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  • Judith sending me a picture from Copenhagen of the Meyers Bageri cinnamon roll she had
  • my colleague Eva stated that i am a 'Wasseroberflächen-Fan' (ocean, canals, lakes, etc.) and it is so, so true
  • eating cookies with cacao nibs, cranberries and white chocolate chunks straight from the oven as dessert
  • assigning ISBN numbers to books for the upcoming programme and allowing myself a little joke with the upcoming paperback by Joachim Meyerhoff, which'll make me happy every time i see it
  • this recipe idea: carrot risotto, deglazing with lemon juice, then putting caramelized carrots on top
  • i really enjoy the heavy accents and not understanding everything they say on 'Peaky Blinders', but i got really good at saying "peaky fookin' bloinders" (also, brilliant joke - Arthur: "Think of marriage as a beautiful road, flowers all the way down it", Michael: "Is he joking?", John: "It's hard to tell these days")
  • Ella's cookbook has finally been announced and it is absolutely beautiful!
  • the little caramel croissants by Merzenich, but also seeing their massive open sandwiches with fried eggs and bacon
  • having lots of creative ideas late at night in bed: a swift mobilé, a diy cookbook, either in a beautiful notebook or professionally bound but in miniature, ...
  • accompanying Hanne and Tobias to their little field garden, coming home with a cucumber and self-picked blackberries ♥
  • toast with real butter and red jam
  • the Rhine opening up into a beautiful river bend
  • a young woman with amazing pastel-pink hair up in a loose bun with a black bandana around it
  • Alfie Solomons and his disrespect and his absurdly incomprehensible accent as played by Tom Hardy just gets more and more brilliant
  • the luxury of getting home a few hours earlier (because it's too hot to work)
  • Robert Galbraith’s “Lethal White” has been announced for September!
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