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kara lovelyz

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Du må ikke sitte trygt i ditt hjem og si: Det er sørgelig, stakkars dem! Du må ikke tåle så inderlig vel den urett som ikke rammer dig selv! Jeg roper med siste pust av min stemme: Du har ikke lov til å gå der og glemme!


You oughn't abide, sitting calm in your home Saying: Dismal it is, poor they are, and alone You cannot permit it! You dare not, at all. Accepting that outrage on all else may fall! I cry with the final gasps of my breath: You dare not repose, nor stand and forget!

jul 13 2016 ∞
oct 8 2018 +

what i've read in 2018 so far:

  • "enlightenment now" by steven pinker
  • "tung tids tale" by olaug nilssen
  • reread the maze runner series, realised it's actually really bad and got emotional and pissed
  • reread the hunger games series and was not disappoined
  • "hardboiled & harluck" by banana yoshimoto
  • "the girl who played go" by shan sa
  • "the name of the wind" by patrick rothfuss
  • "lost connections" by johann hari
  • "forrådt" by amalie skram
  • "strive for truth!" by Rabbi eliyahu e. dessler
jul 14 2016 ∞
oct 9 2018 +
  • cats (mandatory pick or else 5 yr old me would smash my head in w/ my "Cats: The Musical!" vhs tape
  • once on this island
  • les misérables
  • the colour purple
  • in the hights (lin manuel Miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!! Min MANN)
  • the book of mormon
  • heathers


det er flere som jeg ikke kan se fordi de ikke er filmet og im not rich enough to go on harrytur (booze cruise) to london NYC etc on the weekends (musical NEEERRRDDDDZZZZZZ :pppPPP can @ me)

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