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  • snow for the first three days of december, getting more beautiful every day
  • our new snow-white secondhand sofa
  • a new chunky rebecca yarros novel
  • sunshine!
  • us both reading dragon books
  • double duvets and hot water bottle
  • taylor swift at nfl games
  • shortening the very tips of my hair myself
  • taylor swift is TIME person of the year and its gorgeous photo shoot
  • borrowing two great audiobooks from the onleihe app for the weekend ♥ the ali hazelwood audiobooks (read by viola müller) are really good
  • my tiny new porcelain christmas village
  • i might have to check out the tv show ‘the artful dodger’ when it hopefully comes to streaming in january, and the ‘vertical arts’ studio close to work!
  • freshly washed, silky, long hair
  • taylor's vintage kansas city chiefs merch pullovers
  • taylor swift out for her 34th birthday in the spectacular black glittery starry night sky mini dress
  • making lists of possible christmas foods: mincemeat pies, christmas burgers with halloumi and cranberry sauce, vegan chicken alfredo!
  • thinking of the taylor merch i can get myself: customized cardigan with all the patches, friendship bracelet sets
  • the big candle glass after cleaning it
  • my cute plaid dress, really should wear it more often
  • the 'happy birth-tay' card i got from my colleagues ♥
  • honey butter jars from instagram
  • reading one book just directly after the other
  • my amazing new cookbook: turmeric, cardamom, yoghurt, crispbread, citrus polenta cake
  • taylor's hair bow on christmas day
dec 3 2023 ∞
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