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  • kim taehyung ♥♥♥♥
  • yoo seungho
  • ji changwook
  • ahn jaehyun whom i'd often dreamt about now i'm devastated
  • jang kiyong i've been drawn to the man in giordano posters i always pass by in malls and recently just realized it was him no wonder he looked familiar lol
  • seo inguk
  • choi taejoon
  • kim rowoon
  • kim kwansoo
  • min namgoong
  • model avengers (bias: lee soohyuk) lol

how did i end up with such a long list i don't even watch dramas that much ><


  • boom / udompanich krittapak
  • peak / panichtamrong peemapol
  • ohm / chittsawangdee pawat
  • gxxod / itthipat thanit
  • bass / suradet piniwat
  • tul / pakorn thanasrivanitchai
  • max / nattapol diloknawarit
  • poommie / dechathorn he's yet to have his big break, watch out for him ;)


  • hou minghao i didn't intend to discover you but here you are :(

british (in order of appearance [in my life])

  • thomas brodie-sangster longest i've had a crush on, since nanny mcphee (i was 8 when i watched it [oh i just realized wow])
  • asa butterfield
  • alex lawther
  • harry styles lol yes

the distinction & diversity of every name from each country are beautiful

may 5 2018 ∞
apr 21 2019 +