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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* taehyung&jimin *:・゚✧

They’ve always been close, Taehyung and Jimin. Where one went, it would be rare to see them without the other. This is a fact Namjoon knows better than most, having coexisted with them in such close quarters for such a long time.

Namjoon had not, however, for all his proclaimed wisdom and prudence, had the foresight to see that they’d become this close.

(or: the five times the other members thought they were dating, and the one time jimin starts to wonder if they really are)

getting married to the heir of his father's rival company, multi-billionaire-playboy-sexgod jeon jungkook in a bout of drunken insanity and consequently being forced into a fake relationship with said asshole, is Very Low on jimin's bucket list. (actually, it doesn't even make the list.)

but, jimin would grudgingly admit, at least the sex is good.

(actually, the sex is better than good. but you didn’t hear that from him.)

Jimin comes from a poor family, with an absent father and a younger brother who’s doing everything he can to get away from them. He works a dead-end job at the local supermarket, and his best friend Taehyung buys ludicrous amounts of gum just so he can bother Jimin at the till.

No one cares when Jimin goes missing. Except for Taehyung.

More people care when Jungkook (no last name) rolls into town on the heels of a series of gruesome accidents in the neighborhood.

It’s been thirty years, but the upside down is still there. Just waiting for someone to fall in.

"The other kids think that Jimin is strange. And he is, to be fair. Sometimes Jimin talks to people that aren’t there. Sometimes he starts crying, randomly, and then a moment later the wailing siren of an ambulance or police car can be heard outside. Sometimes he just shuts down and won’t talk to anyone."

Jimin and Taehyung are basically professionals. When they're called in to deal with a werewolf terrorizing a small town, they know the deal.

Things are rarely as they seem.

Jimin still remembers the first time he saw colour, it was also the first time he’d been to an art show.

Jimin bites the hand that feeds him again and again and again.

Jimin falls off the wagon and it takes a threat to pick himself back up.

They're just a dot on the map of the world.

Jimin has a lost dream and Taehyung has constellations for hands.

‘I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.’

Singing isn't such a big deal when it's not in public and not for a Disney debacle.

love left a permanent mark, in the form of a tattoo, scrawling itself upon the skin. jimin falls in love often, ever the romantic - until he finds someone he gets stuck on. taehyung? he's a little more careful with matters of the heart.

Here we observe the Earth and the Sun in their natural habitat: each other.

vmin are on the swim team, they have Feelings, and they get locked in a locker room

taehyung has the notorious reputation of always taking the upmost care of his patients, going above and beyond to ensure their comfort. that meant playing their favorite music, comforting their families, talking about everything under the sun with them.

it did not mean, never meant, and should never mean falling in love with their boyfriend.

Kim Taehyung likes to fight as if death were a myth, Park Jimin thinks the stress might give him ulcers, and nobody really knows what BTS even stands for.

Park Jimin decides to remind his boyfriend about a promise he's made back in their childhood.

After a royal wedding, the very next thing that’s supposed to happen is the bedding ceremony. Jimin, the one to marry the prince, although trained to please the prince when they finally get married, doesn’t want to sleep with the prince on their first night of meeting. Luckily, Taehyung, the crown prince, is kind enough to wait, but they have to make everyone believe they completed the ceremony.

Taehyung isn't sure how he got himself into this situation...

Jimin and Taehyung's friendship somehow developed into a relationship without either of them really knowing how. It just happened.

What happens when Taehyung and Jimin get stuck in an elevator. (Porn without plot, basically.)

“Do you wanna raise these dogs with me?”

“What?” Jimin asks, eyebrows flying up as he looks in confusion from Taehyung to the box. Inside it are two small pitbull puppies looking up at him with wide eyes.

“I found this box by the roadside and it said ‘free,’” Taehyung explains, bowing down to pick up one of dogs.

"$1 for a grope, $5 for a smack. Businass."

WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.

(taehyung is an engineering major who may or may not be in possession of a working time machine. jimin answers his newspaper ad.)

Jungkook’s phone gets confiscated on the fifth day of the month by his ex-roommate’s best friend, Jung Hoseok.

“I should have killed you when I had the chance.” Jungkook finally snaps, glaring at Hoseok as he gets up from the floor, tosses the cards to the ground, takes a slice of pizza and plants himself in front of the TV screen as he ignores everyone for the rest of the night.

Taehyung hasn’t worked a murder case since the accident six months ago that left him without a partner and instead with nightmare-inducing memories that feel like thorns buried deep in his brain. Six months ago, he swore he’d never work another murder case again. Unfortunately, life had other plans for him. Specifically, a serial killer that leaves behind more bodies than he does evidence, and a detective in desperate need of help.

Taehyung tries The Grapefruit Technique on Jimin. It does not end well.

or the time Jimin has to go to the E.R. after sexy time.

Later, when Taehyung is back in his room he looks through his book shelf until he finds the little encyclopedia about the universe his father got him and he looks up the moon.

It says the moon orbits around the earth and if TaeTae is the moon, then Jiminie must be his world.

in which Taehyung and Jimin grow up together.

Jimin is stuck outside his room because he forgot where he had placed his keys, and his roommate is nowhere in sight.

two-fold intoxication

obliging nearness

as necessity

Taehyung meets Jimin and doesn't quite understand him.

Jimin used to hate the moon, but now he loves it.

Taehyung likes to touch and Jimin likes to be touched. It's a match made in heaven.

Taehyung has blood smeared on his lips.

Jimin wants to lick it off.

(Or where Jimin sleeps with men for money and Taehyung has a few bodies in his trunk.)

Jimin is babysitting a full grown (cute) man adult person, he doesn't know how to take care of animals, and chicken feathers were now everywhere. Also, Jeongguk is an annoying knat in the thing Jimin calls 'life'

Namjoon doesn't move, standing frozen in between the two most insane criminals of his generation as one of them steps closer, a coy smile on his face. "You should've checked a lot of things, warden," he says softly. "But it's too late for that now."

"Now, Youngsun, why don't you tell us what you think," Jimin said, moving to settle back down into the armchair.

"I haven't done anything, though! I'm- I'm just the CEO of a developmental company," Yongsun stammered nervously. "All I do is clear land and bring in contractors to build houses."

Jimin snorted at the same time Taehyung sing-songed, "Guilty as charged!"

Jimin stumbles upon Taehyung’s old photo albums and realises that pictures aren’t the only things that speak a thousand words.

(or: Jimin reminisces about why he loves Taehyung for the past 6 years they’ve been together.)

in which taehyung adopts a cat and jimin wonders if he’s been in love with his best friend the entire time.

Jimin's running away from something, and Taehyung might just need to start running.

It boils down to this: Hoseok and Yoongi want to watch their boyfriends have sex.

Taehyung hasn’t worked a murder case since the accident six months ago that left him without a partner and instead with nightmare-inducing memories that feel like thorns buried deep in his brain. Six months ago, he swore he’d never work another murder case again.

Unfortunately, life had other plans for him. Specifically, a serial killer that leaves behind more bodies than he does evidence, and a detective in desperate need of help.

taehyung falls in love every day but this time, he insists, it is real. but all of his friends are vehemently against the object of his latest affection.

"can you give me one?"

"a reason?" yoongi hums shortly. "you're sensitive. you fall for anyone in a matter of seconds. and he throws people away like used tampons. there's three."

Taehyung pines and then dines.

Taehyung doesn't lie to Jimin when he tells him he loves him every day.

Taehyung either hits the jackpot, or the guy is just really nice.

Jimin couldn’t believe he was fidgeting in this lobby for an appointment with a cuddle therapist.

taehyung and jimin have always been magical, in every sense of the word.

Soulmates AU. Once you meet your soulmate, whenever you write something on your skin (with pen/marker/paint/whatever), it will show up on your soulmate's skin as well.

Jimin see the letters written on his right arm, but didn't write them. That means he had already met his soulmate, but he can't remember. So now Jimin has to find him.


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There are reasons Taehyung doesn’t drink.

Taehyung just wants to stare at his crush in peace and then escape to his class up on the fourth floor. Jimin has another idea in mind.

Jimin and Taehyung have something they want to tell the rest of Bangtan.

Kim Taehyung didn't mean to start another office romance, especially when the other one turned out so amazing (Insert sarcastic overtone) however, when he sees the new assistant by the name of Park Jimin, he just knew he was was goner.

The truth is, Kim Taehyung, that you don't know how much I love you.

"You know that thing that people do in movies, where they’re trying to get over someone so they completely cut them out of their life, and it’s really sad and they cry a lot and then it’s fine? I’m in the process of that.”

“Have you ever –” Jimin says, and then stops. He lifts his elbow a little and peeks sideways at Taehyung, before he drops his arm over his eyes again.

It isn’t as though Jimin’s never thought about kissing Taehyung before.

Taehyung is charming. He’s been told that he’s charming since he was old enough to talk, and while charm in and of itself is kind of worthless, he’s also sincere, and that’s gotten Taehyung pretty far in life.

It’s a little harder to charm the person holding you hostage, but Taehyung doesn’t have anything better to do.

Taehyung knows it’s going to be a good day when he hears that a dog is walking himself up and down the train so he can be petted by passengers. Honestly, he has never heard of anything that magical so when the tiny Pomeranian walks up to him, Taehyung honest to God almost starts crying.

Taehyung reaches forward and grabs Jimin’s hand, holding it in his larger one and Jimin tells himself that it only sends down a shiver down his spine because the vampire’s skin is so cold.

“fake boyfriend, jiminnie. fake is the key word here.”

In Taehyung's defense, maybe Jimin shouldn't have tried to kick him in the back of the knee so viciously. Maybe then they wouldn't be watching Jimin's fuckboy Adidas flip flop sail through the air off the bridge and down into the river below.

Yoongi and Jimin make a bet, Taehyung makes bad decisions.

“Do you have some kinda Japan switch or something? Every time we’re here, your balls just swell like crazy.”

The first time Jimin sleeps over at Taehyung's, it's an emergency. The other times after? That's a different story.

“be quiet,” taehyung says, and jimin shuts up so quickly that he almost gets whiplash, swallowing at the sudden anger set in taehyung’s shoulders. “be quiet, just. just don’t say anything for a second.”

Taehyung tries to flirt with the Taco Bell cashier Park Jimin. But it doesn't go quite as he expected.

He spots the first sign Tae talked about the second he enters the building. Right there and In Your Face is a large, bright red poster covered in glitter reading JOIN THE ASTRONOMY CLUB in big letters, and IT’LL BE OUT OF THIS WORLD emphasized right below it. Jimin smiles and shakes his head, veering down the hallway to his right.

There’s a bunch more signs with arrows and more space puns along the way, and Jimin rolls his eyes at the thought of Taehyung staying up till 3am to write ‘what songs do planets like to sing? Nep-tunes!’ in purple glitter glue.

Kim Taehyung likes to fight as if death were a myth, Park Jimin thinks the stress might give him ulcers, and nobody really knows what BTS even stands for.

“Come with me to the river,” Taehyung says.

“I’m tired from practice,” Jimin hedges, twisting his fingers in the strap of his duffel bag, even though they both know Jimin is going to relent eventually. With Taehyung and Jimin, it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

"Do you know how the world was created?" Taehyung asks with bright eyes, looking over at his best friend, Jimin. They're at the playground, sitting in the sandbox. Jimin is petting his castle carefully, looking at it with concentrated eyes. "No," he says, looking up at Taehyung and squinting. "How was the world created?"

Gravity is always trying to bring Jimin down, but it's Taehyung's job to make sure he always gets back up.

The Vmin fic where tae is a dragon and Jimin is a prince and Jimin hates Tae he truly does but the taller male gets to him in ways that are far from hate. Jimin's family sacrificed him to the dragons as the royal family does every 100 years, but this prince isn't like the others and neither is this dragon. Basically Jimin playing extra hard to get tsundere tiny cute Prince and Taehyung a teasing dragon who likes to see a flustered Jimin.

and then when taehyung woke up the next morning, with jimin lying peacefully beside him, cold and lifeless with white and blue petals between his teeth, he screams.

the flowers had eventually clogged up his chest.

The stripper!Jimin x richkid!Taehyung AU that no one asked for

I’m so, so sorry.

The Island is everything Taehyung hates, the only exception, his personal slice of heaven in the form of Jimin.

“Do you remember when I asked you to be my boyfriend?” Jimin asks, a few tears slipping from his eyes at the memory, phone clutched so hard in his hand it's hurting his fingers. “An-and you said that you couldn't possibly do that? Because of the band?”

Taehyung makes a sort of wounded noise, beginning to talk over him. “Jiminie whatever you're thinking please-”

Jimin laughs, hysterical and high pitched as he turns himself over into the fetal position, hardly able to stop himself from vomitting. “It was because you didn't like me, wasn't it?”

jeongguk has only ever known jimin without taehyung.

Falling in love with the Prince of Karugae was the worst mistake Taehyung has ever made in his entire life.

taehyung falls in love every day but this time, he insists, it is real. but all of his friends are vehemently against the object of his latest affection.

"can you give me one?"

"a reason?" yoongi hums shortly. "you're sensitive. you fall for anyone in a matter of seconds. and he throws people away like used tampons. there's three."

or three years after being broken up, jimin and taehyung see each other for the first time and taehyung realizes he still hasn't let it go.

Taehyung thinks 'bf' means best friends. Jimin thought it meant boyfriends.

“be quiet,” taehyung says, and jimin shuts up so quickly that he almost gets whiplash, swallowing at the sudden anger set in taehyung’s shoulders. “be quiet, just. just don’t say anything for a second.”

Jimin was warm, he was soft, he was home.

If this was any other morning, if Taehyung didn’t have to go to practice, then he would have woken his boyfriend with gentle kisses to his cheeks, maybe a few against his cute nose and then, when Jimin had opened his eyes (and probably batted his hand against Taehyung’s chest whilst giving him a look of what Taehyung could only describe as fond exasperation (no matter how much he tried to deny it, Taehyung knew Jimin loved being woken up with kisses)) Taehyung would kiss him properly, pressing Jimin back against the covers until he was sighing softly into Taehyung’s mouth.

Jimin and Taehyung somehow find themselves getting sucked into a shared dream where they end up playing the roles of characters in stories (and they realise a couple of things about themselves along the way).

Taehyung enjoys climbing into bed with Jimin

The plan goes like this: kiss, kiss, fall in love. Taehyung pretty much fails step one every single time.

Everything is Jimin, or rather Jimin is everything.

“I’m not afraid of people shooting me or pointing a gun at me. Just… it’s just that… thinking about how my pretense life and actual life clashing together in the most absurd way, that’s… that’s what’s shaking me up a little right now.”

When Taehyung finally musters up the courage to slip a confession note into Jungkook's locker but fails miserably and ends up putting it in Jimin's locker instead.

The four times that Jimin and Taehyung said they were platonic and the one time they realize they've probably been dating all along.

It was supposed to be a medical miracle when Jimin woke up from his coma. So why does it feel like a curse? Why is he forgetting things? Why is he forgetting who his boyfriend is?

Jimin doesn't want to forget but it's too hard to remember.

"Just so we're clear, it wasn't my idea to get locked in a closet with you, also I'm claustrophobic, excuse me while I panic."

Or, Jimin doesn't have friends and Taehyung didn't know he had fangirls.

Taehyung is mad at Jimin because Jimin is naturally an angel but he's not.

Or, the meet-the-parents au that no one ever asked for.

Jimin pretends not to be home when his brother has his friends over. Taehyung notices.

Jimin gets a second chance to relive his last day and tries to fix his marriage by making his husband fall in love with him again.

Imagine Person A having nagging in-laws regarding the relationship, only they’re not nagging Person B, they’re nagging Person A to treat Person B right and not let them go because “they’re a keeper.”

Or the one where Taehyung can always count on Jimin to ensure that he doesn't feel left behind and Jimin's only too happy to oblige: a self-indulgent take on Taehyung and Jimin's facetiming adventures during the ISAC.

“You’ve literally been in the same university together for three years and you have like, two classes together this semester, I’m pretty sure he knows you,” Jungkook murmured, a poor attempt at pacifying Taehyung’s current state of despair. “Besides, you’re like, always staring these flaming holes into his face and being weird, I’m pretty sure he couldn’t ignore you even if he wanted to, hyung.”

Taehyung grabbed at the emptied plastic water bottle sitting on his nightstand and threw it at Jungkook, missing by a good five feet, watching as the bottle fell to the floor, rolling until it hit the foot of Jungkook’s bed. “I do not stare flaming holes into his face, I–” He paused, biting his lip, before huffing softly. “I simply admire him, that’s all. From a distance.”

Taehyung and Jimin spend their mornings dreaming up a future with glass houses and four children and a kitchen that's painted egg-yolk-yellow.

taehyung loves it when jimin wears shorts and everyone else tries to pretend they don't notice it

Or the one where Taehyung and Jimin have a date night every Friday and Jimin can't ever say no to Taehyung.

“What did you say?”

Jimin swallowed hard, peeking through short fingers at the youngster above him, taking too long to answer but answering nonetheless, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

“No, before that,” Taehyung urged, and Jimin thought (hoped) he saw a flicker of anticipation in those wide, brown eyes.

“Uh, ‘oh’?” Jimin offered dumbly, mentally smacking himself because of course that’s not what Taehyung was talking about.

Taehyung has a bad habit of wearing his heart on his sleeve.

“Do you seriously believe that after three years of quite frankly repulsive, vomit-inducing definitely-more-than-just-bros affection, Jimin would reject the idea of the two of you wearing couple rings?”

“It’s less the couple ring aspect that I'm short circuiting on okay? More the fucking Neruda quote halved and engraved on the inside of said couple rings, which by the way cost extra."

In which Taehyung is a dork but Jimin digs it anyways.

Taehyung is a blast from the past.

a little gay's place to gently place their flower-like stories about other not-so-little gays into the fast growing flowerbed of other stories of said not-so-little gays.

jimin knows the rich kids like you know that one rude employee at the store.

a.k.a. “You kissed me on the playground the day before you moved away in the 4th grade and now your dorm is right across the hall from mine” AU

Hey, wanna watch porn on my 52 inch mirror?

Jimin was a clumsy bastard, Taehyung thought, he always had been. Yet when he arrived at Taehyung’s doorstep, blood stained t-shirt and puffy lips, Taehyung did not think he’d be nursing more than just Jimin’s lips.

Today is clementine. A tangy button up that fits just a bit loose on Taehyung’s frame as he strolls into the room and takes his seat. Today is clementine, which, Jimin recognizes with curiosity, marks yet another day in which Kim Taehyung has donned some orange article of clothing everyday since the first time Jimin noticed the trend.

Or: Jimin sneaks into his college's pool cause he can't survive without water.

Taehyung finds himself dueting with his hotel room neighbour in Disney's Contemporary Resort. Could it be? Has Taehyung finally, finally found true love, just like in the sacred Disney films?

Jimin is too curious for his own good.

an online shopping au in which taehyung is hooked onto Carousell (an online shopping platform) and jimin is his buyer

literally just words on vmin amusement park date

in which jimin gets a random blowjob from taehyung while he listens to wet the bed

Jimin wants to help Taehyung forget unfavorable comments while Taehyung just wants Jimin's legs to stop being so tempting.

jimin knew they’d be together forever, and there’s nobody else he’d rather spend forever with.

taehyung's kisses tasted like strawberries and jimin can't imagine ever wanting to kiss anyone else.

Jimin's chest hits the freshly closed door with a dull thud and one of the hands gripping his shirt moves up to fist into his bangs and tug his head back roughly, drawing a low groan out of him. Jimin allows himself a throaty chuckle when Taehyung's grip tightens, tongue running along his top lip expectantly. Taehyung is leaning in close now, breath ghosting along the nape of Jimin's neck before he bites down hard on the juncture between the boy's shoulder and his neck. Jimin gives a fluttery sigh and grinds his hips back earning him a low growl of warning and a tightened grip on his hair.

He loves it.

Jimin and Taehyung use kissing as a diversion tactic. Taehyung has a mini-crisis.

So apparently, he had the hots for Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. His bandmate and best friend. His better half. That guy.

Jimin loves the silence, but he doesn't really mind the sloppy pianist with the voice of angels.

Taehyung and Jimin are both kind of thirsty, and both kind of blockheads. It works out.

Let’s keep going for the rest of our lives, my friend.

Park Jimin is an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift who just wants to live peacefully. Fate has different plans for him when it throws Taehyung into his life.

Taehyung doesn’t believe in ghosts. He believes very much, however, in profiting off of those who do. Hauntings, seances, contacting dead relatives, he does it all.

But there’s just one thing: none of it was supposed to be real.

It's easy to be afraid of the rumors. They say there's a monster in that house up on the hill just past the forest, a demon, a spawn of hell that preys on the innocent. They say he's disguised as an angel to lure unsuspecting souls into his clutches, that no one who has ever set foot past the wrought iron gates at the top of the hill has ever come back alive.

It's easy to be afraid, but when the demon they speak of has the same face as Taehyung's long-since dead best friend, suddenly he's not so sure.

Taehyung hasn’t worked a murder case since the accident six months ago that left him without a partner and instead with nightmare-inducing memories that feel like thorns buried deep in his brain. Six months ago, he swore he’d never work another murder case again.

Unfortunately, life had other plans for him.

Specifically, a serial killer that leaves behind more bodies than he does evidence, and a detective in desperate need of help.

Three times Taehyung hears that Jimin has a crush on him, and one time he actually listens.

Jimin should’ve known that mixing alcohol with his feelings was never a good idea. Because he sure as hell didn’t need to accidentally call a guy (whose voice was incredibly hot) offering sex to him. Over the phone.

Jimin's having a hard fucking time and wants to hope for the best. He tries.

“I can’t believe I came when you said ‘time to nut’.”

Jimin shifts on Taehyung’s lap, a loud laugh rippling out of his chest. “Same.”

Jimin isn't really down with the whole "party scene". Why does he always let Hobi drag him out to dumb frat parties anyway?

That's what he used to say, before he bumped into the most beautiful boy he's ever laid eyes on and got far too attached, far too quickly.

Of course with Jimin's luck, that boy, Taehyung, is a complete fuckboy.

Jimin finds a frightened catboy in the streets and decides to take him home for now

His bed is lazily made, but the sheets look clean and for a second Taehyung feels a bit guilty since Jimin isn't a fan of him being in his bed, especially when the sheets have recently been changed. The guilt goes away pretty quickly though, when he realises that clean sheets also mean less of Jimin's smell and he feels disappointment instead.

or: the one where Taehyung really likes Jimin's smell and sleeping in his bed.

Jimin woke up, disoriented, in an alley. He was scared, confused, and worried.

And yet.

It may be the best thing that's ever happened to him.

jimin gets told off for sleeping with those who he's supposed to be killing. but it isn't going to stop him. especially not when faces show themselves again and only want more.

in which taehyung needs someone to bite, and jimin silently volunteers himself.

a story of flower boy jimin and taehyung who had a crush on jimin since day one

“If someone you loved died and you were given the chance to try again, would you?”

Jeongguk manages to crack a smile. “I would. Try again, that is.”

“What if you had to try a thousand times? What if you weren’t sure they’d ever survive and you were stuck reliving the same process a thousand times through a thousand lifetimes?”

“I don’t know if I could do that. It sounds miserable.”

“I would.” Jimin feels a fire burning in his lungs. “I would do it a million times in a million lifetimes if it’s for him. Even if he never survives—I would do it.”

Taehyung's got skin that glows gold and bronze and Jimin thinks it's unfair for him to be showing it off like that when he can't get his mouth on it.

the kims and the parks are rival familial gangs. taehyung and jimin are caught right in the middle.

The time Taehyung and Jimin finds a blue rock and it turns out to be so much more.

Taehyung has a temporary memory loss after surgery and he falls in love with Jimin at first sight all over again.

Falling in love and growing wings. The two correlate.

Park Jimin experiences both for the first time at nine years old, and it's far from the last time.

Jimin told himself he would never get involved with a client, but then Kim Taehyung - that pretentious asshole - walked into his life and everything went to hell.

Costume changes were Jimin's least favourite part of their concerts.

The Mallow’s Curse causes insatiable lust and attraction if two or more people are affected. Park Jimin finds himself involved in quite a mortifying situation with the most incompetent witch he’s ever known, Kim Taehyung. (Magic AU)

“We’re just getting started, you know that right?”

There are things that bring people together, like fate, but this isn't that sort of arrangement.

It's a matter of politics.

Taehyung doesn't believe, but Jimin helps him understand

in which Taehyung and Jimin navigate through married life together, realising belatedly that it’s not always smooth sailing.

or, the one where Taehyung has feelings and somehow makes it work.

taehyung's claim on jimin was obvious to everyone around them, jimin just wanted to hold the same thing over taehyung

Taehyung gets a puppy and takes it to the vet.

For the third time this week.

Taehyung didn't care who he hooked up with tonight until an angel walked in wearing a matching costume to his. Clearly the universe had grand plans for his dick.

the college!au no one asked for with artist!taehyung and bff!jikook

Taehyung have wanted these cute panties on Jimin since a while and who Jimin is to say no.

Death did not do them part. It never did, never would, never could.

In other words, Taehyung and Jimin always fell back into one another’s graces, no matter which part of the space/time continuum they reset into.

Taehyung and Jimin love each other in all the wrong ways. But it's nothing - they promise.

"I'm extremely impressed with your sense of self-preservation," Jimin says, weary. He shrugs and quietly adds: "Or the lack thereof."

Life crushing on your best friend is never easy. It's even worse when said best is a trickster by nature, and has made the grand decision that the two of you should fake-date for a laugh.

Jimin realises that he never did make things easy for himself.

Jimin knew he was in deep shit. He fell in love with his bestfriend.

request from anon: “I’m kind of glad that you think of me when you’re drunk.”; Vmin

Jimin likes games, Taehyung likes to play.

Tumblr drabble prompt from anon: "Damn. You clean up good."; Vmin

Taehyung should really consider wearing sweats that would completely cover the length of his long legs instead of those stupid pastel pink shorts he always roams around in, like his only intention was to see Jimin suffer.

Alternatively: Jimin's heart lives in his dick and he falls in love with his best friend’s new fuckbuddy.

Jimin has a hair pulling kink, and goes to get his hair cut one day because it’s getting too long, and Jungkook has started to laugh at the way it keeps falling into his face. Taehyung is the hairdresser that ends up cutting it, and he keeps pulling his hair by accident. Queue Jimin trying to hold back the moans, and getting really turned on.

Jimin is secure in his feelings for Taehyung until the members start questioning what exactly their relationship is. Jimin doesn't see what's so strange about the two of them and denies everything at first, but he also can't get it out of his head, he can't help but question what the look in Taehyung's eyes means, and why it seems so different now, even though technically nothing's changed about it at all.

Could it be that Jimin is the one changing?

Taehyung is hurting, and the only one who can help is a short, orange haired and warm blooded Jimin.

Jimin and Taehyung weren't close when they were first trainees. Not really even friends.

Jungkook is the newest darling of the Korean movie scene, Jimin is his hardworking but hapless agent, and Taehyung is a rising actor who thinks the solution is obviously for Jimin to just work for him.

Jimin and Taehyung are like the best buddies in the entire world….I mean…this is what the public thinks and sees. Two young, famous adults love story behind the cameras with lots of secrets.

Taehyung loved the stars, but what he loved more is their reflection in Jimin's eyes.

Jimin makes a memo for each lie that Taehyung tells, one for every day.

Jimin's and Taehyung's teacher doesnt believe in nowadays love. They prove her wrong.

After Jimin unknowingly teases Taehyung past his limit of patience, things get steamy in the studio.

  • if i wanted to i do

It's not a surprise to anyone that Taehyung and Jimin are getting married.

jimin accompanies his friend namjoon to a kinky bdsm club one night. there he meets v, a sexy tall omega, who's really into petplay.

Taehyung should really consider wearing sweats that would completely cover the length of his long legs instead of those stupid pastel pink shorts he always roams around in, like his only intention was to see Jimin suffer.

Taehyung has a problem and Jimin, the angel he is, helps him out. Taehyung doesn't know what to do with his feelings and things slightly spiral out of control.

Taehyung is annoyed by almost everything Jimin does and he has no idea why (spoiler: it's because he caught feelings).

Taehyung has a mystery to solve, a very cute mystery that goes by the name of Park Jimin.

Jimin is just living his normal boring college life until he gets an offer he can't refuse: tutoring a rich and seemingly dangerous guy Kim Taehyung, whose reputation should make Jimin want to stay far away. (He doesn't).

taehyung and jimin run big bang fan blogs on tumblr, messaging almost daily.

little do they know- they're actually roommates.

He insists he’s fine after it happens. Of course he does. The moment seems to stop, time slowing down, the normal rules of perception going out the window. Instead of seeing the practice room around him in its entirety, he sees it in individual colours and shapes he can’t seem to integrate into a cohesive image. He hears his name being called out – a quick sort of loud exclamation of ‘Jimin’ – but it’s almost like it takes him a while to actually process the sound as his name.

And then a dip in the bed. He can tell who it is just from the speed with which he collapses onto the mattress. And then, his voice.

Taehyung isn’t there. All he finds is a crumpled water bottle and a half-filled glass of water, stage makeup staining the rim.

Taehyung's had a bad day. Jimin tries to fix it with ice cream and bike rides.

But he keeps on moving. His brain runs and runs and runs over nothing useful. He wants to move but his body runs slower than his mind does and his head throbs under the weight of it all, a pulsing behind his eyeballs. He forces his way through the steps, approaching them all too fast and all too slow at once, missing some and jumping ahead to others. He thinks of eyeballs. He feels like his eyes are expanding. They’re golf balls and then they swell to tennis balls and eventually, it feels like he has basketballs for eyes. It feels like his body doesn’t fit himself, as if his brain is forcing its way out of his skull and his face sort of doesn’t feel like a face anymore.

“They’re going to find us,” Taehyung breathes heavily, clutching his knees to his chest. “And they’re going to kill us, or at least I don’t know… Chop my legs off. I don’t want them to do that. I like my legs.”

“Tae,” Jimin shoves him so he almost topples over into the grass. “Why would they chop of our legs? Don’t you think they’d keep those considering we have to dance?”

“I don’t know. Maybe that’s how companies get their money. They sell idols’ limbs on the internet on the sly.”

taehyung is trying his best

Jimin gets kicked out. Taehyung goes with him.

In which Jimin struggles with disordered eating and has to face the fact that this isn't normal, it's definitely a big deal, and he isn't in control.

Tae begins to notice the hate comments growing everytime Jimin does a v live stream. He decides to step in when Jimin can’t take it anymore.

The story so far as viewed by Jimin.

"Do you want to know my secret identity?" Taehyung growls in his batman voice.

Do you know why I keep going in circles?

Because the world is round.

And you are my world.

working long nights on street corners, getting turnt out was never an easy ordeal but with taehyung by his side, jimin was able to grit his teeth and bear it.

that is, of course, until one night when taehyung doesn't come back.

Taehyung considers himself a pretty lucky person — right up to the moment when his computer gets cranky and deletes his lab report. But at 2 am in a near deserted library, who's he supposed to call?

Jimin is Taehyung's blue in a world of yellows and greens and purples, a slice of the night sky to keep in his pocket.

Jimin gets lost in the middle of a Halloween Horror Nights maze at Universal Studios. Taehyung’s a scare actor who falls a little in love.

Park Jimin needs to learn how to leave things that don't belong to him where he found them. Kim Taehyung is just the guy to teach him a lesson.

To Taehyung, Jungkook is his younger brother and he will do anything to keep him safe - including being together with the mafia boss who fall in love with him at their first met. Will Taehyung fall in love with him too or escape from the mafia's grip safely ? What will Jungkook do to take Taehyung back, away from the evil boss, Jimin ?

Jimin only ever fallen in love twice: with big city and small town.

“Hyung, I literally don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he whined, button mashing against the boss they were fighting. “I want to be happy for her, she’s my baby sister, of course I want her to be happy. I just…Jimin--”

“Oh God, here we go…” Namjoon groaned, “I’m hanging up, bye.”

“Hyung-- His. Ass.” Namjoon left the skype call.

Just some make out session fluff hehe.

Taehyung was a child with a laugh reminiscent of bells, a personality emulant of the stars, adorned with features that betrayed a sense of childish innocence in their dream like quality. Floppy brown hair covered his forehead and his sun kissed skin positively glowed, his dark eyes filled with constellations that spoke volumes about things only he could understand. He often had a blank look on his face but it didn’t matter because Taehyung wasn’t slow, or distracted, or whatever else anyone said he was.

Taehyung was just a dreamer in a world where dreams were almost dead.

Taehyung has really big dreams, and a really big heart.

Jimin has a really big problem.

The two get along a little too well (just ask Jungkook.)

Jimin and Taehyung meet at a restaurant. Seokjin thinks it's fate.

this is only the first flight after all — interlude : wings

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