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  • lifting my lashes, absurd!
  • emily’s playlist, having a pole for myself, reaching the very top when climbing the pole for the very first time!
  • the very lovely easter package kristina from cologne sent me to the office
  • meike putting on the new taylor swift 'five stages of heartbreak' playlists on spotify for me, recreating them via itunes successfully for myself
  • new bridgerton trailer, new sabrina carpenter single “espresso”, ttpd coming so soon
  • pole in a corner with yas and eileen, trying out liquid chalk for the first time
  • contemplating which and how many of the great ebooks on offer to buy
  • london sunset, seagulls, cherry blossom, all the chimneys
  • finding fortitude bakehouse
  • eating delicious baked goods (the morning bun!) in a beautiful park in bloomsbury
  • scoring an arc of the new nicci french for just three pounds at the oxfam bookshop in bloomsbury
  • starting ttpd week in my ttpd sweater
  • my new colourful eye shadows
  • excited messages with julia
  • hot crumpets with ‘i can’t believe it’s not butter’
  • discovering freckles on my cheekbone that fused into a little heart
  • actually really good british grown strawberries in april!
  • florida!!!, who’s afraid of little old me?, i can do it with a broken heart, the albatross
  • the gorgeous thousand piece puzzles in waterstones, particular favourites: king arthur, virginia woolf
  • sunshine on blackberry apple jam on vegan cream cheese on a scone
  • delicious burgers with portobello mushroom, fried egg, a little jam and coleslaw, mushy peas and crisps
  • hunting and getting one of the last copies with sprayed edges of the new stuart turton
  • a gorgeous london haircut with a super cute taylor swift fringe from don at blue tit
  • three spectacularly fashionable ladies, two on the tube and one on the street (wide terracotta coloured pants and a white and blue striped oversized blouse)
  • the stack of all my pretty new british books, the new natasha pulley and stuart turton hardbacks look great together
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