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just a bunch of bangtan fics sent from heaven for ships trash like me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ some triggering warnings may apply to some fics so make sure to check the tags before reading it ✿


✧・゚:* yoongi&hoseok *:・゚✧

It's the accent that caught Yoongi's attention, that rough Gwangju sound that raises goosebumps on his arms.

Yoongi could see the breaks on people's spine and Hoseok needs to be loved.

There is a List of Things one should always be aware of when Min Yoongi comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok does not get the memo.

you, moon, ask the world for its hand, but you court the sun under the shade of the night sky. the closer you get, the brighter you beam. showing, knowing. you foolish child.

yoongi will knock on the door of hoseok's shitty studio apartment at 1am with two thirds of a bottle of jack and half a pack of cigarettes, because hoseok is never asleep and yoongi doesn't like being alone. (Part 1 of Little Death)

Yoongi is content to drink, smoke and fuck his life away with Hoseok until Hoseok tells him that he has a girlfriend now and doesn't want to see him any more, leaving Yoongi floating like a ghost from bed to bed trying to find someone to hold onto. Because the thing about Hoseok is that even though Yoongi knew he was destroying him; even though he knew they could never be anything more to each other than a warm body, he never really wanted to let go. (Part 2 of Little Death)

January and February come cold and burring, but Yoongi only knows the de novo warmth of March.

i know i'm young, but if i had to choose him or the sun / i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun.

Hoseok and Yoongi are interns ready to go through hell, but then they meet each other.

Something about Yoongi has Hoseok feeling like he’s fine, like he’s going to be okay. It might be nostalgia. Or it might be that he just feels at home with Yoongi. Or, the one where Hoseok proposes in public and Yoongi blurts out, are you out of your fucking mind?

Jimin meets his soul mate and learns a valuable lesson about letting go.

It's not entirely Hoseok's fault that he's skipped four reincarnation cycles so if Yoongi would please, please, please just take him back already then that'd be fantastic, thanks.

Yoongi has always known forever wouldn't last that long. He just never thought it would be this short.

The scene he saw was enough to leave anyone breathless, and it was no different with him. The eldest was on his knees in front of him, the five fingers of one hand closed on the base of his cock, while half of it disappeared every second inside that mouth so excitingly warm. Watching Min Yoongi suck him was like watching a classic, a masterpiece, a scene that should be recorded, and certainly would be repeated in his head several times.

Let’s be together, forever, and lose ourselfs in this sea of grass.

they’re fine. they’ll always be fine.

Hoseok gave them a final wave before disappearing through the door to the cafe. Yoongi sank further into his chair and sighed. Just as he opened his mouth to speaker, Namjoon raised a hand.

Yoongi decides to sacrifice himself to test Hoseok’s sexuality. It’s nothing too terrible - Hoseok’s an attractive guy - and this is for the good of the group. Or science. Or something.

To say he is afraid of having a relationship is incorrect. He isn't afraid. Just weary, cautious.

Yoongi isn’t sure what forever means anymore. (for the prompt seven minutes in heaven)

He thinks Hoseok’s playing a joke at first…

“Hoseok, put me the fuck down.” Yoongi yells as Hoseok hoists him out of the water again, like he’s showing off a ribbon.

He wonders if they’ll ever be able to put down roots, a pilot and a flight attendant, ground themselves in the land they’d gotten so used to fleeing.

Hoseok panics and Yoongi waits.

Bit and pieces of Yoongi and Hoseok's married life ft kid Jungkook.

Yoongi is a wolf and Hoseok is a lamb trying to run away from home.

"You're mine now."

"I'll never love you." (Part 1 of To the moon and back)

They say one simple touch can scar a soul. (Part 2 of To the moon and back)

What they don't know can't hurt them. (Part 3 of To the moon and back)

Hoseok gets stuck in stage mode.

Yoongi takes him in carefully, eyes sweeping over him with close attention. Hoseok's stomach swoops a bit. Yoongi clears his throat before he asks lowly, "Is that what you want, Hoseok? To be quiet, for me? Do you think you can do that?"

"It's really important that you learn self-control, don't you think, Hoseok?" he asks innocently, and Hoseok bites his tongue hard. He's taunting him, and they both know it. Hoseok just nods, dizzy at the fact that Yoongi is really doing this, really pushing back. Punishing him.

Hoseok keeps slipping and Yoongi pushes further.

It all started, Hoseok was pretty sure, when he was in his last year of college - and his body had gone on strike after way too many years of abusing it through cram school and tests and all nighters to finish papers at the last minute. It all started when he'd had six hours of sleep over five days and fell into bed and stared at the ceiling. It all started, Hoseok was pretty damn sure, with The Guy.

In which Hoseok has insomnia, and Yoongi has a really really nice voice.

they're oceanic, the both of them.

or: the one where yoongi can't exactly ask hoseok out on a date and all their friends have to watch in painful and awkward silences as the both of them try to navigate the tricky waters of mutual affection.

Hoseok works at a bakery and Yoongi is 1/3 of the country's biggest band.

Or: the one where they fall in love at a bakery and Yoongi ends up writing a song about it.

Yoongi supposes that throwing up on someone isn't a very attractive way of making a first impression.

(Or: Yoongi is an uninspired producer and Hoseok, well, Hoseok is something between a dream and a miracle.)

Yoongi is in a gang and Hoseok is a nurse, they fall in love, or something like that.

(For the prompt: Gangster AU where Yoongi is a high ranking member of a mafia and Hoseok is his regular civilian boyfriend he's super protective over.)

Maybe Yoongi is actually really kind of fucking gone for his best friend.

(Also: Hoseok can't sit on a secret for very long because he's terrible at keeping secrets, which is only ironic because he loves Yoongi, too, and Yoongi hasn't figured it out yet.)

Yoongi thinks they should break up. Hoseok suggests they go for a drive instead.

Yoongi kisses Hoseok to shut him up and it definitely should be weird but funny enough, it's wonderful instead.

Yoongi is a tormented art major who paints either terror, despair, or ecstasy and Hoseok is a photography student who thinks the world stops whenever Yoongi laughs. They go on a second first-date and it’s not so bad given their history.

"oh, my, what large eyes you have."

"all the better to see you with, my dear."

or where yoongi and hoseok play more games

Coffee orders should really come with a word limit. Unless it gives Hoseok another reason to talk to Yoongi, of course. (Part 1 of friends before benefits)

hoseok and yoongi own one of the school's bathrooms.

yoongi and hoseok play games. this time there's a wager (Part 2 of friends before benefits)

they didn't mean to get caught. (Part 3 of friends before benefits)

Hoseok wins the roommate lottery.

The last thing you should do is get attached to your drug dealer, but when has Jung Hoseok ever done what he was supposed to do?

"Is it okay?" Hoseok's palms slide on the sheets as he falls forward. "It isn't too much, is it?"

"No," Yoongi says, rolling his hips experimentally. Hoseok can feel Yoongi clenching around him and then he can feel the way his body is now relaxing, opening up to the new sensations. It's a familiar pattern. Tense, release. Hold. Push deeper.

Hoseok licks his lips and closes his eyes and tries not to come.

"Hobi," Yoongi groans, tugging him closer, his hand twisted in Hoseok's hair. "Come on. Just let go. Please."

"I want to try something," Yoongi murmurs, almost to himself. Hoseok opens his eyes inquisitively, and then he gasps as Yoongi carefully places the ice-cold base of his water bottle on the flat plane of Hoseok's stomach.

There is a List of Things one should always be aware of when Min Yoongi comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok does not get the memo.

Semi-domestic/Single parent!AU. It's a bright Sunday today, and this time, it's not just because of the weather.

He keeps searching for the sincerity.

seventeen day pwp writing advent. will be updated daily.

you, moon, ask the world for its hand, but you court the sun under the shade of the night sky. the closer you get, the brighter you beam. showing, knowing. you foolish child.

The alcohol in his veins is beginning to sift the languor back into his bones. He allows himself to lean in closer, just for the leverage, and their shoulders meet easily, steadily.

Hoseok’s fingers fold gently around Yoongi’s other shoulder.

Yoongi's always liked taking risks, anyway.

Jung Hoseok helps out as a sales promoter at his aunt's gardening fair one day, but thanks to his smile, his talent for gardening puns and some mystery Viner, he turns from a helper at a gardening "One Day Super Sale" into a "One Day Super Star".

Meanwhile, Min Yoongi develops an unprecedented crush and finds out that maybe (just maybe), he doesn't hate the sun and bad puns as much as he thinks he does, after all.

It's been a month since Jung Hoseok has put up a job listing advert for Freelance Labour: All Odd Jobs Acceptable, and things have been fine and dandy so far.

Except one day, he receives a request that is, well, not quite like the rest.

(An AU in which Jung Hoseok is food- and cash-starved, and Min Yoongi...just wants someone to eat his birthday cake with him.)

yoongi said he'd stay once and ended up staying each time after.

Yoongi and Hoseok are apartment security officers. Their residents might be a little strange, but over time, they grow to love them (and each other) anyway.

Yoongi never wanted to be a superhero; he'd only ever wanted one thing.

When Namjoon suggests that a broke and desparate Yoongi enter a drag competition, Yoongi thought he'd hit rock bottom. That is, until he learns who his main competition will be.

Four times Hoseok proved to be the ideal boyfriend, and one time Yoongi attempted to be. (Or five Valentines Day Yoongi and Hoseok spent together).

hoseok massively crushing on asexual yoongi which somehow ends in a cute queerplatonic relationship full of cute kisses

hoseok is the drummer in a shitty band and yoongi likes him anyways

The fact was that their lives weren’t normal. None of it was. Normal was being able to think about your lover’s lips with warmth and heated recognition instead of just frustrated pangs.

Anxiety was a fickle, harsh thing, and it had hit Hoseok like a ton of bricks half a year ago. There wasn’t even a reason for it. That was the worst part. He couldn’t blame it on anything. It just existed.

He could see how he was only a small glimmer of the bright light he used to be. Trouble was, he had no idea how to turn that light back on.

a series of kisses — some good, some not so good. or: yoongi teaches hoseok how to kiss.

the "i wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there had to be two people to a cart (for balance reasons or whatever) so come on random person lets go oh wait are we stuck at the top? fuck" au (except not this at all BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED whatever)

Yoongi might never say it directly, but Hoseok knows exactly what he means.

the "you need a plus-one for your sister's wedding so i'm going as a favor but there's been a misunderstanding and now your whole family thinks we're dating" au

the "i've been in love with you since you first moved in and i finally built up the courage to knock on your door but when you answered you had just woken up and didn't have a shirt on so i ran away" au

hoseok wants something a little special for his birthday this year. (Part 1 of hbd hobi)

He hears strange snuffling noise close by and lifts his head to look beyond the boundary of books and notebooks and pens stacked to the very edge of his table to the person passed out at the table opposite. It takes him a moment to place the other man, all messy blond hair and pale skin, but as he shifts into a more comfortable position on the textbook he's using as a pillow, Hoseok recognizes him: Min Yoongi, an upperclassman from his music history class.

the one where hoseok lends his coat to yoongi because he looks cold, and then... kind of never gets his coat back. (Part 2 of hbd hobi)

the one where an (adorable) abandoned puppy almost ruins yoongi's romantic evening, but kind of makes it better.

the wind is cold and yoongi's boyfriend is a (sweet and noble, if somewhat misguided) idiot.

hoseok works at a small florist shop. yoongi works at a small tattoo and piercing parlour. somehow their paths cross and they fall in love. or something. (Part 1 of florist au)

stuff that didn't fit into like the dawn, for whatever reason. likely a series of drabbles with sporadic updates. (Part 2 of florist au)

i know i'm young, but if i had to choose [him] or the sun / i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun (a series of non-linear snapshot domestic au drabbles. gonna be heavy on fluff and porn. i'd apologize, but i'm not that sorry.)

turns out yoongi has a knack for baking and an eye for the cute guy with a pocketful of terrible baking puns. (or: is that a rolling pin in your pocket or are you happy to see me?) (Part 3 of kiss kiss fall in love)

it's only been a month, but yoongi's already well past the point of recovery.

hoseok needs to be put to bed sometimes.

Yoongi tells himself he has time, even though the last of his alarms has already gone off.

Hoseok stumbles into what is most definitely not his home in the middle of the night. HarryPotter!AU (Part 2 of the finest butterbeer)

"I made a horrible impression in the airport and thought I’d never have to see you again, but I just found out you’re in the seat next to me for the entire flight” AU. (Part 1 of Bangtan in New York City)

Yoongi’s just trying to date the possible love of his life, Jung Hoseok. But the package deal includes five asshole friends and a theoretically infinite number of disasters. (Part 2 of Bangtan in New York City)

AU where Min Yoongi is a model from Big Hit Agency and Jung Hoseok is a professional hair stylist. Yoongi hates bleaching his hair, and Hoseok massages Yoongi's head for longer than is probably necessary. Hoseok might be a little too gay to deal with a stunning male model.

College AU - Hoseok's roommate keeps drawing dicks on his face, and Yoongi is the only guy on the hall with makeup wipes and foundation. Hoseok is the cute lab partner that Yoongi has had a crush on all semester. Makeup doesn't usually feel this intimate, does it?

The three times Yoongi goes to dance club practice and the one time he doesn’t.

Yoongi & Hoseok have to take care of an awfully realistic baby doll for health class.

Yoongi lives across the street from the flower shop, and every day, he catches himself staring at the beautiful boy that works there, marveling at how he seems to make the flowers look brighter. Yoongi has lived on the second story of the building across the way since before the flower shop was there, always wanting the cute boy below to notice him. But he swears there used to be another kid that worked there...a girl…

Yoongi blankly stares at his left wrist. Another batch of parallel lines decorating his very pale complexion. Another batch of parallel lines over parallel scars. Another batch of parallel lines revealing how his soulmate is feeling as of the moment.


(soulmate au where whatever written/marks you have in your body your soulmate has it too) (Part 3 of soulmate auZZZ)

Relationships: where pretty words never mean as much as you think they do.

How a human Jung Hoseok taught cynical stray hybrids Min Yoongi and Park Jimin that having a place that felt like home, surrounded by love and care, was sometimes all a stray really needed.

"I've had an epiphany."

"And that is?"

"I'm in love with Jung Hoseok."

"That's your epiphany? I could've told you that."

Yoongi has the eyes and the ears, he must find his teeth (Little Red Riding Hood retelling) (Part 1 of Prince Of The Lilies)

Everything will be fine.

That’s what Hoseok thinks before he sees Yoongi.

Min Yoongi. Underdog. The fastest swimmer on the team. When seen wearing snapbacks it works better than church. In a healthy relationship with his cell phone and coffee. Introvert secretly energized by team dynamics.

Also naked. In the very, very open shower.

hoseok lives like he's a long row of dominoes locked in a room, either upright or fallen with no in between. yoongi is the only one whose hands are steady enough to arrange him, but hoseok is the only one who's worth it enough to be who he steadies them for.

There are six stages to Min Yoongi the sick birthday boy.

"we're gonna be fine." his stomach lurches and he feels sick, but his voice is casual. "you know that right?" (Part 3 of drabbles)

yoongi has a breakdown their senior year.

in which yoongi's ridiculousness is hilarious, until it isn't anymore.

yoongi is a good hyung. he takes good care of hoseok.

hoseok’s like the sun and god, yoongi needs some sunshades.

Yoongi doesn't particularly care for the well-being of the new trainee. It's just that he doesn't particularly care for prison, either, and leaving the kid to fend for himself would probably constitute criminally negligent homicide.

Hoseok/Yoongi on an airplane: "You fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple"

Everyone knows that you can't run from anything in the forest, especially not yourself. Jeong Hoseok is no exception.

The sequel to "mirror, mirror," wherein Hoseok and Yoongi go looking for the solution to Seokjin's problem. (Part 2 of once upon a time)

Four times Hoseok proved to be the ideal boyfriend, and one time Yoongi attempted to be. (Or five Valentines Day Yoongi and Hoseok spent together).

Yoongi looks to his left and has never more grateful to find Hoseok ready to take the pass and go for the save.

this is the nice and happy and pure version of my other ficlet collection (melancholy soul) (even though, like, at this point i hardly even pay attention to word count and if it actually fits in with the definition of a ficlet or a drabble or whatever sorry heck).

Hoseok runs an orphanage with his cousin Seokjin.

Kid!Maknae line ft. boyfriends Yoongi and Namjoon.

It wasn't like Yoongi didn't want to tell Hoseok about what he did to make money. He wanted to tell him, he did, but the last time he had come clean about his work to a partner they left him with a few tense words and a broken heart. Hoseok was different, Yoongi knew that, but he couldn't help his fear that Hoseok would end up leaving him just like the others. No. It would have to wait for another day.

Yoongi's dream has always been music and Hoseok's dream has always been Yoongi.

like fire, like brimstone

like blood, like lust

like love

Stupidity sends both Hoseok and Yoongi to the ER, which is where they meet.

or: the one where they're all paramedics trying - just trying really, really hard. that's it.

Hoseok's hot Tinder date may or may not actually just be high-key trying to promote some angry poetry reading at the campus pub.

Yoongi is a tormented art major who paints either terror, despair, or ecstasy and Hoseok is a photography student who thinks the world stops whenever Yoongi laughs. They go on a second first-date and it’s not so bad given their history.

Hoseok gets a bit drunk and responsibly sends a sexy nude to the wrong number he mistakens for as his ex's. It doesn't go as bad as he thought.

Yoongi literally hates Jimin. Jimin believes he's a corn puff. Hoseok is not as normal as one might suspect because he's actually a huge ass fanboy. Taehyung is probably a psycho. Jungkook is just plain confused. Seokjin is tired. And Namjoon is...well, no one really knows.

A collection of Yoonseok's moments as their begin and explore their developing relationship.

"honestly you really suck at this sport but don’t worry i’m going to give you private coaching lessons everyday after school"

Hoseok thinks Yoongi is just right.

Well said Jimin.

Love is said to be a strong emotion.

Namjoon convinced Yoongi to work at a summer camp, so here he is with a nosy roommate that stirs up trouble and a cute events coordinator that catches his eye.

Yoongi meets J-Hope.

They may be poor, but they're okay.

All day Hoseok dreams about his soul mate.

Yoongi has been busy with work and Hoseok is more than patient and lovely as usual.

Yoongi needs Hoseok in his life.

Where Hoseok has an annoying ex and Yoongi is a gentleman.

Hoseok has bad pickups, Yoongi has bad insides.

Yoongi doesn't think he's good enough and Hoseok is just as tired.

Hoseok doesn't have to be cool, cause Yoongi sure isn't.

Youngjae calls him dad for the first time.

Yoongi meets Hoseok's parents.

Yoongi realizes he loves Hoseok.

yoongi honestly just wanted some company. he just doesn't understand the implications of texting his boyfriend 'my parents are out of town, wanna come over?'

hoseok is happy to teach him.

Jung Hoseok is not a poet. But he thinks he can recognize poetry when he sees it writhing beneath him at 3 in the morning.

] in which yoongi's hands are the perfect size.

Hoseok gets invited to his high school reunion. Yoongi isn't half as bad as people think. And Namjoon is a little shit, but that's nothing new.

The looks from the public that he receives helps Yoongi remember just how incomplete he really is. But Hoseok isn't just some guy.

Because Hoseok is everything and so much more.

Yoongi's kid is probably a matchmaker.

Yoongi really likes sleep. Hoseok's smile is stupid.

"Just talk to me, hyung. I like your voice."

Hoseok does a live stream and Yoongi just can't keep his hands off of him.

Yoongi is pretty super, and Hoseok is his only weakness (literally).

Hoseok and Yoongi find a ring in Jin's pocket.

“Did you get it?” Yoongi questions seriously, standing with a hand on his hip and the other toying with the top button of his crisp white work shirt. “Did you get your relief, Sunshine?”

Yoongi was never one for dancing, especially not in public, but there’s something about that face that Hoseok makes that makes it damn near impossible for Yoongi to ever say no. Besides, they’re in Hawaii. Might as well live a little.

It wasn't like Yoongi didn't want to tell Hoseok about what he did to make money. He wanted to tell him, he did, but the last time he had come clean about his work to a partner they left him with a few tense words and a broken heart. Hoseok was different, Yoongi knew that, but he couldn't help his fear that Hoseok would end up leaving him just like the others.

No. It would have to wait for another day.

Yoongi's sleep schedule is Yoongi's own business.

Hoseok's business trip overlaps with Yoongi's birthday. Yoongi isn't as tough as he seems.

Yoongi's a bunny, after all, he can't help feeling vulnerable, especially around wild dog hybrids like Hoseok. He can't help the way he shakes a little when he talks to Hoseok and the way his voice makes his knees weak and the predatory glint in his eyes making Yoongi ache.

'Ouija board thinks we should fuck AU'

Having spent a good five years of his life hopping from one fandom to another, Hoseok would like to think that he is highly experienced at what he does. The thing is, Gloss is something of an exception.

To make a long story short, they argued. They argued for a long time, waking up Taehyung in the process, and to stop himself from strangling Hoseok with the dirty t-shirt he was waving in his face, Yoongi left the dorm with no coat, no phone and no money.

In which Hoseok can’t sleep and Yoongi can be thoughtful sometimes.

just some short drabbles based off of song titles to get me out of this writers block. the title is deceptively deep. each drabble is will be from a different AU probably. don't expect regular updates, just kind of as and when i write them. tags and warnings will be updated as the story is (though they'll probably all be yoonseok because i'm trash).

  • Let Me Hold You, Touch You, Feel You Always

Yoongi has been busy lately. Hoseok misses him. So he waits up all night for Yoongi to come home just to tell him that.

Rappers aren't cute, says Yoongi, and neither is Hoseok.

Yoongi's in love with his best friend and said best friend is in his lap as a dare. Which is fine, totally fine.

Min Yoongi owns this city, and he's never taken too kindly to death threats on his gang members.

Especially not death threats on Jeon Jungkook.

(a grand theft auto au.)

"You’re wearing one of those mistletoe headbands and I’m avoiding you like the plague"

It's a match made in...well, it's made somewhere alright.

Yoongi is on the brink of dropping everything when he takes up the offer of a new roommate who walks in with a smile that's too big and a laugh that's too loud.

(Or: how yoongi can paint in the sunset with the sight of hoseok's smile, and colour in the rest of the world with the sound of his laughter.)

two things currently run through jung hoseok's mind:

pd min is super cute.

pd min is also judging him, and he does not seem pleased.

aggressive on the outside, but soft on the inside.

yoongi has a fanboy crush one of the school's best dancer. unfortunately, he can't dance, is extremely shy, and is 49 kg of awkwardness, so he can do nothing but watch hoseok from afar.

yoongi and hoseok like each other very much.

behind masks of gorgeousness, hoseok and yoongi gorge themselves with blood and gore.

yoongi hates labels.

"Name one hero who was happy," Hoseok says.

“Yoongi,” Namjoon says, taking a bite out of his mushy broccoli, “It’s been two years. Isn’t it time you confess?”

In which Yoongi is a son of Selene, and Hoseok is the son of Dionysus that keeps him grounded.

When a crush and an overactive imagination combine.

Yoongi's sleep schedule is Yoongi's own business

Yoongi becomes a cat.

Namjoon's really dumb when it comes to Hoseok.

The thought of Hoseok getting married both elates and hurts Yoongi.

It turns out that Hoseok doesn't mind the bite marks as much as Yoongi thought he did

having your name written on the Wall is quite an achievement, especially because Yoongi’s name is surrounded by females names, and this is a guys bathroom.

the club is too noisy, too sweaty, too full of drunk people who aren't jung hoseok and his magnetic eyes. or: yoongi is a nervous alpha and hoseok is an omega who smells too good.

Yoongi chuckled against Hoseok’s neck. His mouth pulling away from the spot he had been feasting upon so that it could hover over Hoseok’s ear once again.

Where Hoseok has an annoying ex and Yoongi is a gentleman.

This year's summer song is Hoseok's favourite.

Hoseok just really wanted to know who was trying to kill his horses.

He didn't think the grampa next door, with the ducks, was the culprit.

It's Christmas morning in the Min household, and the kids can barely wait to open their gifts.

Yoongi wishes Hoseok could be there, filling up all those empty nooks and crannies that he had never noticed before, both in his apartment and in himself.

"If you can’t support this Yoongi-ah, then just think that I did cheat on you, I did go behind your back, I did do whatever the fuck you want to believe."

Hoseok refuses to admit he has a problem and Yoongi finds out.

‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ au

“Are you pitying me?” Hoseok sputters out, his face heating up with annoyance. “You don’t even know me!”

“I think I know people enough to know a lonely face when I see one.” Hook, line, and sinker. He watches a myriad of emotions flicker across Hoseok’s face as he scoffs. Yoongi moves closer to him. “I’m not pitying you, I promise. I’m just saying that maybe I’m a little lonely too.”

(or: yoongi moves into his uncle's home and meets an awfully cute witch in the woods.)

hoseok wasn't used to feeling this love towards anybody, since he grew up with buddies with hands of magic, and hips that rolled just right, and that's all they were. buddies. he got adjusted to a relationship like that, but when he spent his first year with yoongi he noticed something different. instead of just wanting to smoke and sleep with yoongi, he wanted to stay. he wanted to stay with yoongi and be able to see him when he woke up, and not just waking up at 4 AM to go home.

Hoseok sings in the church choir and Yoongi wants to suck his dick

Namjoon convinced Yoongi to work at a summer camp, so here he is with a nosy roommate that stirs up trouble and a cute events coordinator that catches his eye.

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