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  • reminiscing in things i loved as a child: pc games such as tkkg, uncle albert's mysterious notebook, my first trip around the world - with all its glorious stickers, funny books about history, a lovely book with mammoths i had completely forgotten about
  • Reinhold Joppich saying that it’s a pity he’s never seen me in action and Mirjam telling that i’m so hard-working on the same day
  • the actually really brilliantly written flavour thesaurus
  • more things i loved when younger: the pc games pharao (oh old egypt, my love), sacred and zoo tycoon marine mania and these lovely books
  • also having ordered a bunch of second-hand horrible histories books in german!
  • discovering that i can buy the lovely city-building pc game 'emperor' for just 5,60€
  • i'm going to be my little great-cousin simon's godmother!
  • the whole station square in Cologne filled with motivated school children with colourful umbrellas and demonstrating against climate change one Friday, blasting "Hurra, diese Welt geht unter" out of a van
  • my package with books arrived just in time
  • buying a beautiful new tea pot and two little cups from Tea & Records in Lüneburg, perfect to drink tea out of while playing 'Emperor'
  • the Incas Catan game, buying a Mayan veggie mix to plant in my garden and generally revelling in my love for old cultures, which i had almost forgotten
  • Meike Winnemuths garden book
  • finding out that there is in fact a place i can buy violife cheese around here, the eco shop at Cologne main station! (even vioife parmigiano)
  • treating myself to a lunch at 'sattgrün' on my own and it was so sunny & warm, i could even sit outside
  • making myself pizza with lots of vegan cheese and fresh basil
  • cuddling and patting the lovely little rhine pavilion terrier whille waiting for the ferry
  • this lovely, wonderful red nose day sequel to 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' with Lily James' and Alicia Vikander's wedding ♥
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