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  • red poppies on the side of the road
  • a stripey new secondhand blouse
  • a new m.w. craven crime novel
  • seeing this cute acufactum 'apple picking' fabric in the fabric shop window
  • a wildflower-inspired bouquet with chamomile and peonies from Eva and Anna-Lena at work
  • yuzu mochi and robby bubble ♥
  • ‘Benjamin Bouquet’
  • finally remembering the name & making ‘pappa al pomodoro’ (Italian tomato-bread-soup)
  • the first rainbow in months
  • spelt pasta with bolognese, wrapped up warm in my quilt, A and the very first episode of Benjamin B.
  • Mandel-Tonka-Creme
jun 1 2022 ∞
jul 9 2022 +