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  • february now consists of: the grammys, the eras tour starting again, the super bowl
  • my colleague julia lending me a fantasy book (viking and witch love) and we might make friendship bracelets together soon
  • trying out the spinning pole!
  • the grammys: dua lipa's 'training season', miley cyrus' 'flowers', tracy chapman, all women winning all televised awards, and taylor announcing ttpd!
  • soft jeans and soft oversized jumper for a movie night
  • offering my seat on the train to a young father and his two children, the smaller cutie patootie coming over to me quite often, playing spy me through the glass
  • visiting Burgel in Heidelberg, brunching, joining her on errands, the market, the zero waste shop. and the flat! i remembered it so vividly. it's now refurnished and the bathroom is redone and all so cozy and lovely
  • pole level 2: the taylor swift playlist (the great war, yoyok!), doing so many things for the first time: handstand along the pole!
  • the little child on the metro in trousers with whale print
  • a beautiful husky lying in front of the coffee place
  • birds chirping, blue skies, sunshine, fresh hot pretzels
  • steffi telling sonja and me that we’re doing a great job
  • beyoncé’s ‘texas hold ‘em’
  • vegan chicken dino nuggets friday night & mövenpick vegan cherry brownie ice cream
  • bread, all the flowers from the saturday market ♥, real fruit chocolate oranges, a stack of new books
  • my new high-waist pole shorts, they even put a mini pack of gummy bears in the package as a thank-you
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