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  • incredibly good fresh bread with shredded carrots and various seeds, goat's cream cheese with honey and blueberries and little tomatoes from alnatura, also veganer schinkenspicker with grilled veggies
  • throwing the windows open at night, when it’s cooled down, and lying on the bed under the cool breeze
  • a bunch of white peonies for half the price
  • thunderstorms and rain
  • weeding my garden when the soil is really soft
  • Gaby telling me at work that Frank Goosen's assistent Saskia Meissner speaks very highly of me and how lovely it is to work with me
  • rearranging my bookshelf, so that my new books all fit in, in one afternoon session
  • putting one of Rukmini Iyer's recipes in the oven (crispy gnocchi!) and then continue to potter around, knowing that good food will be ready soon
  • my pastel-rainbow-coloured shoelaces!
  • Ella‘s poetry anthology will be published this October!
  • oh, this perfect lovely light June weather! Blue sky, just above twenty degrees, i love it
  • good days at work: actual praise for my anabel bannalec cover letter, deciding to take on a project to work with eva, working on a new project with one experienced mentor so i can actually learn stuff
  • this golden june evening light, a really low moon
  • the perfect, green roundness and symmetry of sugar peas in their pods (and from my garden, too!)
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