that Jungkook is stupid.

Taehyung is too stupid to understand and Jungkook must change that.

“Too tired for kissing?” They ask and both of Jeongguk's eyes open then, corners of his lips turning upward as he turns his head to press his mouth against Taehyung's in a short, chaste kiss.

When he finally saw him, his heart stopped, his breaths were labored, his legs were wobbly; because clearly the boy in front of him just walking around was the most beautiful person he saw, and there was no denying that.

You know, sometimes life just throws you really hot, dark, intimidating curveballs. And it ain't that bad.

Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that's okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend.

Jeongguk gets a bit antsy after Taehyung's popularity in school skyrockets (even more) once he takes up a job from Etude House as the most recent face of their new campaign.

Taehyung entered college expecting a whole new world; he didn't expect to find a home in the form of Jeon Jeongguk.

Jungkook has a routine planned out for effective and speedy removal of new tenants, and it works. At least until it doesn't.

Falling in love with someone is a lot easier when you aren't constantly at each other's throats.

Demons weren't supposed to protect angels, weren't supposed to give them cloaks, weren't supposed to leave them flowers and saccharine notes.

Demons were supposed to burn.

Yet, Taehyung found himself hesitating. Most demons also weren't the Ninth King of Hell.

Jeongguk and Jimin were Bros for Life™... both in the metaphorical and literal sense. Neither of them anticipated that ever changing.

Then again, they didn't exactly anticipate Kim Taehyung either.

Jeongguk's seasoned at hiding his feelings, being the ideal man hundreds of thousands swoon over. Taehyung, though, he wears his heart on his sleeve and feels too much.

Jeongguk drowns in flowers.

In which Kim Taehyung truly embodies the Nike slogan of "Just Do It".

It's Jeongguk's birthday and Taehyung greets Jeongguk at the door in a large trench coat. Whatever surprise Taehyung has for Jeongguk is either going to be brilliant or terrible. Jeongguk bets on brilliant.

"'Sit here,' Taehyung says as he pushes Jeongguk toward the couch. 'And don’t move. At all.' Jeongguk agrees, and he watches Taehyung prance around the room. 'Happy birthday, dear Jeonggukie,' Taehyung sings, drawing the note out as he should, and Jeongguk watches Taehyung’s hands follow the belt around his waist, playing at the knot that keeps it tight. Taehyung unties it, the coat falling to the ground, and what’s underneath makes Jeongguk feel as if all the air has been punched out of him."

Taehyung’s aunt asks him to babysit. Not a problem for Taehyung, but Jeongguk on the other hand….

in which jeongguk is reliving the same awful sex everyday and nothing seems to be going the way he plans

After 10 years of surviving, Taehyung knew to never trust a stranger. So when he heard gunshots from the distance, and the cries of the infected as they dropped dead on the floor, he made a break for it.

Five times Jungkook has mediocre sex.

Jungkook never imagined zombies would ever be real. Until they murdered his family.

A place to store my practise drafts.

Jungkook doesn't want to live without Taehyung, but he knows Taehyung doesn't want him to think that way.

They met with a cup of coffee, and in that moment, without even knowing it, they have become each other's most important person ever.

jeongguk's an overachieving pianist and taehyung's an obnoxious violinist, and while they're not the best combination, it's just what they're looking for

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

Prince Taehyung of House Kim has been betrothed to Princess Yein of House Jeon since they were children. He's accepted his fate, and as crown prince, he understands that he has to make sacrifices for the good of his kingdom.

That is, until he's send to the kingdom of Pusan to bond with his bride-to-be, and finds himself enchanted by her older brother.

Prince Jeongguk leaves Taehyung wondering if he'd be willing to risk everything he's ever known for a taste of passion and a boy whose smile could put all the stars in the sky to shame.

He has an entire summer to decide. Who knows? Maybe he is.

Kim Taehyung’s a fan of Jeon Jungkook, everyone’s beloved idol these days. Until he actually meets him. Then, he resolves to be his worst enemy. Or alternatively titled “Jeon Jungkook’s guide on how to turn your biggest fan to your biggest anti”.

Taehyung is struggling to keep himself alive and he needs a savior. Jungkook thinks he can be that savior.

Between runway shows and photoshoots, Taehyung manages to find a hand to hold.

Know what helps your chances of getting into a popular district boarding school? Well, whatever it is, not having any family around sure doesn't help. Luck really must be on Jungkook's side for once. Funny how that works.

Enter Kim Taehyung, a fine specimen of the other part of the economy; with charming looks and probably diamonds for gallbladder stones.

And thus, the tale ensues.

One night, Jungkook mysteriously disappears. Worried, the other members search for him. They find him the next day, but strange and distant.

Everything that Jungkook once knew is no more when he is turned into a vampire - in a world where tensions between vampires and humans are soaring. In his struggle to do what he believes is right, he suffers when he feels he has to choose between his bonds of brotherhood, friendship, and love.

jungkook was broken, but taehyung had always been good at fixing things.

smart and handsome millionaire jeon jungkook is around his secretary kim taehyung pretty much 24/7, and in the three years the exceptional older boy has worked for him, jungkook has finally learnt what it feels like to be loved.

“I-- it's stupid.” jeongguk shook his head, shoulders suddenly tensing.

taehyung stopped massaging conditioner into jeongguks hair, instead allowing his hands to softly grip the nervous boys shoulders.

“nothing you say is stupid, jeongguk.”

jeongguk is tired. taehyung takes care of him.

in which jeongguk would never let taehyung fall, (except for him of course)

In which Jeongguk and Taehyung rot teeth in a hospital room

taehyung feels like home and jeongguk thinks that's okay (more than okay actually)

  • just be each other's company can we

jeongguk is a little cuddle monster, taehyung swears.

Jeongguk gets a new piercing. Taehyung digs it.

Jungkook drinks a lot of water. Taehyung's into it.

It starts with Taehyung, and it ends with Jungkook.

The TA for Jungkook’s chemistry class is fine as hell but no way is that why he enjoys chem class. (Lies, all lies). AKA the “oh no you spilled a chemical and now you have to use the emergency lab shower” AU no one asked for but for some reason I had to write…

In which Taehyung is the new science teacher and Jeongguk is a shitty teen that always flirts with him.

Being Korea's most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.

"Seriously, this is agonizing. He didn’t ask for this. His goal isn’t this and yet he finds himself moving his arms to Jeongguk’s prompting and misery really loves Taehyung’s company.

Gym is frustrating."

Taehyung would like nothing more than to bash Jeongguk's face in. Jeongguk just really likes Taehyung's thighs.

it started out as a simple gesture, a normal pat on the ass. neither of them anticipated this.

This is one summer break that Taehyung will never forget. From dealing with a moody mare that likes to think she’s a stroppy teenager rather than a horse, to dealing with childhood memories that threaten to choke him, Taehyung will soon find out that when you take a trip down memory lane, some things are more than just memories.

Winter break was meant to be the time for Taehyung to return back to the pack, to relax at the farmhouse, to roam with the pack like he had done during the summer nights, and to also deal with a certain stroppy mare that still likes to torment his poor boyfriend.

However, he was not at all expecting his winter break to turn out the way it did.

Times when Jeongguk isn't oh, so tough.

Jungkook claims to be stone-hearted but he found himself protecting and never wanting to leave Taehyung's side.

He was too damn tired.

The Group ends up sick and Taehyung has to take care of them all. Jungkook being extra needy.

Taehyung acts as if Jungkook’s lips can cure it all.

  • 오전 시 3am

In which Taehyung is worried about how much Jungkook overworks himself.

Bangtan needed to improve on health.

A short, casual 5k oneshot about self-discovery and all that youthful fun and torture.

Taehyung wants to make a mess. Jeongguk gets caught in it, unasked.

“This is a stupid idea.” Yoongi announces, his voice coming from somewhere near the back of their merry parade onto private property. “We're going to be seen and arrested.”

“We won't get caught if we stay quiet.” Namjoon tells him, leading them through the wiry garden, overgrown and in as poor a state of repairs as the house. Broken branches litter the ground, among dead leaves and other miscellaneous items – Jeongguk thinks he sees a baseball bat hidden among the wreck, next to a child's knapsack. He quirks an eyebrow at the sight, because the only thing more disturbing might be a doll. He really hopes they don't come across one of those.

How do mortals kill a god?

Taehyung has a problem.

Jeongguk doesn't know Taehyung, but he's about to.

Taehyung becomes blind.

Inspired by the tumblr prompt: the “i work at a movie theatre and i’m cleaning up after the movie is over and you’re the only person left because you’re ugly crying with popcorn over your lap” AU. Some liberties taken.

Jeongguk has never been one to openly divulge his emotions; he has always covered his heart under layers of armour rather than wearing it on his sleeve like Taehyung. Maybe this is why he lost Taehyung. There have been too many times he did not reciprocate, too many times Taehyung’s voice would dent the air with nothing in reply, too many times Taehyung reached out and could not find Jeongguk’s hand.

Taehyung wants – needs – to go home, while Jeongguk doesn't have one, so Jeongguk vows to save him.

Taehyung's a vampire. Jungkook's supposed to be a vampire hunter. But there's no way that Taehyung would tell the other what he is. After all, the average nineteen-year old doesn't want to turn into a pile of dust.

Jeon Jungkook met Tae, better known as ATTH95 on a music chatroom. It was there that the boy poured out his desires, dreams, and hopes to somebody he couldn't even see, and also became friends with this Tae. Jungkook never expected for ATTH95 and him to meet. What he also didn't expect was for that best friend of his to be his...boss.

Ever since an accident several years ago, Kim Taehyung has been able to see ghosts. Now he lives in a small apartment with his gangster friend and dead ex-boyfriend, trying desperately to make ends meet while avoiding the ghosts that seek him out. All Kim Taehyung wants is a solution for a good night's sleep.

Jeon Jungkook might be that solution.

Jungkook strikes a deal with death after committing a crime to save his own life.

After reaping the souls of the dead for almost a hundred years he finally comes across someone who he will never be able to forget. Taehyung.

Taehyung seems to be losing every single person he cares about but it seems that was the universe's way of bringing Jungkook into his life.

When Taehyung visits a quiet little bookstore 'A Book To Remember' he never expected his life to take a turn for the more interesting when Jungkook, owner of the shop confiscates his phone.

He definitely didn't expect a drunk text after the encounter that ended with Taehyung finally getting a job.

Fortunately for Taehyung, his first impression of Jungkook (Rude™) isn't all there is to him.

In which Taehyung sucks Jeongguk off.

Taehyung and Jeongguk get stuck in an elevator. I don't know what else to say here...

Taehyung is good at crashing his car while Jeongguk is good at lame pick up lines.

Just a one shot of taekook going in a late night snack drive through adventure to McDonald's in their pajamas because Tae was too hungry to sleep

Taehyung accidentally tells “I love you” to the guy on the other line while ordering a pizza and gets a “Love you too” followed by a "I hope you’re not expecting a discount on the pizza just cause we confessed our undying love for each other.”

Jeongguk woke up in someone’s pool in nothing but his underwear with the last memory of going to a party at Taehyung's house.

Jeongguk is afraid of storms until Taehyung comes into his life and makes him see how beautiful and peaceful a storm can be.

Jungkook works in a pet store and Taehyung just really loves puppies.

If it meant being pampered like this, Taehyung wouldn't mind being hurt more often.

Jungkook dreams.

He is a man of few words, but every time he speaks, he commands the attention, and everyone, including the King, is sure to listen.

Jungkook's quiet life gets turned upside down when he meets his hyung's best friends.

there are two sides to jeongguk -- the sweet and innocent side that has been neatly packaged and presented in front of the world and the side that crawls into taehyung's bed.

taehyung is every inch as possessive as jeongguk is, but he lets him have his jealousies.

jeongguk isn’t the one who has to pick up the pieces.

sitting on the studio floor, watching jeongguk dance, was when taehyung was the most contented.

Taehyung is in love. Everybody knows this. Even Jungkook must know this, because Jungkook is clever, the cleverest little thing that Taehyung has met.

of high school parties and first kisses

jeongguk has trouble sleeping until an unexpected cure shows up

taehyung's tried to imagine jeongguk as an open book and the pages are there for him to read, but somehow he always misses what’s in between the lines.

taehyung likes hellos; jeongguk likes goodbyes.

taehyung never listens, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

this is what happens when i'm thinking about pokemon too much and then try to write my otp

lollipops aren't the only things that are sweet.

taehyung's more obvious than he realizes.

taekook pokemon au that is all

  • all i want for christmas is you

make my wish come true

After the end of the world.

Taehyung is 8 when he first discovers the wonderful world that is Peter Pan.

Taehyung has always taken the maknae under his wing, why would tonight be any different?

Taehyung really pisses Jungkook off sometimes.

Seventh year is almost at an end, but Hogwarts still has a few surprises in store for Jungkook

"so where to, captain taetae?"

It was raining again. The cold drops of rain felt like ice on his skin.

everything is pitch black and absolutely silent save for the sound of harsh breaths

Taehyung hates thunder, and Jungkook is a big meanie who likes Taehyung's milky thighs.

Taehyung enjoys a moment of lucidity with his favorite maknae.

every morning, jungkook finds a container of milk on his desk.

You know what they say when you assume things. It makes an ass outta u and me. (Or that one fic where the hyung line tried to give The Talk to the maknae line, and nobody escaped unscathed.)

Nothing could have accounted for meeting one (1) Taehyung Kim, cosplayer extraordinaire.

Or, it's Jungkook's 18th birthday coming, Jin just wants to give the youngest a nice surprise party, and things, as probably should have been expected, only go slightly to plan.

"I will never almost loose you like this again."

Taehyung takes pole dancing classes.

Taehyung gives Jungkook some assistance when he has a wardrobe malfunction on vacation.

Jungkook isn’t quite sure how he finds himself in this particular situation

Taehyung isn't opposed to feeding Jungkook's addiction.

A story of how a slight of fate’s hand could change a person for the better.

In which Taehyung is a totally hardcore mafia boss or something like that.

It's been weeks of the same dangerous tension and Jungkook is sick of this. He's not gonna sit around and let some fuck screw him over again and again without so much as batting a goddamn eye.

Taehyung tries to disturb Jungkook while he works but it backfires on him.

jeongguk has a kink, apparently.

Your character is a writer. But his new neighbors are so noisy that he can neither work nor sleep. He decides to take action....

The severely lonely world is only full of darkness The only thing I want to protect is you

"Tu es un fromage," he whispers, low and guttural and husky. "Camembert, camembert."

I hope my love is enough to anchor you.

it's not a life worth living if i don't somehow end up in your arms.

jeon jeongguk had loved the winter before he loved summer, but the warmer seasons always seem to pass by faster and who was he to escape winter's haunting embrace?

The first year of college really shouldn't be this dramatic; (but Jeongguk will gladly deal with all the drama if that meant holding the other's calloused hands in his).

jeongguk first died at age sixteen, taehyung at eighteen.

"do you still love me like you did before?"

the second time they die, it's after a five-year chase between two of south korea's largest mobs.

"only the pretty ones live there for some godforsaken reason."

"so i'm pretty?"

"boy, that pretty face is what's gonna get you killed."

Hebrew;n. an attribute of God which does not emanate from God directly. Rather it emanates from God's creation—when that creation reflects and evinces God's glory from within itself.

one year of sick rituals. one year of waiting and longing.

han river is still cold.

A moment of weakness is all it takes.

The fic where the boys play paintball and Jungkook is a little shit.

“Okay, but see here, Jungkook, Kimchi is much better than this Jajangmyeon guy. Kimchi is a solid twenty when Jajangmyeon is a solid nine at best.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Some fairytales are true: there are things in the woods that will eat you. But Jungkook was a stubborn boy.

Of all four of them, Jimin would argue that Jungkook and Taehyung have the easiest jobs. The nicest jobs. The honey-laced, soft-lit, silken-slipped jobs. The burst of Spring, pale and pink and untouched; the blush and the pulse of the Autumn as it saunters in to strip Summer bare.

Taehyung would disagree. They are the birth and the death.

Sometimes Jungkook thinks Taehyung is the sun. And sometimes he thinks he won’t make it out alive.

The Will o' the Wisp is the most common name given to the mysterious lights that were said to lead travelers from the well-trodden paths into treacherous marshes.

jeongguk has a kink, apparently.

The years Taehyung spends being confused about Jeongguk’s feelings are years spent pensive, waiting for an explanation to clear away his questions.

Jeongguk knows absolutely nothing about this Pokémon Go game, and Taehyung - well, Taehyung might be obsessed.

Your origins don’t define you - this is what Taehyung believes. It’d be so much easier if their parents thought the same.

In the middle of winter, Jeongguk and Taehyung meet again.

The seasons lay in a sort of imbalance and confusion but Taehyung knows the fall is over, especially with how he can look at the human impersonation of the sun and feel his insides tingle as if it's summer all over again. He’s sure he can't fall any harder.

jeongguk takes taehyung out on their first date.

taehyung's a model, and jeongguk's a photographer. but sometimes, taehyung spirals a little out of control.

the odds are not in taehyung’s favour, why does he, the ultimate christmas lover, have to get injured on christmas eve?

He likes watching the colors dance in Taehyung's wings when they catch on the light of the sunrise, and the golden glow of his fingers when he brushes them over flowers and plants.

Jeongguk would never have been able to guess exactly when his life would end, but he had always known it would end in fire.

In which Taehyung saves Jungkook’s life once and they escape reality to create their own.

Taehyung and Jungkook never wanted to live by the rules the pack forced onto them, never wanted to give into their instincts. But everything changed when Taehyung broke his leg and they met another wolf at the doctor's office.

Jungkook needs to get laid, and Taehyung stumbles into the wrong woods.

It was their first holiday as a couple and Taehyung just couldn't wait to spend a whole week with Jungkook on a beautiful Caribbean island. They didn't know about the disease spreading deep inside the jungle and how it will turn Bangtan's dream holiday into a nightmare.

Jungkook nervously walked up and down his room. This was stupid. He was stupid. Fucking Kim Taehyung was stupid.

In his nearly 200 years of existing after he died, Taehyung had never thought that it would be better to be dead than to work as guardian. But then he got Jungkook as a charge and despite preaching his guardian friend Hoseok that one shouldn't fall for their charge, Taehyung couldn't deny that the young man had grown up rather nicely.

When their one home in this wasteland tests the limits of their morality, they're forced to flee. The only question is whether or not they will be able to find salvation before time becomes their greatest enemy.

Jeon Jeongguk's rules and tips on how to deal with excessive human bean Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung is alone, helpless once more.

Because Jeongguk will never look at him again.

Jeon Jeongguk is a lonesome, solitary creature until he sets eyes on a stupid human named Kim Taehyung.

Alternatively: Taehyung and Jeongguk grow up together and deal with everything in-between.

When Jeongguk meets Taehyung again he knows he's fucked, and he knows Taehyung knows it too.

Jungkook wakes up to a demand for pancakes.

Taehyung and Jungkook have a crazier than crazy life, but hey, they have each other... and who would want to give that up?

Famous last words.

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