we move just like the moon and sun, the sun comes up, the moon rolls down

aug 5 2018 ∞
aug 5 2018 +

i am often jealous of my friends, in love or passionate about something, but don’t let yourself be tricked about it, i’m really not that deep , i like simple things above everything. i like caring words, soft hugs - but hurry up! i have a thing with too much physical contact -, my dad and genuine smiles; i like angst fanfics and a lot of drama makes me feel alive, but fluffy is also great, i like to say to myself that i’m smart, so just be nice to me when you see me being a crackhead, i’m trying!

  • things i like the most : coffee in sunny afternoons, books, libraries, do funny things to win smiles, my tiddys - and what about it? -, wonho's ears, taeyeon in chokers, jurina's smile, the handmaiden, games
  • things i dislike the most : silly people, my skin
jul 24 2018 ∞
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