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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* taehyung&jungkook *:・゚✧

jeon jungkook was the spitting image of what it meant to be eighteen. everyone imagines that time of life the same way.

he looks like an angel, jeongguk hates to admit, but angels wouldn’t be in this position.

in which taehyung has sex with older rich men for money, and jeongguk wants to forget that he's paying for taehyung's time.

in which jeongguk should be just a client, and taehyung might like him more than he should.

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

Jeongguk gets a bit antsy after Taehyung's popularity in school skyrockets (even more) once he takes up a job from Etude House as the most recent face of their new campaign.

You know, sometimes life just throws you really hot, dark, intimidating curveballs.

And it ain't that bad.

Taehyung entered college expecting a whole new world; he didn't expect to find a home in the form of Jeon Jeongguk.

Jungkook has a cat that he's not supposed to have. Taehyung loves cats.

Taehyung notices a raven-haired boy sitting at the same park bench every day with a pencil and a notebook.

Jungkook just wants to look at the stars for his stupid science project, but this one kid with fire red hair keeps getting in the way.

Jungkook is engaged to be married with an old guy named "Taehyung" (seriously who uses a name like that anymore?)

Jungkook has to take the bus because his friends left earlier without him and he's not that pleased about it. The boy at the other end of the street doesn't seem to mind him being there though.

jungkook was honestly a coward.

taehyung was really not.

Jungkook was a trained killer who specialised in killing important people for money.

Enter Kim Taehyung.

The TA for Jungkook’s chemistry class is fine as hell but no way is that why he enjoys chem class. (Lies, all lies). AKA the “oh no you spilled a chemical and now you have to use the emergency lab shower” AU no one asked for but for some reason I had to write…

smart and handsome millionaire jeon jungkook is around his secretary kim taehyung pretty much 24/7, and in the three years the exceptional older boy has worked for him, jungkook has finally learnt what it feels like to be loved.

jungkook was broken, but taehyung had always been good at fixing things.

in which jungkook gets an unexpected visitor at one in the morning, and life is suddenly sweeter.

taehyung just wanted to let loose but when jeon jeongguk is in the room that's kinda hard\

there was an unspoken agreement not to fall in love but what are they supposed to do when neither of them are very good at following the rules?

jeongguk was taehyung's to play with, and taehyung's only

jeongguk runs into a spot of bother in the storage cupboard and taehyung, being the ever so diligent intern, has no problem helping jeongguk out

A wise man once said, nothing runs deeper than old money.

(In which Jeongguk and Taehyung are rich kid trash and they know it.)

Taehyung just wanted to go for a little joy ride, but he can't afford to get a ticket. He'll do anything to avoid it.

It was 9 in the afternoon on an otherwise quiet Thursday and Jeongguk was sprawled on top of Kim Taehyung in the middle of the campus pavement. In other words, the grass was blue and the sky was falling.

"I really just wanted a roommate in college who wouldn’t take my stuff and make my life hell but I also didnt ask for a really cute boy with a boxy smile and eyes like sunshine who grabs my hand to drag me on midnight adventures or sleeps on my bed at 2am because he’s homesick but I really can’t complain oh shit i think I’m in love" AU

Cigarette smoke, hair dye, the feeling of Taehyung's lip ring as they kiss, 2am phone calls, dirty looks from his parents, the scent and warmth of Taehyung's leather jacket and being screamed at by his parents all piece together in the puzzle that is Jeongguk's life.

Jungkook keeps coming back because the food's convenient and it's quiet there.

And to talk to the pretty waiter.

Taehyung knits ugly sweaters, and Jungkook wears his heart on their sleeves.

It was a mistake. A stupid mistake that he made a very, very long time ago.

Yet as Jungkook watches him from across the room, Taehyung looks hurt.

He doesn't even know Jungkook's here.

But he still looks hurt.

Jeongguk will take anything Taehyung's willing to give.

Jungkook is not a stalker, never will be and never has been. He just happens to human-research a cute guy that reads weird books at a cafe with shitty coffee and a snappy barista.

It’s July, summer is in full swing and it’s supposedly the hottest week on record this year.

And it’s raining. A lot. Like, cats and dogs style.

Taehyung finds a cute puppy... and it's cute owner.

Shit goes so fucking bad when Taehyung tried to throw a surprise party for Jungkook

It's all a joke, no?

Taehyung had everything a young man like him could have ever wanted. Until he realised he didn't.

Taehyung only worries when Jeongguk goes away. But him coming home is the best part of him going away, so it's almost worth it.

The number one rule when you're a producer on a show like Miss Right, Taehyung thinks, should be do not fall for the bachelor.

It's such a shame Taehyung has never been good at following rules.

The world as most people see it is only half the story.

This is the other half of the story. This is forever.

Love is a strange, strange thing.

I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa.

One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang.

Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.

But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.

Dragons destroy and stars explode.

taehyung goes on to too many dates and jungkook can only wait

In which Jeongguk suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, Taehyung thinks he's more than done with his shit, and then they kiss (read: bang) and make up.

He has seen Taehyung smirk, smile seductively, smile cheekily, grin lazily, but nothing like this. This, Jeongguk thinks, is what happiness must look in Taehyung.

(He tries to ignore the way his chest pumps when he sees it, and the urge to see it again once it’s gone.)

Taehyung finds a sleeping man child by the garbage cans on his way home.

Jeongguk doesn't want a soulmate. Unfortunately for him fate decides not to play in his favour.

Close together like this, Jeongguk thinks how he doesn’t mind experiencing this rare anime-inspired situation in his everyday commute to school.

Jungkook just wanted to come out to have a drink but instead is stuck talking to a creepy drunk. Enter Taehyung.

Jeongguk just prefers almond milk over soy.

CEO Taehyung gets tangled up in some illegal business without even knowing and when Assasin Jeongguk gets assigned to extract information from him after being caught, he realizes in what mess he's gotten himself into and agrees to cooperate with the assassins, after learning their true reasons, to bring down his uncle's company. What Jeongguk and Taehyung didn't expect was falling for each other in the progress.

in which jeongguk would never let taehyung fall, (except for him of course)

  • just be each other's company can we

jeongguk is a little cuddle monster, taehyung swears.

taehyung feels like home and jeongguk thinks that's okay (more than okay actually)

Taehyung could see the threads of emotions that connected people, but was it worth it, knowing the color of someone’s heart?

Taehyung gets a new tattoo just above his heart, and it's a small star in black ink.

"I got it for you, you know that, don't you?" Taehyung asks Jeongguk as he traces his fingertips across his skin.

Taehyung really likes Jeongguk's thigh strap from the Fire MV.

Jeongguk wishes that he could absorb Taehyung's sadness, his despair. He wishes that he could carry the weight of Taehyung's anguish, that he could be the one who had to carry out such inhumane treatment, because Taehyung, his sweet, loving Taehyung was not made for a world built from bloodshed and war.

Taehyung was made for a world conjured from love and happiness.

Between runway shows and photoshoots, Taehyung manages to find a hand to hold.

Taehyung was born into nature. As the God of spring, he is destined to give life back to the earth, spending his days making the flowers bloom and the meadows flourish. All his life, he’s been convinced that the Gods of the underworld can only mean disaster; they bring death in their wake, which completely contradicts the work he puts forth in order to keep things alive. Still, he finds no reason that he can’t get along with Jeongguk, who is nice despite the deadly world he was born into.

Your origins don’t define you - this is what Taehyung believes. It’d be so much easier if their parents thought the same.

maybe they're a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

“It’s a lot like falling in love with a city you’ve never been to.”

After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.

Nothing escapes the adoring gazes and praises of their fans, their audience. So Jungkook doesn’t understand why they can’t see this.

Jeongguk becomes friends with one of the prettiest hybrids on campus.

He just wishes they could be more than friends.

(or: you wanna fuck a kitty doggy style?)

When Jeongguk meets Taehyung again he knows he's fucked, and he knows Taehyung knows it too.

Because you don't have to top to be in control.

or, the one where Jeongguk and Taehyung meet for the first time and nothing goes according to plan

Taehyung wants to tell Jeongguk that he’s never looked more breathtaking in his life. Jeongguk wants to tell Taehyung that he couldn’t stop thinking about this even if he was truly trying.

“If you need me to remind you, I will, but this time I won’t stop. Not until you understand that whatever it is that you want, it’s all okay.”

Jungkook never expected to fall in with the art college kids. Taehyung doesn't want love, and that just might be a problem.

  • I’ll be down for you babe really

Taehyung works in a spa to pay his bills.

Yoongi works in the Cafe across the street.

Jeongguk is practically the definition of a perfect son, which made the strike his father delivered to his face all the more unexpected. The unreasonable treatment that he was dealt sends him into confusion and depression, to the point where he wants to take a long walk and possibly never return. During his walk, he hadn't predicted that he would meet someone much like himself– someone he can relate to– someone he can depend on. What he least expected, though, was to fall in love with that very person.

Times when Jeongguk isn't oh, so tough.

A short, casual 5k oneshot about self-discovery and all that youthful fun and torture.

Taehyung wants to make a mess. Jeongguk gets caught in it, unasked.

A push-pull game of layered disaster inspired by the #STIGMA film.

Taehyung is new in the business but after a night with oh-so-hard-to-please he feels he's got this. Then Jeon Jeongguk comes into the picture and everything gets blurry.

Taehyung has as hobby the escape from his bodyguards

The first time Taehyung meets Jeongguk, they fuck.

The second time Taehyung meets Jeongguk, he asks for and Iced caramel macchiato.

And the third…well

He realises that summer nights are a bit like Taehyung. He's always changing, never still; a fleeting presence that chases after everything and nothing, leaving fairy lights and broken hearts in his wake.

The three times that Jeongguk meets Taehyung, and the one time he stays.

Taehyung is on the quest to be Jeongguk's ultimate senpai. Unfortunately, life has other plans. (Lab!AU)

Jeongguk writes happy endings and Taehyung pens down sad ones. And with letters and words and sentences, they weave prose into a story, one that is no longer theirs the moment it is put down in ink. (Author!AU)

In a land far away with rolling hills and sparkling lakes and lavender sunrises, there lies a boy who waits and waits and never forgets. (PeterPan!AU)

"Tu es un fromage," he whispers, low and guttural and husky. "Camembert, camembert."

The last thing Taehyung expected this summer was to meet his new family, but as with all things, he's willing to give it a shot. He's willing to try. Too bad his new stepbrother doesn't feel the same way.

Sometimes Jungkook thinks Taehyung is the sun. And sometimes he thinks he won’t make it out alive.

Of all four of them, Jimin would argue that Jungkook and Taehyung have the easiest jobs. The nicest jobs. The honey-laced, soft-lit, silken-slipped jobs. The burst of Spring, pale and pink and untouched; the blush and the pulse of the Autumn as it saunters in to strip Summer bare.

Taehyung would disagree. They are the birth and the death.

Some fairytales are true: there are things in the woods that will eat you. But Jungkook was a stubborn boy.

Taehyung is in love. Everybody knows this. Even Jungkook must know this, because Jungkook is clever, the cleverest little thing that Taehyung has met.

Taehyung's in the marching band. Jeongguk's on the soccer team.

Taehyung is a walking hazard. Jeongguk happily falls to his feet again and again. And again.

"Somehow, fame and happiness has combined into one and Jeongguk has become synonymous with risk, caution, danger."

Taehyung is forced to do a prank which causes him to meet Jungkook. Its not pretty lmao.

“How many times have I said that to you before?” Taehyung asked quietly, tone weighed down in desolation, crying out with masterfully concealed pain. Pain that only Jungkook could pick out.

Jungkook hadn't meant to lose nine million.

He certainly hadn't meant to lose his kidney.

And he hadn't meant to meet Kim Taehyung.

The night breathed with deathless whispers and crawled with the underlying smell of blood. Little wisps of the faintest hints of the metallic tang ghosted through the air at times, but swelled into a leaden blanket of the stench without warning. Taehyung wondered if the smell would go away, too. Or maybe the scent of blood had long since coated the inside of his nostrils and dripped down into his lungs.

Jungkook had been devastated when he found out that his boyfriend of two years, Kim Taehyung died from a car accident.

Now three years later, Jungkook is trying to focus on his training at the Police Academy so he can become a full fledged officer. But what happens when Jungkook manages to meet someone who looks exactly like his dead boyfriend and to top it all off, he’s the son of the boss of the big time company, Kim Enterprise?

Jungkook will soon find himself on a path of friendship and romance again after he meets this mysterious man, who is an EXACT reflection of his lover.

The man who goes by the name, V.

Prompt: Jungkook wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and the only thing he can remember is Taehyung.

"Have we met before?" Taehyung looked at Jungkook. Jungkook felt a lump along his throat so he forced to swallow it back. Taehyung's here. Just an arm away.

"love is vivid, no we're not in love"

otherwise known as the one where they aren't soulmates but wish they were.

From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.

To some, the Left Brain/Right Brain concept is a legitimate psychological theory. To others, it is nothing but a wistful myth long outdated by the piles of current research present to prove otherwise. After all, anyone educated enough in the field would laugh at the idea that the left brain and right brain can clash into a conflicting war.

To fix the problem, we must separate them from each other.

It starts and ends with Jungkook chasing after the boy he sees in glass windows and passing reflections.

It starts and ends with Taehyung.

“I’ve been dropping hints for the past three years. If he was interested, he would’ve made it clear by now,” Jungkook slides into his chair and slumps against the desk, “He probably still thinks I’m a little kid. Fuck.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Jimin scoffs, grimacing as he thinks of all the thirst rants Taehyung had gone on after he saw Jungkook at the gym, “He really, really doesn’t.”

Jungkook's trapped in Taehyung and he's not sure who's to blame

In which Taehyung is a horny shoujo manga writer who won't stop trying to get into Jungkook's pants.

Just Taekook fighting.

In which Jungkook begins to doubt his relationship with Taehyung.

Or, four times Jungkook tried to ask out the cute boy at the fair, and the one time he did.

Jungkook gives Taehyung a blowjob on the school bus.

Taehyung has always had a nonexistent filter, but can't he at least keep quiet when he's meeting Jungkook's parents?

sometimes, in life, there's alot more meaning to live when you have someone to live for.

and jeongguk decides that that someone is kim taehyung.

Taehyung tries to take care of his sick boyfriend.

“I was exhausted and wandered into your apartment instead of mine and crashed on your couch and when morning came you screamed and spilled cereal all over yourself” AU

Without realizing it, Jeongguk reaches out, fingers itching for something he can’t put into words, and places his palm over the glass. On the other side, he sees Taehyung mirror his movement, unspeaking. The glass is thick, but somehow, he can still feel the warmth of Taehyung’s hands where their palms and fingers overlap—Taehyung’s long and slender ones, and Jeongguk’s shorter, sturdier.

“Why are we on this train, Jeongguk-ah?” Taehyung asks, voice low again the way it had been once before. His eyes are trained on their hands, but he can still feel him looking directly at him.

Jeongguk shakes his head, a sense of misery washing over him. He doesn’t know what he wants except for the glass panel to be gone and for him to maybe, wake up. He doesn’t know why both of them are passengers on a train that’s bound for nowhere, but he doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Jeongguk spots a few flakes of snow gathering on the hem of Taehyung’s coat. He brushes them aside with his hand. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

On a cold, wintery day when the sun is just on the verge of going into its habitual shell right underneath the clouds, Taehyung realizes that time seems to have stopped for everyone but him.

And a certain boy by the name of Jeon Jeongguk.

“What?” Jeongguk says. “Are you really trying to interrogate me after kidnapping me for my feet?”

“It’s not kidnapping if it’s consensual,” Taehyung insists.

Jungkook finally gets some answers, and starts making a little more sense of what's going on between him and Taehyung. Then the universe throws him for a loop.

facts about the human heart.

"As long as you want me, I’ll stay. I’ll be in love with you; for eternity, forever. I don’t think that will ever change," Jeongguk says, a smile to his voice.

"You’re my first love. My only love."

Out of all of Taehyung's evil genius plots, Jungkook had not seen this one coming (pun fully intended).

"...but that's [ not ] all I want to do right now." (Troye Sivan, Talk Me Down)

Taehyung looked at Jeongguk like he had been the one to put the stars in the sky and the sun in their universe and Jeongguk couldn't help but think that maybe he hadn't put the sun anywhere at all, but had instead kept it for himself because it was in his arms in bed with him at 9:57 AM with a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes.

Parallel universe au. Made out of three parts.

Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

Jungkook has a problem with kissing his hybrid boyfriend, Taehyung, and so he asks for some help from his hyungs, Yoongi and Jimin.

A series of one-shots depicting Taehyung's time with his mildly sex-crazed half-demon boyfriend Jungkook.

Taehyung meets Jungkook on an impromptu summer road trip to Busan.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, please," he scoffs. "You might wear the 'pants' in this relationship, but we all know who controls the zipper."

Be my sun,

and I'll be your moon,

and together, we can watch the stars.

Perhaps one day, we can understand that some endings don't turn out the way we want them to.

kim taehyung is a musician in need of a steady job. he never expected to become infatuated with jeon jeongguk, the vocalist in a screamo group that covers shitty linkin park songs. only maybe it's a little more than that.

freshman year in college is already a tough experience. add in a withholding drug dealer, an incredibly attractive t.a., a mysterious pair of jordans and it's a college experience that's completely different from what the pamphlets handed out at jeongguk's high school suggested

A certain Kim Taehyung’s ill fate brings him a Jeon Jungkook.

Or that one au where a nurse, out of the goodness of his heart, cares after a wounded mobster and in return finds himself caught up in a world he’s only ever seen in the movies.

_1947, South Korea.

Kim Taehyung is left alone in a new world when his wife is killed mysteriously in a fire. With nowhere else to go, a friend recommends communal housing- a relatively new living concept for the time. What Taehyung finds there is solace in Jeon Jungkook, a boy with many secrets who creates a new hidden desire in Taehyung._

Darkness never looked so good.

Jungkook is kind of a loner at school, but when he gets home, playing online games with his best friend (and boyfriend) Taehyung makes him feel like he's not alone.

He asks if he can come over, and it's clear they're both thinking the same thing – thought this was supposed to be over, thought this wouldn't happen again – but Taehyung doesn't say anything, he's not that evil. He just smirks, Jeongguk can hear it, he knows him too well, he can see how his mouth stretches into that easy smile, and it hurts, he closes his eyes and lets his head drop back. You can still end the call, he says to himself. You're not supposed to do this, you can't do this, not again– He opens his eyes again, and on the other end Taehyung says, “sure. Come over.”

Taehyung spends endless nights and days sitting on his window ledge. Waiting. Wondering when Jungkook will return. Head pressed against the glass, he prays that by Christmas he'll be back in Jungkook's arms again.

"Somehow, fame and happiness has combined into one and Jeongguk has become synonymous with risk, caution, danger."

Taehyung vows to destroy every fallen angel possible, but Jeongguk is adamant on showing him a new perspective.

There is a dick on his face. There is a big, bold dick drawn onto his face in black permanent marker, and though Jeongguk scrubs and scrubs and scrubs until his forehead is red, he only succeeds in smudging it around.

He pumps a fistful of soap onto the towel and renews his efforts with twice the vigor. He has hagwon later today, and he’d rather step on Legos than go there like this. Maybe, he thinks, pausing for a second to examine the state of the dick, his parents will allow him to skip just this once. Does this count as a medical emergency? Jeongguk isn’t sure, but his hands are shaky and the towel is shaky and he’s growing more panicked by the second because it won’t come off.

He’s going to die. He’s going to die of public humiliation in front of everyone, and then he’s going to come back to life and kill his soulmate, because who the fuck draws a dick on their forehead knowing full well that it’ll show up on someone else, too?

“You’re the I want to punch your lips kind of cute”

aka the blind date au where taehyung ends up emptying jungkook’s wallet after a blind date and other food related dates and jungkook is whipped.

Exerpt from Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XVII

The sun is the sunflower's muse

Bad day? Take a hit.

Jeon Jeongguk is a man of pride with decency, he knows his manners well and respects people who earns it from him. He’s a man of his words and whispers of promises are always left fulfilled. He’s a decent man, if you’d asked every people who have known him for the longest nor for the shortest, he takes pride in the impressions he leaves to the people who passes by, even if it’s just by a blur.

Taehyung was excited and Jeongguk has booked them a flight to Amsterdam.

Taehyung could have given up, but he choose not to.

Because Taehyung deserves everything.

Taehyung gets his reward because he's been a good boy

One wouldn’t think that dangling from the statue of Decebalus’ nose is the ideal place to choose a bedroom theme, but Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung make it work, even while being suspended by a rope in midair with enemies on the ground above them.

when you try write a taekook pwp but it turns into crack because they are literal memes

jungkook is trying to convince himself he's only doing it for the money but kim taehyung is really cute

in which Jeongguk is offered as tribute to the god of the sea.

After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude.

But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him.

Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

Taehyung and Jungkook have been best friends for years. They're both in love with each other but neither of them know.

The problem?

Taehyung is fuck buddies with Jimin who is in love with him.

A sigh escapes Taehyung's lips and he turns around hastily, "What can I do though? I'm bad at lying and if I keep up like this he's going to find out!" he yells desperately, throwing his arms up in defeat.

"Don't yell at me, I'm aware of the situation!" Jungkook grits his teeth and blinks furiously to get rid of the tears that threaten to fall any moment, "You know this is as hard to me as it is to you!"

And the room falls silent.

Sometimes, Jeongguk thinks about having Taehyung for dinner.

Jeongguk wanted to see Taehyung one last time.

Jeongguk has a strange obsession with plushies and a certain cat boy by the name of Taehyung (who he claims he hates with passion).

All Jeongguk ever wanted was to become a world-renowned hunter. But instead, his hyungs thought it would be better for him to babysit Kim Taehyung.

"there's just something really unnerving about seeing your boyfriend and his best friend laying up wrapped around each other like they're the ones dating."

Taehyung changes his hair colour like he changes clothes. He won't leave Jungkook alone and Jungkook thinks his new neighbour's weird as fuck.

A fic in which "A and B are straight and homophobic, but management requested homoerotic fanservice from them- and finally, they fall in love and there is no happy end."

24-year old Jeon Jungkook did not sign up for the police force to deal with Kim Taehyung and his stupid college kid antics.

But he can't pass up a good offer either.

“I’ve been hiding up in this tree for an hour in midsummer dropping fake snow on people to film their reactions, but when I did it to you you looked up and started climbing towards me oh shit oh shit” AU

Jungkook jogs shirtless and Taehyung is a dying squid

“I-- it's stupid.” jeongguk shook his head, shoulders suddenly tensing.

taehyung stopped massaging conditioner into jeongguks hair, instead allowing his hands to softly grip the nervous boys shoulders.

“nothing you say is stupid, jeongguk.”

In his defence, Taehyung was never supposed to see him again. Ever. It was statistically unlikely.

Fuck statistics.

"Do I walk weird?"

The point of the stealing was not to own the shoes, but to get Taehyung's attention.

So, Jungkook only stole one.

It was a good thing too, because those shoes were hideous.

“Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the “girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft” and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” AU

Jeongguk and Taehyung meet in the strangest of ways, and don't question it quite like they should.

“What did Jimin tell you?!”

Jeongguk’s lips part in a smug grin, and even if he has his eyes closed, Taehyung feels the urge to smack him.

“Nothing,” He says, “Just that you used to write lyrics about my thighs.”

"Taehyung turns away from the commotion to look up at the blue sky, but before he can tilt his head all the way back a six-pack catches his eye and, of course, everything goes south from there."

5 times taehyung successfully disrupted jungkook’s slumber and the one time he didn’t

Taehyung never asked for this. This gift that was more like a curse that damned him to a life of confusion, never knowing if what he felt were his own emotions or somebody else's. He never asked to become an Empath, to be be Bestowed. Now all the emotions in and around him were taking over his life and driving him to the point of insanity.

  • zero gravity, bright lights and you

Taehyung is a star trapped inside a human body - alive and burning and beautiful.

"Poseidon wrote to me last night. He has been threatened by Oceanus.” Phorcys continued, drawing Taehyung’s attention back to the topic at hand. “And he wants our help.”

When is it time to move on?

In the middle of winter, Jeongguk and Taehyung meet again.

It was supposed to be fine. Taehyung was supposed to be okay on his own. It was just an apartment viewing. What could go wrong?

Taehyung is a do-good enforcer when the mayor blackmails him for the job to be done.

Little does he know, that behind a pretty face, Taehyung's got his own little secret in the form of a powerful man.

Taehyung's past trickles into his present, and he finds himself unraveling from the very seams of reality.

Jeongguk's a police officer that's trained in the special craft of patching up a certain Kim Taehyung.

Figuring things out takes time. For what it's worth, Jungkook doesn't mean to rush it.

Taehyung and Jungkook "hate" each other.

Taehyung just thought it would be a one night stand, but he gets more than he bargained for

If you ask Jeongguk, he’ll tell you that it was all Taehyung’s fault.

Jungkook confesses, Taehyung and Jungkook go out on a date, and Taehyung dies- just not necessarily in that order.

Jeongguk tries to get the new transfer student expelled from the academy and fails.

"Seriously, this is agonizing. He didn’t ask for this. His goal isn’t this and yet he finds himself moving his arms to Jeongguk’s prompting and misery really loves Taehyung’s company.

Gym is frustrating."

Seventeen, a bad decision and a chest voids of well-functioning heart: Jeon Jeongguk is just a kid trying to solve the puzzles he can’t put together that is Kim Taehyung.

But what happens when Jungkook falls for a complete stranger in the library, as well as the person behind the fake boyfriend app?

Jimin has proclaimed Jeongguk the most unholy of devil spawn, so obviously Taehyung should hate him too.

in which jeon jeongguk is iu's ultimate fanboy, and kim taehyung stresses over his jealousy.

Reviewing the entirety of your rocket science course in twelve hours is not actually rocket science, but falling in love might just be.

Alternatively, boy meets boy at the longest party of the year.

More than you can manage, more than you can hide: a study in light.

Taehyung and Jungkook hate each other. They get drunk. Things happen.

based off this prompt: "i twisted my ankle and you're the only one strong enough to carry me to the nurse's office but we're both really awkward"

in which taehyung is the sea and jungkook is the sky and together they make the prettiest picture

Jeongguk was known for being a powerful, untouchable dragon hybrid that answered only to Yoongi, a dark magic witch that had raised him as his own child. When Yoongi kidnaps prince Taehyung and casts him a sleeping curse, it only seemed logic that he put his dragon Jeongguk to protect the tower where the boy sleeps.

No one expected the dragon to fall in love with the sleeping boy, let alone wake him up with a not-so-accidental True Love's kiss.

Once again, Taehyung found himself laying next to Jungkook in the middle of the night. And once again, he didn't expect anything other than half asleep cuddles, but maybe, for that one time, it would be different.

Taehyung was always there for Jungkook, always. Even when he'd come back home after his fights looking real messed up. He'd take care of him and smile, reassure him and kiss the pain away. But on the inside, it was crippling worry that took over him every time he looked into his boyfriend's eyes, and as much as he would have loved to hide it, sometimes too much is too much.

If Taehyung ever disliked anything, it probably was his body, more specifically his tummy that he liked to describe as "adorably pudgy", maybe as a little attempt to make it seem more loveable to him. Jungkook, on the other hand, knew for a fact that he adored it.

in which jungkook is trying to pass his finals and taehyung is maybe stalking him

At the age of seven, Jungkook met Taehyung. The strange boy with the agape smile and clothes far too big for his tiny frame weaved his way into Jungkook's life, becoming the world to the younger... but that was a long time ago. Years have passed. Years filled with far too much pain to turn a blind eye to. But Taehyung is back. And maybe Jungkook still needs him.

jeon jeongkook, the slytherin seeker from busan. there is not one thing he can't catch in the air. they don't call him seagull for nothing.

Taehyung is Taehyung (and maybe, just maybe Jeongguk is very much in love).

Taehyung of course felt the tightening of his chest when he looked eyes with the school bad boy. The way his eyes seem to be judging him as he was the school nerd.

Taehyung always thought of this tightening for hatred toward the other. And Jeongguk saw the tightening of his chest to be of hatred also.

They both knew that wasn't the case.

In which Tae tries to hide from his crush, under an umbrella.

Everyday, Taehyung forgets. Jungkook is always there to help him remember again

Kim Taehyung was only 20 years old when he left his members without leaving them any reason or any trace to him. BTS lost a member, the K-Pop industry was shook, the fans wreaked havoc, and Jeongguk is devastated.

Five years later, BTS is back at New York City for a KCon event. Everything seemed to be well until they met people that might change their lives. Namjoon finds out a secret, the members (except for Jin and Namjoon) are being in denial, and Jeongguk is confused as to why the kid exactly looks like him and the kid’s father looks like his ex-lover.

Sometimes it's hard to reach out. They touch tentatively, wary of the cameras and the eyes watching them.

Sometimes, they can't help but gravitate towards each other, everything else around them be damned.

Today, is one of those times.

after their breakup, jimin watches taehyung fall in love with someone else through social media

Jeongguk is strong in all the right ways (and all the wrong ways, too).

taehyung hates the (totally hot) bratty freshman that stole his spot in the art exhibition.

When Jungkook and Taehyung go to dinner with Jungkook's parents, they soon find out they are best left forgotten.

"Am I dead? Are you an angel? Is that my blood on your shirt?"

Or, Jungkook's brother is an ass and Taehyung is definitely an angel.

Taehyung wanted to try out new things –he just went a bit overboard

or, Taehyung is a sucker for pet names and Jeongguk is a whipped man.

Jeongguk is drowning in dangerous waters; Taehyung dives headfirst to be with him.

Five instances were they saw Jungkook cheat and said nothing... And that one time they broke the silence.

Jungkook has been getting a lot of hate recently and it gets to be too much. But Taehyung will always be there to comfort him.

Jungkook is the only Omega in BTS. When he unexpectedly goes into heat, Alpha Taehyung offers to help him out.

Taehyung hasn't been acting like himself lately. Jungkook decides to help him out.

Jungkook finds out that Taehyung let Namjoon touch him. Taehyung's punishment ensues.

Taehyung always bothers Jungkook when he's trying to work.

Jeongguk's shirt accidentally came open during a performance. Taehyung can't get enough.

Jungkook's having a pretty bad day and Taehyung comes to the rescue

Taehyung wants to make friend with the kid who comes to school with a black eye. Jungkook thinks that's not a good idea.

Jungkook and Taehyung have been best friends since, well, ever.

“How many times have I said that to you before?” Taehyung asked quietly, tone weighed down in desolation, crying out with masterfully concealed pain. Pain that only Jungkook could pick out.

uhm sugar daddy au

jeongguk thinks park jimin doesn't deserve kim taehyung. not in the least.

taehyung writes important reminders on jeongguk's skin to cheer him up.

a blur of red and a hand reaching out to him are the last things jeongguk sees before his world fades to black.

Jeongguk feels uncomfortable at big parties, but Taehyung makes him feel like he can handle any crowd.

it's not a life worth living if i don't somehow end up in your arms.

they both don't want to be there, until they find each other.

Taehyung needs a distraction.

I’ve said it from the beginning: fuck soulmates. I don’t care who my soulmate is gonna be. If it’s not you, I don’t care. I only want you.

A Somewhat Cosmic Adventure, In Which: Jeon Jeongguk is both a Flustered Meme Child as well as the King of Hell; Kim Taehyung is really good at peeling back layers; Jeong Hoseok can go wherever he wants; balance requires sacrifice.

A retelling of the Abduction of Persephone, but with extra awkward flirting and way more gay.


What could go wrong with falling in love with your best friend? Not a lot, to be honest. That happens to people all the time. But what if said best friend is the God of Love and you're the God of Death? Then A Lot. A Lot of things could go wrong.

"If you want to be with me, you need to be honest with yourself and fucking tell me!"

"I'm not good at that, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"

Jeongguk has never dated before, and Hoseok, Resident Matchmaker in the office, won't let up with the questions.

At first, Jungkook only knew Kim Taehyung by name—his reputation was untarnished—but in Jungkook’s mind, the older boy was everything that he wasn’t and could never be...he possessed a heart of pure gold, a true ethereal being and Jungkook’s 10 year old body ached with the need to protect the delicate angel.

they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

'Aren't you that tiny boy who followed me around like a puppy in middle school and looked at me like I hung the stars? Ok well we're in college now and you still have a huge crush on me and the only difference is now you do ridiculous things to try to impress me and honestly you're so adorable even though you're huge and stronger than me now'

Taehyung really, really hates Jungkook sometimes.

He especially hates when the younger suggests him to wear a vibrating butt plug during one of their concerts.

artist jungkook is trying to find himself and taehyung’s somehow the labyrinth he doesn’t mind getting lost in

in which jeongguk's friends are absolute dickhead's and they force jeongguk to go to a sex shop where a certain purple-haired cutie works.

because who would've known that in-between tears and fashion, the depressed emo would fall for the hopeful hipster?

Jimin is a dickhead that changed all the numbers in Jeongguk's phone to the number of the local sex line. Needless to say, Jeongguk wasn't fucking prepared for some deep voiced boy to pick up, instead of his dad.

Taehyung was his sun, his moon and his stars all together.

"the fire alarm went of at 3 am and goddaMN here you are standing in your underwear while i’m wearing two different shoes and could only think of grabbing my doritos.. wanna share???" AU

One day, Taehyung falls.

Imagine coming home late and having to explain to yourself that the sounds from your friends' room are not what you think they are.

After this, the sale of ear muffs on the market increased drastically.

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

The years Taehyung spends being confused about Jeongguk’s feelings are years spent pensive, waiting for an explanation to clear away his questions.

Jeongguk learns how to let go, and it sort of works.

Moral of the story? Don't fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you'll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails.

One of the quiet girls speaks up. “It’s interesting to see the difference between your last photos of him and these ones. The last ones, you looked like you were worshipping him, in a way. And in these, he looks like he’s worshipping you.”

Taehyung seems to be losing every single person he cares about but it seems that was the universe's way of bringing Jungkook into his life.

It was actually kind of funny, because if Taehyung wasn't such an incompetent cook he wouldn't have set his apartment on fire, and if he hadn't set his apartment on fire, he wouldn't have met the love of his fucking life.

When Taehyung visits a quiet little bookstore 'A Book To Remember' he never expected his life to take a turn for the more interesting when Jungkook, owner of the shop confiscates his phone. He definitely didn't expect a drunk text after the encounter that ended with Taehyung finally getting a job.

Fortunately for Taehyung, his first impression of Jungkook (Rude™) isn't all there is to him.

To say that Jeon Jeongguk was a scammer would be offensive. Jeon Jeongguk was creative, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ever since an accident several years ago, Kim Taehyung has been able to see ghosts. Now he lives in a small apartment with his gangster friend and dead ex-boyfriend, trying desperately to make ends meet while avoiding the ghosts that seek him out. All Kim Taehyung wants is a solution for a good night's sleep.

Jeon Jungkook might be that solution.

“Mom,” he whispers. “I don’t want to be the school’s freaky genius again.”

“Then don’t be,” she says. “Just be Taehyung.”

jeongguk and taehyung reflect and move forward

a dashing tale of poorly-wielded magic and clandestine escapes in the dead of night

“I’d rather not be a clown,” says Jeongguk.

“Thank god. Do you want to be a zombie?” Jeongguk nods.

Tae says, “Awesome. We’ll give you Hall Zombie 1. That’s the best Hall Zombie. You’re lucky it’s not taken yet.”

Jeongguk smiles. “Thank you for the honor.”

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