i tend to hoard genders a lot due to difficulty understanding myself (its da neurodivergency and dissociation), and for the fact im partially a dragon that desires at least something to collect


  • genderfluid
  • nonbinary

the collection:

  • gnc trans man
  • bigender (having two genders)
  • demigirl (partial and weak connection to girlhood)
  • catgender (connection to cats)
  • stargender (a gender that cannot be distinguished by label)
  • snakegender (a gender that keeps changing even after you think you've discovered it)
  • faunagender (a gender influenced by animals, in my case its highly influenced by kintypes)
  • canisgender (a gender related to dogs in any way)
  • amaregender (a gender that changes depending on who you're in love with)
  • pringender/princessgender/princegender (a gender that basically feels confident and grandiose, but cute and feminine)
  • dulcigender (a gender associated with cutesy aesthetics!!)
  • heartgender (a gender with a strong connection to lovecore)
  • icecreamgender (a gender with multiple layers like ice cream scoops!)
  • dragongender (the carrd explains it better than i can lol: https://dragongender-about.carrd.co/)
  • wyrmgender (connection to dragons)
  • nobifluid (fluid between nonbinary genders)
  • antheic
  • peachgender (a soft feminine gender)
  • schrodigender
  • avarumgender
  • cryptogender (a gender that cannot be described by words)
  • evaisgender (a fluid gender that is easily effected by things)
  • ludogender (a gender with a core that changes to mirror another's)
  • mutogender (a gender that changes depending on the situation)
  • ambonic (a gender that is both man, woman, but also neither)
  • fractigender (a gender with many identities w/ different intensities, yet coexist)


  • bisexual
  • nebularomantic (difficulty understanding platonic & romantic feelings bc of neurodivergence)
  • nblw & nblm
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