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  • having discovered the DS Aector McAvoy crime novels by David Mark, sometimes trying out new writers really pays out
  • watching 'The Holiday' with penpalooza pen pals via discord
  • a dream about going tea-shopping in a half-timber house in a pink dress with a leaf pattern, the morning sun on my face, home-made roast-tomato soup
  • the pcr test telling me for sure it's not corona and the nice doctor at my gp being really understanding
  • the beautiful wrapping paper the bookshop uses (the robin paper!)
  • the eucalyptus branches i bought
  • mixing my spelt coffee with cocoa powder
  • getting a whole bunch of letters in one day, including a package from my pen pal Lisa in NY, who received a letter from me the very same day!
  • getting my booster shot and buying myself a little christmas tree the same day
  • new cute stamps i didn't know about! especially these little letter-ships
  • days later realizing how cute those stamps are going to look with the lighthouse envelopes i painted
  • beautifully frozen leaves and sunshine, having found out what the problem with my thermos was and having thoroughly cleaned it, the first of Daphne's perfect presents i opened, the lovely lady at the supermarket i complimented on her spectacular alpaca wool coat
  • lots of mail and a package from Vladi, my new stamps arrived, meeting Hanne for a quick chat in the cold & exchanging presents
  • jamming a '32' version of Taylor Swift's '22', the recipe for the amazing Elisenlebkuchen Hanne made, a big pile of books by Klett-Cotta plus a beautiful book of Zelda Fitzgerald's short stories and Kacen Callender's 'Felix Ever After' from the library
  • vegan enchiladas with lime and vegan cream & a penpalooza Christmas zoom call
  • really lush mango puree as Christmas dessert
  • playing 'Emperor' all day, roast tomato soup & little vegetarian pigs in blankets for lunch, the new stamps for 2022 have been set: among them a David Bowie stamp, a Spider-Man one, a Postcrossing one, a badger and a lynx
  • home-made guacamole, Kylie made beautiful earrings from stamps and she is even going to send me a pair!
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