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  • the roses at my work campus
  • browsing apartment therapy, especially the before & afters and the colour section
  • finally getting a library card here, vegan blueberry-lavender and gooseberry ice-cream, the Brotique bread boutique
  • sunday morning with a movie and breakfast and tea in bed with the windows open, plans for banana bread and Ukrainian salad with dill later
  • coming to work to find a nut sticky bun from a colleague already waiting for me on my desk
  • the flatbread vendor at the market gave me a little container with sheep's cheese spread as a bonus
  • the schöner wohnen trend colour cozy is such a gorgeous lavender-grey
  • sweet main meals at the canteen
  • remembering on a Friday evening after work that i wanted to check out the bread boutique, snapping up one of their last loaves, which was even a perfectly sized small one and they gave it to me for just 1,50€!
  • the next 'Enola Holmes' film comes this 4th November!
  • i'm really happy with my mustard-yellow room, so grown-up, so chic, so vibrant
  • my downstairs neighbours' new rainbow doormat
  • being finally able to wear my favourite earrings again
  • a caffeine rush & the news of Taylor Swift announcing a new album! (and omg, i'm obsessed with the cover)
aug 4 2022 ∞
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