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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿

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✧・゚:* yoongi&jimin *:・゚✧

Jimin has nothing. His family is gone, he has no friends and to top it off he has to move across the country and start at a new school. He lives in a state of depression but when he goes to sleep, he enters another reality in his dreams where he is a part of a k-pop hip hop group called BTS. There, he is happy, he has his parents, he has friends and he is loved. He believes this world to be a dream, but what he doesn't know is that it is very real. The world in his head is as real as anything else. Jimin starts to slowly come out of his depressive state but every night when he goes to sleep he finds he is more happy than he has ever been in his life, with his new life and his new bandmates. Will he continue to go back and forth or will he have to choose one reality over the other?

On Saturday, Jimin joins a band. On Sunday, he falls in love…sike, he's been in love for two freaking years but hasn't made a move cuz he's a fucking nerd lord.

celebrity dad AU where Yoongi is a solo rapper/producer, Jimin is a star vocalist, and they live together with their adopted sons- 5 year old Taehyung and 3 year old Jungkook. AKA lots of flustered and cute Yoonmin as they juggle their relationship, fatherhood, and fame. Occasionally featuring secondary gay dad couple Namjin and their incorrigible 6 year old, Hoseok.

all yoongi wanted was for his five year old son jungkook to go out, get his damn candy, come back home and go to bed. but in the true spirit of halloween, the min/jeon family is sent a nice surprise in the form of park jimin.

Jimin’s daughter’s favorite place is the playground opposite Yoongi’s apartment.

be the breaker or do the breaking, there is no in between.

yoongi loves the rain.

jimin folds paper hearts

Jimin somehow found himself in a slave contract and hated Jungkook for being so smug about it.

Jimin tells Yoongi a little bed time story.

Yoongi is woefully single and Hoseok is crowned Worst Best Friend of the Century.

  • Last Night Distractions p]

Yoongi has been busy.

Jimin feels lonely.

Jimin decides to remedy this situation.

Jimin's roommate likes to have loud, obnoxious, raunchy sex.

So he camps out on the neighbor's couch.

Jimin accidentally sleeps with his boss, and Taehyung is absolutely no help at all.

The story begins when Park Jimin meets Min Yoongi in the most uncomfortable circumstances and Taehyung barges in holding a vibrating dildo.

Park Jimin thought he'd entered a cult but instead, finds himself seeing the beauty in true friendship, love, forgiveness, nature, poetry, ramen and Min Yoongi.

"I take pictures based on emotion. And trust me, I was feeling a whole lot of emotion seeing you do all those things."

"Feeling what emotion?"

"Mainly, secondhand embarrassment."

When Yoongi enrolled in BTS (aka Boys who Talk Shit) Boarding School, he wasn't really expecting to be the only 'straight' (to be read sarcastically) guy in a room of seven geniuses (aka children aged five to ten, honestly). Plus four pet spiders. Yes, plural.

Chaotic episodes in A Place of Love and War, where Yoongi learns all about True Love via Park Jimin, Music and Marriage. Sort of. Brain bleach and ear plugs are strongly recommended.

Jimin comes home and they have filthy sex yeah that's a better summary XD

Jimin has way too much fun with a watermelon popsicle and a very gay Yoongi.

Yoongi is a grumpy mall Santa. Jimin is the kid with a crush the size of a Hogwarts Christmas tree. So obviously he goes and sits in Santa's lap to tell him his wish.

Jimin always did have a habit of loving those who wouldn't love him back.

Jimin just wants to watch his Sims to make his gay heart happy. Is that too much to ask for?

Yoongi brings his camera along to the event without thinking much about it, but Jimin really is too cute to resist photographing.

Yoongi really hopes the new neighbour doesn’t hate them. It’s not exactly quiet, a household of two twenty-something year old males, but throwing a three year old girl into the equation makes for a whole different level of noise.

Or, basically, kidfic, where Yoongi and his daughter live with Namjoon, and Jimin moves next door.

"Namjoon promised to take good care of her and only message if there’s an emergency," Jimin says to Yoongi, "so you can stop checking your phone every five seconds."

Or, a ficlet sequel to Such a Fool, where Yoongi leaves Haeun at home to go on a date with Jimin.

Jimin's first heat comes as a surprise.

Min Yoongi hates anything that involves socialising. But that fact might change when a certain Park Jimin is hired to fix his roof.

Jimin fucked up, big time.

Park Jimin finds himself falling for Min Yoongi, a cute blonde boy with a gummy smile that makes Jimin's heart melt. But there's one problem, Yoongi can't hear, and Jimin doesn't know sign language.

"They were a strange couple, Jimin knew it. He knew that it was wrong on so many levels. On every level. He'd read the books, knew the laws; homosexuality was a sin and it always would be. But Jimin couldn't help it, couldn't deny his feelings for Yoongi."

There's something different about this new kid, and if Jimin really wants to befriend him, he's going to have to put in a lot more effort than he usually does.



“Wanna do an all-nighter?”

Jimin's usual Sunday mornings consist of lie ins and sleepy kisses shared with Yoongi. But this Sunday is a little different...

With each step closer, Yoongi’s stomach twisted some more.

This carriage had a lot more damage than his own. It was shattered. The ceiling had caved in slightly, and the back wall was crushed.

And within the damage laid a young man.

Yoongi clapped his hand to his mouth at the sight, nearly retched, and he had to look away quickly.

With a comeback only a few days away, everyone was working hard, going over dance moves, practising at the studio, the schedule was hetric.

It was only unfortunate that Yoongi had fallen sick at this time.

Yoongi was…. Different from other sugar babies. His friends often talked about their babies, how they were demanding and charming, they had a way to get what they wanted, they were very good in bed, and Yoongi was all of that but…. He wasn’t submissive like theirs.

Or, the sugardaddy!au where Yoongi is a brat.

jimin and yoongi are stretched out on opposite ends of the soft couch in yoongi’s suite lounge, the length of the couch just short enough that their legs overlap, jimin’s heels digging into yoongi’s shins. after a crap day at work, his campus job in the cafeteria where, today, he had to swipe meal cards for four hours straight, sitting on a too-small stool next to the door, jimin can’t sit still. he keeps fidgeting while he’s rambling, pushing his heels deeper into yoongi’s legs, or jerking his body back so his calves smack against yoongi’s feet.

apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter

Jimin wasn’t a prude, he just liked saving his firsts for everything for someone special. And, that special someone was Min Yoongi.

It has been Jimin's dream to meet BTS face to face when one day he managed to meet Suga at the cafe he was at.

A love story of a fan and an idol.

Yoongi loves artwork. But being the model is not something that sits well with him...

Jimin just wanted some quick cash...

But why is Yoongi doing at the home that's supposed to be empty?

Yoongi was looking forward to spending a wonderful vacation with his boyfriend, just to be dumped on the first day...

So did Jimin.

Where Yoongi is a detective trying to find his friend...

And where Jimin found him first.

Jimin has an asshole ex. Yoongi loves mixing drinks and Jungkook try his best to be a best friend. Fluff and fast relationship.

In which Yoongi has a crisis with his hair. Jimin came into his life and everything is messed up. Immense teasing from the three musketeers.

it's ass o'clock in the morning and min yoongi will fight whoever is keeping him up so late--that is until he meets the source behind all the noise.

Jimin must meet his son, Hajoon's, mom at a café once a month for visitation. The worker behind the counter happens to be very cute and flirtatious.

All Jimin wanted was to write a simple song for Yoongi to show how much he appreciated him. He didn't quite except it to turn out how it did.

Park Jimin's life long goal is to become a teacher at the Korean Wizarding Academy for the Dramatic Arts. Once he achieves said goal, he never expects to meet his childhood crush at his new job.

Jimin is a fanficiton author. He most renowned fanfiction happens to be based at his college. When he receives a comment from someone who goes to his school, he couldn't be more excited to possibly make new friends.

Min Yoongi is a single father who works full-time and goes to college full-time. Park Jimin is a full-time college student who leads a relatively simple life. Their paths cross and seem to never untangle from that moment on. Things aren't usually nice for Yoongi so he decides he is just going to enjoy it.

In a world where you control your soulmate's hair color, Park Jimin thinks it will be easy. He is creative enough to pick unusual colors. However, when his time is running out and he is getting sick and tired, quite literally, he thinks about giving up. That is until he sees the most beautiful shade of mint green and he knows, before checking with a color change, that it is him. His other half. His soulmate. (Part 1 of Colors of Life)

He has always felt alone. Despite having a good family, a best friend, and falling in love, Min Yoongi has felt alone his entire life. One day he meets an angel and he knows he will never be alone again. (Part 2 of Colors of Life)

Don't start texting Min Yoongi back, or he'll ruin your perfectly unhealthy sleep pattern.

Jimin is getting ready to sleep his summer away now that all his friends have left for college except for him. That is, though, until he meets Yoongi. A boy two years older than him from the city, who has been kicked out by his parents and is now living with his aunt.

Because of Yoongi Jimin learns more about himself in one summer than he has his entire life.

Yoongi really liked to touch Jimin, for no special reason.

Jimin rides Yoongi for the first time.

Jimin jumps into Yoongi's swimming pool at 3 in the morning.

Jimin was the sunshine the flowers needed. Yoongi was simply there to water them from time to time.

In which Park Jimin moves in next to Min Yoongi, proceeds to break his IKEA bed on the first night, and therefore ends up crashing on his new neighbor's couch. Also, not to forget, there's a hole in the wall between their bedrooms.

yoongi is the meanest tease but jimin's got no other choice.

Maybe Jimin's always idolized Yoongi to some extent.

So the Devil goes to church every Sunday, and so what if it's because of Park Jimin?

It's not love or hate at first sight.

(It's just Yoongi and Jimin.)

if he could have it any other way, yoongi thinks he’d like to meet jimin at an amusement park. at the same time, there is an infinite number of maybes in this world; of what could have been and should have been, if only it had been.

so it doesn’t work out like that.

(in this world, there's a girl, and an infinite number of reasons why park jimin isn't for him.)

He’s in the middle of washing the razor off when he registers the door knob turning.

Jimin’s hands jerk and his mind goes blank.

The razor is forgotten in the sink, and if it were any other time, perhaps Jimin would have laughed at how lousy a job he did. The tap is still dripping. His pant legs are rolled up; there’s nothing covering the scene of crime, but the reality of it is—

Jimin panics, and freezes.

this is how park jimin loses bts in one universe, and finds them in another where he was never an idol.

Yoongi looks the prettiest like this. (Part 1 of three words (everything you are))

Jimin looks the prettiest like that. (Part 2 of three words (everything you are))

Min Yoongi looks the prettiest when he's rapping. (Part 3 of three words (everything you are))

“Slow down, back up, take it from the top. I thought you were flirting with that really hot sophomore last night. Jimin, right? What happened to him?” Hoseok demanded, poking Yoongi’s head. “Where the hell did you find a married man?”

“Jimin was the married man,” Yoongi groaned.

(and in this city, it's plenty easy to disappear.)

Yoongi supposes it's fair consolation.

He was captured by the seraphim, sentenced to eternal damnation and doomed to rot forever in a cell in heaven, restrained within the very life of him by shackles and celestial seals that burn his skin and drain his demonic powers. But on the bright side, at least the prison warden is cute.

Jimin's angelic nature means he's all the more forbidden and all the more tempting, but it's going to take more than a few chains to stop Yoongi from seducing him.

Jimin’s not too sure when repaying the favour turned into a battle of pride, but he’s not about to back down now. Not when Yoongi’s saved him again, bursting into the abandoned warehouse with daredevilish fanfare.

Yoongi isn’t a weathered sailor bewitched by tales of the sea, nor is he a pious man resisting the temptation of a siren’s song. His interest in the sea stops at how he can get out of it, thank you very much, that shit is scary. Raised in the low valleys of Daegu, the closest he ever got to deep water was through ‘Laws of the Jungle’ on SBS every Friday night.

Why, then, is he the one who meets Park Jimin?

He's leaning over a pier in Busan when a wet hand shoots forward to cover his mouth. Yoongi’s struggling to scramble back, certain this boy who’s swimming around under the pier is going to pull him under and drown him and dissect his organs for the black market. Then, he notices the flash of silver under the water.

It shocks him enough to still, staring at the sleek fishtail growing from this boy’s torso.

It’s common knowledge that staying for one week at Yoongi’s hotel would pass your soul to purgatory. Though the hotel’s guests mostly consisted of the recently deceased, it wasn’t uncommon for the living to willingly decide to pass on.

Yoongi was born as a manifestation of Satan's wrath, bred in the fifth circle of hell and sustained on the inky waters of the River Styx, handpicked by the King of Hell to preside over the passage between the worlds of the living and the dead. He fought beside Lucifer in the Wars of the Underworld, weathered everything from the Ice Age to World War II, and now, he'll be playing maid to a college-age boy who's driven by hormones and banal pick-up lines.

Yoongi tells himself it has nothing to do with how attractive Jimin looks in the hotel bathrobe when he agrees. After all, it’s just for the sake of the hotel. Right?

But the cough reeked of pungent larkspur, drawing thorny tendrils over the skin of his chest, and in the midst of another night of self-flagellation in the studio, Jimin had dropped by with a warm coffee and a warmer smile and Yoongi had coughed, wheezed, and understood.

A brilliantly blue petal fell from his lips to the keyboard.

With Yoongi gone, and maybe never coming back, Jimin wasn't sure he had a point in living anymore. That was until a little boy with dark eyes and ice cold skin wandered into his life.

Jimin had a habit of climbing into Yoongi's bed when he was cold.

In which Jimin regrets walking in on Yoongi.

Yoongi always hated his 8am train to university. Until he met Jimin.

Yoongi worries for his sick puppy. Doctor Park is pretty cute, though.

Jimin's life consists of coffee and school. And more recently, a cat.

Just when Yoongi thinks he's abandoned the idol life for good, Jimin helps him back into it. AU where Yoongi used to be a celebrity, but Jimin's always been his fan.

Yoongi's a pilot-in-training, assigned to the Starship Ventra. Jimin's just an engineer, but Yoongi thinks he's far more than that.

Yoongi is Korea's most famous actor. He's kissed so many pretty girls that he doesn't know what love is supposed to feel like anymore.

And then he meets rookie actor Park Jimin.

Yoongi can feel it when their relationship dies.

keep watch, don't stray your eyes

Jimin's favorite part is getting Yoongi out of his Armani suits.

Fuck the feelings away, don't let them takeover. (Friends with Benefits AU)

Jimin is definitely not crushing on his best friend's other friend's best friend.

Yoongi wasn’t expecting to wake up under these circumstances; if anything, he didn’t expect to be woken up for another few hours considering it was his day off of work.

(But, it seems like Jimin had other things planned.)

Yoongi and Jimin are roommates, and one night Yoongi accidentally walks in on Jimin.

When Taehyung gives Jimin a present, it's a surprise that leaves Yoongi's head buzzing.

An angel should never cry as much as you have cried for me. Where Jimin can't find reasons to stay.

Jimin wants to play with Yoongi inside the recording studio, and they do just that.

Jimin swallows for the first time, Yoongi rewards him.

As the God of Nature, he had always loved the feeling of the fresh air through his hair, the warmth of the sun's light in his face and the smell of the beautiful flowers around him. When the dark God of the Underworld, Hades, decided to take all of those things away from him, kidnapping him without any explanation, he thought that he'd hate the God forever.

That's why he was so surprised when he discovered that said terrible God was actually a pretty nice guy. One that, maybe, he could learn to love with some time.

At first sight, Min Yoongi isn't the most open person, nor the nicest or most caring out there; quite the contrary, to be honest: he is grumpy, sarcastic and maybe too direct for his own good. Walking through Busan's empty streets had always felt like a curse to him, but he can't bring himself to hate the city as he is walking home with only the moon over his head, the fresh breeze from the sea on his cheeks and the warmth of a tiny hand holding his.

They’re pushed to the limit by the nightmares that haunt them. Yoongi has voices in his head, Hoseok can’t face reality and Jimin despises water. Taehyung tries to shake the demon sitting on his shoulder so he can piece Jungkook back together, and Namjoon can’t seem to saw off his connections to the underworld. Jin is desperately trying to keep them all together. But what if, through all his effort and generosity, something goes amiss? What if, by some small margin, a loved one falls through the cracks?

It’s a surreal experience to see your own eyes looking up at you as you lose your shit, and Yoongi feels like his life can only get saner from here.

Yoongi doesn't give a shit, he couldn't care less about anyone around him. But when the hot new English teacher steps in, Yoongi finds a new target to try to get into bed with.

All Jimin wanted was for Yoongi to relax on his birthday.

Jimin figures out one of Yoongi's kinks and is more than happy to explore it with him.

Yoongi's favourite time of the day was the morning.

By meeting Jimin, the whole course of Yoongi's future changed. It started with friendship, and ended with something more.

Life after college was never going to be easy, and neither was life as a trainee.

What Yoongi doesn’t say is this: "If only you knew, Park Jimin. Every song I write, and all the words I have to give, will always be yours."

(Or, Yoongi is a famous underground rapper from simple beginnings and Jimin is his hip-hop hating, exceedingly rich boyfriend).

Person A is a guardian angel sent to look after a human newborn for the rest of the human’s life. When they get there, however, they see that a fellow guardian angel, Person B, is already there. Apparently there was a clerical error and both Person A and Person B are assigned to this one human. Your OTP is stuck with each other, and they’re guarding over this baby together for now.

yoongi has never been good at talking, and words have always sounded so much more beautiful when he writes them, but no matter how he uses them, words can be hard when you have something important to say. aka yoongi is a writer and jimin is his boyfriend

Somewhere between fake basketball matches and even faker marriages, Park Jimin learns that camp is for fun, and summer is for butterflies.

Yoongi wonders what kind of messed up thing he'd had to do in a past life to deserve this.

(or: halloween fic! a stalker, axe-wielding murderer, lunatic, or something other, breaks into yoongi and jimin's place and it's just so convenient that the whole gang's over to live the nightmare with them.)

Yoongi makes an 'eh, he's alright' bad boy. Ask the student council president. He would know a thing or two.

Jimin doesn’t care if the guy who bombed his character did it by accident or not, he just knows he was so, so close to reaching level 100 and he is going to get his revenge.

Sometimes, language isn’t strong enough of a barrier for love.

(Where Yoongi meets the idol Park Jimin while on vacation in Japan, who then proceeds to talk to him in a language he doesn’t understand.)

His parents loved him. They loved him, and so they died for him, and Jimin wonders how it feels like to die for someone else.

Based on the prompt: You absolutely loathe horror films whereas I love them, can we please please please just watch one? I’ll hold you if you get scared!

Based on the prompt: You’re scared of haunted houses and Halloween attractions and I don’t even know you but your friends left you behind (what dicks) so I’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this, alright?

Based on the prompt: We share an apartment and you decide to go all-out decorating for Halloween while I’m at work. A notice would’ve been nice before I walked into a fake spider web and cried because I thought it was real, thanks a lot.

They're homeless, work multiple jobs, and only have each other, but Jimin is happy.

.... And the others just want to make him smile on his birthday.

When Yoongi moves into his grandmother's old house, the last thing he expects is to find that a human-sized fairy has adopted his new garden.

Yoongi just wants to go home so he can get out of the heat, but a certain Park Jimin has a different idea. And apparently Yoongi has no idea how to tell him 'no'.

"Jimin only wanted to disappear, to slip into nothingness and never be heard from again. Would anyone really miss him? "


The word makes him cringe, thinking back to all the mornings that followed sleepless nights. All the lazy days spent with Yoongi in his lap. There was no room for a word like ‘friend’ in the many that described Yoongi.

It's been two years... Jimin finally asks Yoongi to help with this scene.

“Our world is made up of a myriad of microcosms, of tiny worlds, each with its own habitues, every one known to the others.” ― Louis L'Amour, Education of a Wandering Man

Jimin shifted uncomfortably in the chair under the icy gaze but tried not to blush. It had finally come up that the great Min Suga was allowing for a one on one interview and Jimin had, by some miracle, claimed the spot as that lucky reporter. The one problem was, Yoongi hated reporters.

Min Yoongi didn't want to fall in love. It's not his fault Park Jimin walks in his life and flips his world upside down.

Yoongi makes an 'eh, he's alright' bad boy. Ask the student council president. He would know a thing or two.

Yoongi finds out he bruises just as easily as his soul mate does. Really.

You see, love has never been perfect. But it’s still love anyway.

Jimin. Has. Had it.

Straight up Christmas crackfic in which cranky CEO Yoongi inadvertently causes Santa Claus to fall off his roof on Christmas Eve, so naturally Yoongi has to take his place.

Jimin didn’t know much about the pale, skinny boy he saw at the park everyday. He knew nothing actually. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to be his friend.

"i put salt in your coffee when you were in the bathroom and you drank it all and that was hardcore want to go out sometime au"

Jimin doesn't know the difference between boiling and broiling and Yoongi kind of loves him.

"Three, and most annoyingly, Jimin was beautiful, and handsome, and he had the cutest smile Yoongi had ever seen. In short, Yoongi, in broad daylight, without a trace of fever in his blood, was freakishly attracted to the young alpha, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with that information."

I would be yours, Yoongi thinks before falling asleep. He dreams that night of a Jimin who not just smiles, but smiles for him, his fingers tangled within his own.

Age Play for BTSKinkBingo

somnophilia for kink bingo

Hoseok sighs, almost convinced. The way he stares back at the house makes you think there was a ghost inside, not an overexcited marshmallow with fluffy ears and a tail.

Yoongi is essentially a cat. (An overgrown, peach fuzzy cat with a talent for sucking cock, but a cat nonetheless.)

Yoongi squeezes his eyes shut, teeth biting into the fabric of his pillow tight enough that his jaw aches, but he's so determined to not make a noise, refuses to embarrass himself in front of his younger group mate. His body shakes with the power it takes to keep silent.

jimin mounts yoongi.

Namjoon has a crush on a stripper down at one of the nightclubs and hijacks guys night by forcing them to go with him. Yoongi is more interested in the strippers than he thought he'd be.

Part of their job, their duty as idols, was to be loveable. To project an image that was easy to admire, easy to fall in love with and devote countless hours or paychecks towards keeping a reality. There was a word for it in French - he remembered seeing it in one of Namjoon’s books for the brief week that he decided to study the language. Accroche-coeur. Someone who could easily capture the heart of their audience.

When it comes to Min Yoongi in the mornings, no one dares wake him up.

Except for Park Jimin, maybe.

The sex was mind blowing. Even better, it was simple, it was easy.

So far.

Five times Yoongi tattoos himself with small things he loves about his boyfriend, and one time Jimin does the same.

Or, Jimin wants to be more than just Yoongi's escort but he's doing a horrible job of telling him and Yoongi really hates Jeon Jungkook.

Their first kiss happens after a long practice session, and they are soaked with sweat, and their hair is sticking against their foreheads, and it's not exactly their first kiss.

be the breaker or do the breaking, there is no in between.

Yoongi made it big. Jimin always said he would, said the way he can mould words and music to craft worlds and stories is something way too special to be overlooked, even if it does take a while for them to reach the right ears. But Yoongi made it really, really big. Bigger than either of them ever expected. So big, Jimin hasn’t seen Yoongi in nearly a year.

It’s a twelve hour flight from Incheon Airport to LAX. A whole twelve hours of Yoongi having to sit still. Twelve hours of him having to entertain himself.

A re-telling of the classic piece of work on finding love while dealing with issues of individuality and status, dreams and obligations, and promises and betrayals.

The four times they said 'I love you' and the one time they said 'I love you, too.'

Everyday at 5PM, the same guy sits in the same chair at the same table. It’s become somewhat of a routine for Jimin now, glancing quickly at the clock at 4:49PM to make sure the guy’s table is cleaned.

yoongi sometimes thinks about jimin.

Yoongi can't help but stare.

Tattooed across Yoongi's skin was his story.

Yoongi feels in control when there's a spray can in his hand.

yoongi is a ghost and jimin is the boy who lives in the house he died in.

you can never see yourself as clearly as everyone else can

"...You don't work here," the receptionist squints, eyes flicking from her computer to the exasperated man in front of her.

"Duh," Yoongi rolls his eyes, sighing before holding up Seokjin's ID, "Min Yoongi. Kim Seokjin's...friend."

Taehyung's head peeks up, him being too short for the desk before he holds up his own makeshift ID - complete with different sized crayon squares and a stick figure for a self portrait, all drawn on paper - "And I'm Kim Taehyung! Kim Seokjinnie-hyung's cousin!"

Jimin shifted uncomfortably in the chair under the icy gaze but tried not to blush. It had finally come up that the great Min Suga was allowing for a one on one interview and Jimin had, by some miracle, claimed the spot as that lucky reporter. The one problem was, Yoongi hated reporters.

Yoongi gives Jimin a whole chocolate cake after the showcase.

Jimin didn’t know much about the pale, skinny boy he saw at the park everyday. He knew nothing actually. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to be his friend.

"it's like 3am and i'm exhausted and i can hear you raging next door about failing to put together an ikea bed so here i am helping you and holy shit you're cute"

"Just remember all the good the Purge does."

"Remember what I told you. You are mine now and I take care of my things."

Park Jimin is a pastry chef and Min Yoongi falls for his smile, his stories, and his raspberry cheesecake

1000 text messages, 55 photo attachments, 3 years. 0 responses.

yoongi kept looking at the sky and it wouldn't answer,

but maybe the sun was there all along.

“You didn't tell him, did you?”

Yoongi shakes his head, staring at the keyboard of his laptop, because for some reason looking at Namjoon is too difficult now.

“Yoongi,” Namjoon sighs and Yoongi hates how disappointed his voice sounds.

“Okay, listen,” he snaps, slipping into his defensive mode. “It’s really not that easy, you know? At first I didn’t see the point in telling him anything, and now I don’t know how to even bring it up. Because how do you do that, exactly? Hey man, we need to stop banging before I fall in love with you and move back to Korea. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?”

Yoongi just wanted to get his coffee and honestly, he's feeling so attacked right now.

"Jimin, they’re your soulmate. They’ll love you regardless. They’re not going to care about your Min Yoongi obsession. I promise.”

(AU in which the last of you turns eighteen and you switch bodies with your soulmate until you find them again)

Yoongi knew he would never love again. He had everything he needed in the intelligent little girl whose eyes sparkled - just like her mother's used to - when she told her daddy stories. Yoongi had his baby girl, how could he ask for more?

That is, until a sparkly college kid named Jimin crashes into his life.

And boy, do things change.

Soulmates. They're something vague and the only clues to them lie within your dreams.

Collection of one-shots/drabbles based on Because of You.

"you’re too upset to go from warm sleepy bundle to bracing the winter air and you always try and pull me back under for cuddles with you which is SO hard to resist but it’s for your own good I swear, you don’t wanna be late do you” au

Parties tend to involve surprising confessions – right?

everyone deserves a happy ending, right?


Jimin is Yoongi's full-time boyfriend, and Yoongi adores him and his beauty

Jimin makes a deal with the devil.

he's heartless

And HE is offering a heart.

when jin tells him about jimin, he imagines a tall, lanky, university stud who showers maximum twice a week. one can say yoongi has a poor sense of imagination.

it's been a long time coming.

Yoongi swore, he hadn't even been gone for ten minutes. "I'll be back soon," he said - and now he was stuck in the hallway. Yeah, because fuck the keycard to his room anyways.

Yoongi hates Christmas. Jimin just sells scarves.

The pet bird that you have overlooking your balcony shit talks me whenever I go out on my own balcony.

In which Jimin is majoring in veterinary and he's living in this relatively perfect place, but he has this one annoying neighbour.

jimin would like to think he is quite well versed in the area of expertise concerning butts

Jimin hates Yoongi and he can’t stop talking about it unless Yoongi is around.

Five Times That Yoongi And Jimin Aren't Alone

(+1 time they are)

Yoongi takes it upon himself to demonstrate how humans limit their palates.

Someone please help Park Jimin.

Yoongi likes to be in control.

Usually, Jimin gives it to him. But what Yoongi really likes—what he really wants—is this: Jimin leaning over him, Jimin telling him what to do, Jimin putting him through his paces, always with the token semblance of respect, always with that pointed, insolent, teasing hyung.

"Oh shit, sorry I got the wrong locker" When Jimin is sending love letters to his crush via locker but fails because it is Yoongi's locker.

You know those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? Like you want nothing more but to stay in bed all day?

Today was one of those days for Yoongi, but nothing could ever turn out how he wanted them to, now could they?

jimin is sad and taehyung and yoongi try and cheer him up

  • if you do me

'Imagine your OTP dry humping each other in IKEA.'

It's a 2 a.m. winter hellscape and Jimin's at the grocery store with a small, sleeping baby. There's a suspicious man in a hoodie and he's taken the last cart. What's a cold, tired dad to do?

Yoongi’s failure to control his magic didn’t bother him overmuch. As a child, he decided that if magical control was so difficult to learn, he’d just ignore it. Unfortunately, this leads to the life of a loner and an outcast, until one day, a smiling boy hunts him down with lunch for two and a single demand. "Let's be friends!"

Yoongi's life is about to come together. He's getting married with his mother watching tearfully from the audience. His best friend is beside him, knowing grin and a thumbs up. His partner's face is aglow.

Until those two little words have to kick down the door of his happiness and take a shit on the rug: "I object!"

in which taehyung appointed jeongguk to be his jeon watson in a grand mission: to crack yoongi-hyung's passcode.

Yoongi is very pretty, and Jimin loves him.

Yoongi knew he would never love again. He had everything he needed in the intelligent little girl whose eyes sparkled - just like her mother's used to - when she told her daddy stories. Yoongi had his baby girl, how could he ask for more?

That is, until a sparkly college kid named Jimin crashes into his life.

And boy, do things change.

Jimin accidentally on purpose collects a cat hybrid named Suga.

Jimin knew that life in the big city would be different, but dealing with super powered mishaps and one piece of bad luck after another was a bit much.

Lucky him that the vigilante Suga was watching his back.

Hoseok sighs, almost convinced. The way he stares back at the house makes you think there was a ghost inside, not an overexcited marshmallow with fluffy ears and a tail.

“Slow down, back up, take it from the top. I thought you were flirting with that really hot sophomore last night. Jimin, right? What happened to him?” Hoseok demanded, poking Yoongi’s head. “Where the hell did you find a married man?”

“Jimin was the married man,” Yoongi groaned.

Best man Yoongi needs to pick up the rings for his best friends' wedding. The problem? The clerk won't hand them over.

Enter lifesaver and fake-fiancé, Jimin.

The story in which Min Yoongi becomes world known psychopath Agust D.

On some really rough nights, when Jimin has all the flashbacks, he needs Yoongi to hold him just a little tighter.

Yoongi is a busy man, but luckily he has someone he can return to at home in the evenings. This special person is his house husband, the cute and little, Jimin.

even though jimin's home was the sea, yoongi had to make him his.

When Yoongi decided to partner up with Jimin, he was not expecting to have a maniacal man mess with his calculated schemes.

A peak into the dramatic lives of the wealthy Yoongi and his hybrid Jimin.

Yoongi and Jimin struggle confessing to Jeongguk about their affair, but Jeongguk beats them to it

Jimin knows he’s going to hate his soulmate from the moment he learns how to read and sees the words go feed yourself to the fucking sharks written on his wrist.

Yoongi goes into his rut and Jimin helps him through it for the first time. (aka they have gross, messy sex non-stop for a few days)

Yoongi has only ever looked out for himself, but when a horrific virus breaks out on his train to Daegu he finds out some things are more important.

Yoongi designs the world’s buildings, but the only home that ever mattered was made by Jimin.

"We meet at the beach and I find you with only your head poking out of the sand and about the drown by the incoming tide" AU

In which Yoongi is 100% done with life and about 26% sure of everything else, Hoseok is way too obsessed with his cat and may possibly have daddy issues, Namjoon is two seconds away from getting fly-kicked in the face, Jeongguk is just an Asshole with a capital A, and Jimin’s a little bit too cheerful for someone who’s about to drown.

Jimin takes the sun with him when he leaves Yoongi on a snowy Thursday morning.

"Like I said, monsters aren't real, Taehyung."

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