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A picture of Kokichi Ouma from Danganronpa V3

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  • I'm kin.
  • I don't mind doubles! But there’s a few kins that I’m sorta iffy when it comes to doubles, but I don’t mind interacting if need be! <3
  • I'm genderfluid.
  • There will vents/Nsfw on this account, but they will all have warnings.
  • You can adress me by:
    • Kokichi
    • Current shift
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Key: (O)= okay with doubles (I)= iffy with doubles

•Kokichi Ouma (NDRV3) (I)

•Miu Iruma (NDRV3) (O)

•Mikan Tsumiki (SDR2) (I)

•Himiko Toga (BNHA) (O)

•Himiko Yumeno (NDRV3) (O)

•Mina Ashido (BNHA) (O)

•Amethyst (SU) (O)

•Gumi (Vocaloid) (I)

•Persephone (Lore Olympus) (O)

•Sadie (SU) (O)

•Nao Egokoro (YTTD) (O)

•Grell Sutcliff (Kuroshitsuji) (I)

•Spinel (SU) (I)

•Safalin (YTTD) (O)

•Momozono Nanami (Kamisama Kiss) (O)

•Angel Dust (Hazbin Hotel) (I)

•Jessi Glaser (Big Mouth) (O)

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nov 8 2019 +
  • You're anti-kin!
  • You have issues with doubles
  • You are anything morally wrong! (Pedophile, Homophobe, Rape supporter, etc.)
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