• ice cream my fave food 5ever; can eat this 25/8 especially if mint ♥♥♥
  • pearl milk tea (mint, earl gray (gong cha!), plain, wintermelon, thai) fave: jasmine w/ rock salt & cheese from happy lemon but my perfect milk tea would have to be mint + jasmine milk tea w/ rock salt & cheese with pearls
  • fruit pies (oh the crust)
  • cream cakes w/ fruits (berries pls)
  • mango float
  • ripe + raw mango shake
  • brazo de mercedes
  • piaya
  • hotteok/dorayaki tho i've never tasted it ik it's my taste hehe
  • doughnuts (berries, nuts)
  • napoleones
  • just whipped cream
  • milk (cow, almond)
  • nutella (best w/ mama's sinaludsod [shredded banana + pancake flour])
  • turon (oh the wrapper)
  • fried banana slices (still w/ peel) by papa
  • taho
  • pearls by mama

i used to love anything green tea but it doesn't surprise me anymore but i still like it ok

may 5 2018 ∞
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