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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

Kim Taehyung knew the value of having fun living - even if you don’t win every time.

"We both reached for the last box of Froot Loops and I don't care that we're both adults I will fight you" AU

Enjoy the Summer while it lasts, Lord Jeongguk.

For Winter is coming.

if you love me, kiss me.

Where Jeongguk is the drummer in a band and Taehyung decides to become his biggest fan.

This story follows two childhood friends, Jimin and Jungkook, as they go through their first year of high school, and learn about life and love along the way.

Just because life is hard, it doesn't mean you can't turn tf up.

Where Taehyung meets Jungkook in a fog and loses him when it couldn't be clearer.

jeon jungkook was the spitting image of what it meant to be eighteen. everyone imagines that time of life the same way.

“You know w-when you really have to shit and y-your asshole cramps like a bitch?”

“Hell yeah I do.”

“That’s how my heart feels when I look at you.”

Jungkook hated feeling like he was starring in Mean Girls, which is exactly the way you feel when you get involved with cheerleaders

jungkook sucks at math.

Taehyung becomes addicted to the new 'Pokemon Go' game and finds himself standing inside an unfamiliar house in front of a particularly cute boy.

When the heads of several major organizations are forced to work together, there's no telling what could happen. More specifically, two of Seoul's most powerful bachelors meet and butt heads instantaneously. It was inevitable. They were both young. Both extremely wealthy. Both domineering. Both made up of pure, unadulterated masculinity. But beneath the immense competitivity and the unnerving need to outdo the other, an underlying passion builds, wisps of heat, growing into something so much bigger; something so much more delectable. The fight to see who comes out on top has more meanings than one.

An AU in which all Jeon Jungkook knows is to get down on his knees and have his will bent by others, but a particularly tall and handsome young magnate has other plans.

Lifelines tell a story. They dye the blood running through our veins an inky black, crisscrossing across our bodies, but never passing over the heart. Only when we meet our soulmate do they overlap the ever beating organ. Taehyung's searching for the one to complete his intricate bundle of lifelines, but what happens when he finally does find his partner, and finds that the person made solely for him is already engaged?

Jeon Jungkook has always had the power to see into the future. He has dreams about his friends, sees visions of events in striking clarity before they occur.

Jungkook doesn’t even know when was the last time he felt surprised.

He suddenly remembers what that feeling is like when he meets Kim Taehyung - the boy he never sees in his dreams.

In which Taehyung is the new science teacher and Jeongguk is a shitty teen that always flirts with him.

It's Jeongguk's birthday and Taehyung greets Jeongguk at the door in a large trench coat. Whatever surprise Taehyung has for Jeongguk is either going to be brilliant or terrible. Jeongguk bets on brilliant.

Life, Taehyung eventually realizes, is not a game of luck, but rather one of timing.

because our colors simply do not mix into an ethereal gradient.

They say love makes people do crazy things - well, being horny does too.

Taehyung is late coming home one day. Jeongguk is worried because the weather is really bad--trains and flights are delayed, there's reports of accidents on the road. Jeongguk is agonizing over why Taehyung just had to pick today of all days to stay late to finish a business proposal at work and why Jeongguk allowed Taehyung to stay because he knew that the weather wasn't great. Cue Jeongguk worrying about Taehyung.

That AU where you tweet to your fave idol and he/she replies to you.

Jungkook had always wanted to be a famous singer. The goal was so well known, that many people had supported his decision to join BigHit as a trainee, making him leave his hometown of Daegu to Seoul. However this didn’t come without harm. He would have to leave the person most important to him, Kim Taehyung.

The human error: all the bad that comes with being human.

Jungkook hates empty promises, but he hates being alone even more. Yet, here he is again: cold, scared, hungry, and alone in this war.

Jungkook is left alone on the night of his anniversary with Taehyung.

They are two heirs that belong to opposite sides of the universe.

Jungkook thinks Taehyung is cheating on him with someone else after Taehyung comes home after a really tiring day of work

Taehyung wasn't lying when he said he'd make him cry.

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

You've been typing furiously on your laptop in the library, and have just gone to get a book, so I had a quick look and you're writing hardcore gay porn and it's GOOD

I got a new camera and I like taking pictures of cute animals at the zoo but I saw you and you're so handsome I had to take a picture and you noticed it.

"What am I to you?" Jeongguk asked, voice almost broken as he contained himself barely.

Taehyung shrugged, feeling immense guit and hated to see the younger like this. Perhaps it was something more than just guilt. "You're my EWB."

Taehyung's always working and Jungkook wants to see him desperately.

hen he was seventeen, Taehyung ran away from his life in Seoul, plagued by his screwed up family and his arch nemesis Jeon Jeongguk, who also happened to be his fiancé. Five years later, Jeongguk comes back for Taehyung, dragging his from the happy life he made in America, and back to reality.

The question is: when Taehyung stops running, will he be able to look the man he says he hates in the face, and pretend to love him?

Jeon Jungkook is a world-famous student detective that solved the world’s most difficult cases, no matter how old it is. He solved cases like it’s just a walk in the park, and had sent tons of criminals behind the bars. It doesn’t matter if it’s homicide, arson, kidnapping, and even thievery. Because of that, he is a truly-respected detective, even though he isn’t officially a detective yet.

Never did he imagined that he would come to have an intelligence fight with a thief that has been easily manipulating the police all over the world in his hands, a thief that goes by the alias of “V”.

Jungkook lives a cursed existence; if he were able to die, he would've ended it a long time ago. All that's left is confusion, frustration, and loneliness. And then Taehyung nearly pushes him off a bridge. There's something. And then there's nothing.

prompt: Taekook with vampire Jungkook please? I see a lot of vampire Tae so I need some vampire Kookie and human Tae haha Whether it’s angst, fluff, or smut is up to you^^

Jeon Jeongguk wasn't expecting a pair of golden eyes and sharp fangs to change his life forever.

Jeongguk starts flaunting his collection of laced panties.

Taehyung may or may not be developing a new kink

Ever since an asteroid nearly wiped out all the species on earth, the human race was divided into two groups: those who prefer to live their lives with the absence of advanced technology, and those who live in a luxurious metropolis surrounded by all kinds of unbelievable inventions.

Despite the strict rules dividing the two groups, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook meet.

Taehyung and Jeongguk want to be each other's first times, but something unexpected happens.

Taehyung has been part of Jeongguk's journey for as long as he can remember. He is one of the strong pillars in Jeongguk's life.

However, one event will change everything.

Having lived in the demon realm for so long, Taehyung and Jeongguk seek freedom and peace.

Jeongguk wakes up to a Gryffindor Dorm with not one but multiple Kim Taehyungs.

Taehyung is struggling to keep himself alive and he needs a savior. Jungkook thinks he can be that savior.

Namjoon isn't really sure about the new...friends his pack are making. He'd extremely anxious with their proximity, actually. But...Hoseok is smiling at him in contentment and Taehyung is showing interest in someone outside for once and Jimin is smiling at someone with a shy excitment that Namjoon hasn't seen before. And, well, Namjoon isn't one to take that from them, despite his misgivings.

Jungkook was in bliss, oblivious.

When it came down to it, we were bred of greed and a hatred for life. And within that, there was death - Jeongguk always thought. Perhaps it was this that inspired A Vampires' Lament.

Taehyung is a vampire. Jungkook is human. One likes to bite; the other wants to be bitten. You'll have to read to find out which is which.

After the disappearance of Park Jimin, Jeongguks' lover, he was always told to let go of the past - not dwell within what lies there because once he did it would consume him. And consume it did, taking every fibre of his being to the point when he was reckless for said lover just to be together once again. In the midst of it all, the day of the offering was amongst Jeongguks' village in which sacrifices such as luxuries were offered up to the gods. That was until it was decided that Jeongguk would be the Offering this time around. With Jeongguk at the face of death, with hardly any chance of living, why was it that Ryūjin - the Sea God - decide that he live? And more importantly why must he stay by Taehyungs' side?

“I kinda want to try weed just once, just to see what it’s like, hello stoner acquaintance can you help me out” AU

jeon jungkook and kim taehyung are definitely not the nicest people you'll meet in highschool; they're far from it. at least, that's what everybody thinks.

Everyone is born with a tattoo on their ankle. When someone falls in love, their loved one's tattoo appears on their skin. This includes romantic love, friendship love, and parental love.

Taehyung has a tattoo of a ship in space on his ankle.

Jungkook has a black and white dragon.

In which Jeongguk is arrogant and hates when someone is better than him

(and Taehyung is sexy and sly and just as bad)

But if you think that's the whole story, you're wrong.

Behind their careers, something more sinister is unfolding around them...

PWP. Desperate Taehyung and aggressive Jungkook. Basically just an excuse for me to write taekook smut

Jungkook and his team of con artists and thieves are on a mission. They have everything planned out to the last detail with several back-up plans in case something goes wrong. The only thing they hadn't quite anticipated was to see them here. To see him...

Taehyung and Hoseok have been getting a lot closer lately, anyone can see it, and Jungkook doesn't like it. Not one bit.

Prompt: "You're my sibling's best friend and I absolutely hate you but pretend to be my boyfriend to piss off my family"

disgustingly cute domestic!au taekook because who doesn't need that in their life?

Jungkook's heart is as hollow as his guitar and Taehyung brews every cup with love.

Taehyung is horribly awkward but Jungkook is perfectly okay with that

Taehyung just wanted to eat his Nerds in peace.

Prompt: can I req a taekook and jeongguk as tae’s husband and they’re married cuz of their parents arranged them. So at first jeongguk doesnt love tae but tae always loves him since eternity lmao. Maybe a little bit of angst? thanks

He had only stayed long at this party for one reason only. “I’ll get right to the point; you don’t want to marry me and I don’t want to marry you, so why don’t we just boycott this and let them deal with it?”

Due to some circumstances, Jungkook and Taehyung are forced to marry. Both boys are strictly against this marriage, for one being that neither of the two boys are into guys, and they also harbor a dislike towards each other. Nevertheless, they go through with the 'marriage' for their own benefits but agree to end the marriage when the younger of the two is no longer a minor and doesn't need a legal guardian.

“In case you haven’t figured out this is not going to be like any other average marriage. This will be a business deal, a one-year business deal. The deal ends the minute I come of age. I don’t need much from you just your name and signature on a paper, that’s all.”

Taehyung and Jungkook grew up together, literally, living and being raised by the same woman since Jungkook was eight. They’ve built a strong bond over the years that could rival the Great Wall of China.

And if you asked any of their friends or anyone else they’d tell you that the two were best friends, bros for life, partners in crime, FWB, low-key dating or even a married couple. But no one really knows their real status, not even the two boys did. Jungkook and Taehyung’s relationship was as vague as the color of water; you saw right through it and yet you didn’t.

The camera shakes a little as Jungkook tightens his grip around his cock, but he does his best to keep still. He looks good.

Jungkook is, like, ninety percent sure this is how flirting works.

jeongguk's new job as a bartender comes with unexpected surprises. enter taehyung, who shows his gratitude in strange ways.

"Jeonggukkie, you're not a seeker, beater, or chaser. You're a keeper."

Jeongguk stares quizzically at Taehyung's mumbled insanity and pulls the blanket over his sleepy hyung. "Whatever you say hyung, whatever you say."

hm sugar daddy au [nervous chuckling]; tae is the same age, but jungkook has been aged up so he’s older than tae

(In this picture of life) “We’re all just fading portraits.”

“Maybe.” He pauses, “But it’s how epic of a story that your picture tells that keeps you living.”

It really wasn’t in Jungkook’s plans today to be tied up to the bed like this.

It wasn’t in his plans to have Taehyung mad at him either.

Nope. Definitely not.

It had been of their kingdom’s tradition to have a young lad or lass selected for the princes of the kingdom, for purposes justifiable by the princes themselves. They say that upon selection, you live a life of royalty just as the kings and queens do. Taehyung does not believe this; he knows that his life will be one of a sex slave if he were ever to be selected.

A year together after the choosing? Yeah, they got married.

Adventures of the three princes, their chosen, and one very lonely ball of sunshine.

Jungkook did the unthinkable, and Taehyung is lost.

Taehyung was stupid enough to let Jungkook slip from his hands.

Taehyung won't blame Jungkook if he doesn't come home. If one day he pushes their apartment door open at 3AM and is met by silence, and empty spaces where his boyfriends things used to be.

Jungkook finds out that Taehyung let Namjoon touch him. Taehyung's punishment ensues.

Jungkook has been getting a lot of hate recently and it gets to be too much. But Taehyung will always be there to comfort him.

Jungkook is the only Omega in BTS. When he unexpectedly goes into heat, Alpha Taehyung offers to help him out.

Taehyung hasn't been acting like himself lately. Jungkook decides to help him out.

Taehyung always bothers Jungkook when he's trying to work.

One night Taehyung ends up in Jungkook's bed, and from there on things change.

There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me, together, through the storm.

There's nothing like you and me, together, through the storm.

One cold december morning Taehyung learns that things aren’t always what they seem to be.

The world can be a cruel place... Especially to someone a joyous as Taehyung.

Jungkook's too old for Halloween, but Taehyung won't have it.

Just some ice cream in the park, and being childish on swings.

Taehyung is known for his kinks... And Jungkook is known to be whipped enough to indulge in them.

Taehyung and Jungkook are ready to take it to the next level.

AU where Taehyung and Jungkook are in different bands, and Taehyung faints during a performance...

Jungkook leaves Taehyung behind to do his military service.

The day has to start, but obviously Taehyung can't get Jungkook up with conventional methods.

Taehyung waits all night...

A quick morning shower turned into far more...

"So what do you do When somebody you're so devoted to Suddenly just stops loving you And it seems they haven't got a clue Of the pain that rejection is putting you through"

Christmas Eve on a roof top.

Christmas gives ideas to Taehyung...

Taehyung's birthday.

A long distant relationship is hard; even harder on Valentine's Day

Jungkook hates shopping, but will do anything for Taehyung, who loves it. But when Taehyung sees his boyfriend nodding off, he decides to peak his interest.

Jungkook really does not know how to socialize, especially with the gorgeous ice-king of their high school. What a shame.

Jungkook is an abstract artist.

Taehyung doesn't really understand abstract art.

in which kim taehyung and jeon jeongguk find forever in the brushes of fingertips and the still of night.

he looks like an angel, jeongguk hates to admit, but angels wouldn’t be in this position.

in which taehyung has sex with older rich men for money, and jeongguk wants to forget that he's paying for taehyung's time. (Part 1 of house of cards)

in which jeongguk should be just a client, and taehyung might like him more than he should. (Part 2 of house of cards)

Flowers are romantic, aren't they?

Jeongguk meets Taehyung when he gets his bag strap stuck in the door of an orange Mercedes. For two hours.

“Goddammit, Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk moaned, “I thought I’d get you with the soy.”

Life is full of surprises, when you're working as a full-time space ranger.

"You’re bad luck, I’m good luck. Two sides of a coin. Head and tails. We match.”

weddings are supposed to be joyful, but taehyung can't bring himself to find any joy.

all taehyung wants to do is lay in bed all day with hot apple cider, and jeongguk thinks that's a pretty good idea.

taehyung buys jeongguk a special outfit on valentine's day

The moment Jungkook found out was when he came back to the dorms earlier than usual and found Taehyung sitting on the floor of his bedroom, a discreet, plain brown box propped open and the tip of a bright, lipstick-red pump already inserted over Taehyung’s left foot.

Jungkook was seriously turning insane.

It was like the floodgates had been opened, when everything was buried deep inside his body, and honestly, Jungkook could’ve lived that way happily. Ignorance was bliss and Jungkook was now a complete advocate of it, ever since that night in the practice room with Taehyung and his high heels.

“Poor baby,” Taehyung cooed, tilting his face up so they faced each other, his breaths damp and breathless up close to Taehyung’s mouth. He was caving. Oh, God, Jungkook’s about to spill off the edge and never climb back up to the top. “Let hyung take care of you, okay?”

Because lions don't kiss deers. They strangle them.

They’re just boys in love. A stupid idea, but it seems to be enough.

Prompt: high school AU where Tae is the very strange, quirky kid that people avoid or bully. Kookie is new to the school and when he notices it happening, he doesn’t want to get involved at first, but he happens to be walking by when he see people messing with Tae and he can’t just watch it happen, so he steps in and scares them off.

His hands mix together; he wants Taehyung’s hands on his neck again, running through his hair. He wants hands hands hands on his back, gently tracing his spine. Taehyung’s hands.

He doesn’t know what that means. He doesn’t care what it means.

Jungkook has a very bad day, and to his way of thinking, there's only one way to relieve it. There's only one problem: he can't. Good thing he has such an amazing friend who's willing to help him out.

The sequel to An Ache for the Distance. A few days later, Jungkook is still dealing with the aftermath of his and Jimin’s injuries. What’s worse is that he finds himself completely distracted by thoughts of Taehyung. They haven’t had that critical conversation yet, and Jungkook doesn’t know how to deal with all the uncertainty.

Jungkook finds himself questioning his sexual orientation after recent events. He turns to Taehyung for guidance only to wind up in yet another compromising situation.

Curiosity is a playful thing.

5 times taehyung successfully disrupted jungkook’s slumber and the one time he didn’t.

quick drabble in which jungkook can't focus on the television

taekook is real

a drabble in which jeongguk gives taehyung sunflowers for no reason at all.

The night Jungkook confesses is the day when Taehyung begins losing his hair.

Taehyung and Jeongguk starts to sext as a game. Jeongguk will not lose.

taehyung and jeongguk go stargazing.

Taehyung and Hoseok had always been clingy with each other, and, no, it doesn't bother Jeongguk at all.

"Why are you in my bed again, hyung?” Jeongguk whispers. He recalls briefly having told him to go back to his own room sometime in the night.

Taehyung grins, rectangular smile and teeth shining bright. “It’s more fun sleeping in your bed,” he says easily, pushing Jeongguk back and making room for himself under the duvet “I couldn’t sleep.”

Taehyung and Jungkook's relationship is about to change for good but there's nothing quite like a blast from the past to speed things up.

Jeongguk has this habit of raising Taehyung and carrying him away whenever he feels like it -or when Taehyung gets too annoying.

A story of two delinquents who befriend an honour student who wants nothing more than to pass his classes with flying colors and not have to deal with any of the drama associated with no good punks.

Of course, life has a way of intertwining the lives of people who seem to have nothing in common on the surface, but come to love far too much about each other nevertheless.

Jungkook used to be a nice kid. He swore he was.

War doesn't determine who's right, only who's left.

It's over 27ºC in the night and Taehyung still wants to cuddle. Jeongguk does not.

Jeongguk likes storms.

When Jeongguk's suffering from artist's block and Taehyung unknowingly has the solution.

Pictures are taken to remember all the moments in our life that should be remembered and are worth of being kept. Time's forever frozen in a photograph. Just as love is.

Jungkook misses his best friend, but not enough to say hi.

"Happy birthday, hyung," Jeongguk says, grinning, adjusting Taehyung's scarf as it hangs loosely off his shoulder.

Taehyung smiles back, bright-eyed and as cheerful as the Christmas lights still strung up on the trees. And Jeongguk kind of wishes he had his paintbrushes and art supplies with him right now, because Taehyung would look so pretty immortalised like this in the hall of the Jeon residence.

Missing the first half of dance practice every Friday night makes Taehyung feel like an asshole, but it's for a good reason.

Kim Taehyung is the top student at Myeongdong Music Academy, he was born into a musical family and is talented in playing several instruments, singing and dancing. As a child he used to live abroad in the music capitals of the world, but now he trapped in Korea. In contrast, Jeon Jungkook, is a piano student at MM Academy and is notorious for his messiness and eccentric behavior. As son of a normal workers’ family, he is regarded as sloppy and playful. When the two of them meet by accident, Jungkook quickly falls in love for Taehyung. But being completely different in character and interests, will they be able to get together?

Idle Youth / By all things enslaved / Through sensitivity / I've wasted my days. / Ah! Let the moment come / When hearts love as one. - Arthur Rimbaud, The Song of the Highest Tower

kim taehyung was many things. loud, happy, confusing at times (most of the time), obnoxious, cute, you name it. however, there was one thing that taehyung most certainly was not:

kim taehyung was not blind.

meaning he definitely just saw black bunny ears on top of that jeon jeongguk kid's head.

Taehyung drinks way more than he probably should (cue horrible vision and guttural urge to grind on everyone at the party). Luckily, he loops his fingers through one Jeon Jungkook's belt and the rest is described (in detail) on the leather seat of Jungkook's car.

i hope you don't disappoint me with decisions.

jeongguk wonders why he keeps running back.

jeongguk is soft and sleepy and pliable; taehyung is curious and curious and curious.

"Just come stay with me tonight."

Taehyung and Jungkook ease into the next step of their relationship, getting to know each other a little more.

He’s sworn off dating but he thinks that maybe he could give up that oath, just so he could see smiles like that every day.

bilinugal jeongguk meets english minor taehyung, and feelings develop

Jungkook is here for the ace coffee.

The quiet ambience.

The really good chocolate chip cookie he gets at a ridiculously low price.

Not, definitely not here for the cute barista with the red hair and pretty square smile.

“You know why I can’t stay with one guy, hyung?”


“Because love is a lie. People fall in love in two years and out of it in five. Not till you're eighty. Not even till you're dead."

"It’s the way the world works.”

  • i don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight

inspired by this au: "Imagine person A, the shy/sweet one, is being dragged away by their five year old to a field of flowers. Picking lots of flowers with A behind them, the kid impatiently pushes them in A’s hands. “For me?” “No, you have to give them to _________”. Red faced and with a giggling child, A gingerly hands the flowers to person B. “I had to give them to you.”

Inspired by this prompt: "Imagine that your OTP has a five-year-old child. Said child catches a nasty cold from another child at school, and has to stay home. A wants to stay with them, but they have an important meeting that they simply can’t afford to miss, so B stays at home instead. All throughout the day A is worried sick, calling B almost every half hour to check up on their child."

Taehyung and Jeongguk struggle with being young.

You know, sometimes life just throws you really hot, dark, intimidating curveballs.

And it ain't that bad.

introducing: dumb and dumber

Taehyung and Jungkook "hate" each other.

Taehyung notices a raven-haired boy sitting at the same park bench every day with a pencil and a notebook.

Soulmate au where the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time

Jungkook has to take the bus because his friends left earlier without him and he's not that pleased about it. The boy at the other end of the street doesn't seem to mind him being there though.

Jungkook is engaged to be married with an old guy named "Taehyung" (seriously who uses a name like that anymore?)

Philophobia – the fear of being in, or falling in love

Can Jungkook ever be open about his true feelings?

Jungkook has a cat that he's not supposed to have. Taehyung loves cats.

Jungkook loses a bet with Taehyung and now he's stuck knocking on doors in an upperclassmen dorm.

Jungkook just wants to look at the stars for his stupid science project, but this one kid with fire red hair keeps getting in the way.

Where kids who don't know anything do a lot of screaming, dancing, singing and near death experiences involving cookies are involved.

Taehyung just wants some chocolate.

Peace was all that they wanted, but one wrong move, one wrong attraction and it all came crashing down. A half-breed in the pure-breed line was all it took for the murder of Yoongi's father. But Yoongi can't bring it upon himself to hate the little boy who might be their last chance to bring the peace their father dreamed of.

jungkook was scared of elephants.

Taehyung never thought he was capable of this. But then again, he never thought any of this would happen, either.

Taehyung loves waking up to Yoongi's underwear on his face.

aka the fic where taehyung is clumsy and jungkook curses a shitload.

taehyung's broken. maybe he doesn't want to be fixed. maybe he does.

a series of random vkook drabbles because i can't write long fics to save a life. other otps may be added soon!

No one said growing up would be this hard.

Alternatively: Taehyung and Jeongguk grow up together and deal with everything in-between.

Jeongguk becomes friends with one of the prettiest hybrids on campus.

He just wishes they could be more than friends.

(or: you wanna fuck a kitty doggy style?)

the last thing Jeongguk expects his soulmate to be is Kim Taehyung

sometimes, in life, there's alot more meaning to live when you have someone to live for.

and jeongguk decides that that someone is kim taehyung.

In which every soulmate experience is different, and Jungkook keeps his fingers crossed his story will turn out extraordinary.

It is but not in the way he expects.

“I liked you. I like you. Past tense. Present tense. Same thing in the end."

Jeongguk finds Taehyung crying in a bathroom and that's really where it all starts.

Being stoned makes you do a lot of things. Like fuck Jeon Jeongguk for instance.

Third Prince of Baekje, Kim Taehyung, falls in love with a Sillan merchant he has come to know of as Jungkook.

General Jeon of Silla trips heart-first for an errand boy in Baekje with the name of Taehyung.

taehyung was a fire, flickering and dancing and alive, that burned jeongguk as the flame died out between jeongguk's fingers.

Be my sun, and I'll be your moon, and together, we can watch the stars.

"I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on."

An AU where Jungkook needs to kill Taehyung, but Taehyung also needs to kill Jungkook, and things get (more than) a bit complicated.

Taehyung's a vampire. Jungkook's supposed to be a vampire hunter. But there's no way that Taehyung would tell the other what he is. After all, the average nineteen-year old doesn't want to turn into a pile of dust.

Kim Taehyung sucks at being a vampire.

he gets the feeling he always gets, the dizzying terror of standing too close to the edge - and maybe that's exactly what he's doing, calling out each night, but he's in far too deep to care anymore.

Taehyung and Jungkook hate each other. They get drunk. Things happen.

To some, the Left Brain/Right Brain concept is a legitimate psychological theory. To others, it is nothing but a wistful myth long outdated by the piles of current research present to prove otherwise. After all, anyone educated enough in the field would laugh at the idea that the left brain and right brain can clash into a conflicting war.

To fix the problem, we must separate them from each other.

The years Taehyung spends being confused about Jeongguk’s feelings are years spent pensive, waiting for an explanation to clear away his questions.

He's not that stupid of a supervillain—he wouldn't still be alive if he was.

The best he can hope for is a life spent fighting Jeongguk, their only interactions when they're trying to kill each other.

It’s style, composure, and calculation. It’s measurements, practice, and neutrality. It’s not aggression, passion, and head-on. It’s not spontaneous, loud, and outraged. If Taehyung’s the fire, Jungkook’s the ice. They’ll burn out trying to kill each other. Rich boys and punks aren't allowed to have happy endings together. That's where fire meets gasoline.

Being Korea's most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.

Jeongguk spends a lot of time staring at himself in the mirror, and Taehyung just wants to understand.

taehyung just wanted to let loose but when jeon jeongguk is in the room that's kinda hard

Only Taehyung seems to quiet Jeongguk's inner wolf.

jungkook promised to protect and save taehyung whenever he needed him, but sometimes one can only try and save themselves

Taehyung is just a merman who wants to be a human and experience human things. He’s willing to give everything to get rid of his dumb fins and walk on land. Is it really worth it?

hate consumed jeongguk inside out, leaving nothing but a blackened heart.

nothing could stop him.

not even the love that taehyung tried so hard to provide.

When a genetically modified Hydropotes inermis argyropus terrorizes Seoul, two men set out to put a stop to the carnage.

Or: rookie police officer Jeon Jeongguk gets stuck babysitting some space cadet who claims to be a Seoul Forest employee, but is possibly just a delusional B-movie aficionado. There may or may not be a water deer named Elza involved.

kim taehyung is fat

I’ve said it from the beginning: fuck soulmates. I don’t care who my soulmate is gonna be. If it’s not you, I don’t care. I only want you.

Kim Taehyung gets up every morning and goes through the same routine. He may not be happy with it, but he is stable. He doesn't need to tell anybody about his past. And he doesn't need another person to make him happy. No. That is the last thing he needs. But one day his psychologist makes him an offer that he can't turn down and Taehyung is stuck. His past demands to be heard, but the damage it will cause may be unfixable.

Jungkook should be focused on winning, but his mind's stuck on wondering whether or not this Kim Taehyung guy fucks harder than he hits.

They’re nearly on campus when Taehyung’s phone begins buzzing incessantly, screen lighting up in a blaze of yellow and blue as a series of notifications begin sliding across his lock screen.

A wise man once said, nothing runs deeper than old money.

(In which Jeongguk and Taehyung are rich kid trash and they know it.)

“Do you think he’s tan, like, everywhere?”

(In which swim instructor Jeongguk develops a crush on new lifeguard Kim Taehyung.)

You could say Taehyung's in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. His best friend keeps getting kidnapped by aliens who want to steal his life energy, this hot guy keeps calling him Applehead, and the fate of Seoul (the world) rests on his shoulders.

Don't even mention the talking cat.

Jungkook exhilarated on the taste of being alone, but didn't desire the sentiment of loneliness. Taehyung loathed the thought of being alone, nonetheless, loneliness attained his body to its core. Jungkook had everything a man his age lusted for; he had a big house, a large amounts of cash, a stable job and any one would follow his beckoning calls, howbeit, he had big agape in his heart, and nothing, not even the large amounts of coition he indulged himself in, could seal it. He was always missing something, someone. Taehyung was a simple university student, trying to make an impact with his existent, but he needed money. He came from a fairly poor family, considering the fact that his father had been immobilized from the neck below. He lived and worked for his family, who relied so much on him. Therefore, he dropped his ambitions for acting and singing, and moved more towards business, even though he couldn't stand that field of occupation. Jungkook and Taehyung had a history together that both had concluded to bury deep inside their minds. As their friendship had been dismantled with the broken promises and abandonment, they both had assumed that their path would never cross; oh boy were they so wrong

Or, Taehyung and Jeongguk are rivals who are secretly boyfriends and sneak away from a gala to have really hot car sex.

Cigarette smoke, hair dye, the feeling of Taehyung's lip ring as they kiss, 2am phone calls, dirty looks from his parents, the scent and warmth of Taehyung's leather jacket and being screamed at by his parents all piece together in the puzzle that is Jeongguk's life.

it's been a year since the nightmare of several years finally came to an end, but the wounds sometimes still feel fresh.

a weekend away from the world they know has that feeling brewing in the pits of jeongguk and taehyung's stomachs, and they both know they can't escape it, nor are they going to try to avoid it.

“I love him to death, but he’s unable to settle, Jeongguk. He’s not good for you.”

'I know,' Jeongguk would think to himself later that night, curling into a ball on his bed. 'He’s gonna be the death of me.'

They were inside a house made of cards, and Taehyung could see their collapse.

There's a thick black poison where Jeongguk's breath is supposed to be. It’s slowly filling up his ribcage until it will inevitable drown him, poisoning his blood as he’s going under, making it rush in his ears until the sound is deafening.

He is always late. There is never a day. There is never a day where Jungkook gets anywhere on time, let alone to meet Taehyung on time for their date. It was in the little Corner Coffee Shop where Taehyung and Jungkook first met, that Taehyung finds himself waiting three hours for the younger one to arrive. Checking his phone for the twentieth time in the last fifteen minutes, Taehyung feels a light tap on his shoulder.

Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.

The TA for Jungkook’s chemistry class is fine as hell but no way is that why he enjoys chem class. (Lies, all lies). AKA the “oh no you spilled a chemical and now you have to use the emergency lab shower” AU no one asked for but for some reason I had to write…

jeongguk's an overachieving pianist and taehyung's an obnoxious violinist, and while they're not the best combination, it's just what they're looking for.

jeongguk still doesn't know how things escalated, and he will swear on his grave that he never heard the door knock.

jungkook was honestly a coward.

taehyung was really not.

he was alone.

Jungkook was a trained killer who specialised in killing important people for money.

Enter Kim Taehyung.

Kim Taehyung needs an English tutor, Jeon Jeongguk needs to get his mother off his back about finding a girlfriend and despite being mortal enemies; they seem to make things work.

Passion and Pleasure is a school dedicated to teaching the art of sex to young individuals who plan to use their bodies as a means of revenue. When shy and innocent Kim Taehyung is forced to enroll into the school, he can’t help but wonder where his life will end up. Fate really does like its tricks. This fact is so obviously confirmed when Taehyung is forced to receive extra "lessons" from the insanely hot Homeroom and Sex Basics teacher. Mr. Jeon has his own way of teaching lacking students, and Taehyung is certainly quite lacking.

Taehyung has been skating since he was five and he loves it. His dream is to be a professional figure skater, and now that he has made it on the National team, he wants to represent Korea at the World championships. To go to Worlds he has to win Nationals and the only thing in his way is Jeon Jeongguk. What will Taehyung do after getting to know Jeongguk? He could Kiss Jeongguk, like hes wanted to do from the beginning, or Taehyung could own his ass at Nationals, but there are no rules that say he can't do both...

We’re in PE together and today we’re playing dodge ball, which you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of getting hit in the face. As I’m reassuring you that the possibilities of that happening are very low, the poor dude next to us gets a fast ball to the face and now I’m trying to calm you down

I heard you crying from my apartment next door and came to check on you but you were watching Up can I watch too

person A trying to initiate st sexy but person B is afraid of tainting the rubber duckies’ innocence

You're at a local harvest fair and started dramatically singing ‘Reflection’ from Mulan in the House of Mirrors when you thought nobody was in there

I’m dying slowly but I have enough energy to make one last phone call to tell you goodbye and you have no idea what’s going on

taehyung and jungkook go pokemon hunting at 2am and taehyung is being problematic.

jungkook is an idol and thinks taehyung is stalking him.

taehyung is just trying to catch the pokemon in front of jungkook's company.

Jungkook’s head is swimming.

He feels everything loud, louder than bombs, louder than the whole world. It’s late and they’re drunk and they’re leaving tomorrow and Taehyung’s stare shoots through him like a pistol and he can’t pretend it doesn’t always, anymore.

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