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  • i feel so relieved and confident: the conference is over, i just got my first US orders ready and am now all set up, i have great further plans for the shop, my new dark-blue pants fit so well and make me all adult & tall
  • chic nail-polish ("chocolate cakes" by essie), a grey walk in light rain, sunsetty yellow roses and their smell
  • a bun with cheese & tomato & lettuce from the bakery, lots of compliments for my new dress from the clothes-swap at work, eyeing this advent calender which is set in 1850s London
  • a foggy morning, a Canadian Halloween package, the new Cornelia Funke novel
  • a little jog, feeling relaxation in my fingers, buying and reading e-books on the iPad is so good
  • a blue flower, a yellow dandelion, the golden autumn evening sun in the top of a tree, petting a little dog, having the clever idea of and making a bread-and-butter-pudding (but with leftover cake)
  • buying 6 crime novels on e-book for 0,99€ each on a sunny Saturday morning in bed, somebody on twitter wanted to be my pal because i have the reputation of being a “legendary pen pal”, making mashed potatoes from scratch
  • planning an extravagant breakfast with Hanne this Saturday morning, my lovely little pen pal twitter bubble, copper-coloured evening sun and wide skies
  • things i might want: warm, fur-lined house slippers, a new adult winter coat, sports leggings with transparent cut-outs, tartan bedding
  • buying myself pretty floral handlettering paper & a brush pen as a little evening pick-me-up
  • walking the whole way back from the HNO under gorgeously blue skies and autumnal trees in full golden sunshine, making potato mash from scratch, decorating for the Saturday breakfast with Hanne tomorrow, how i now spot great new interesting crime novels at the library because my e-books have already introduced me to new writers
  • coconut noodle soup, vegetarian meatballs with veggie tomato-sauce and tagliatelle, vegan banana bread with fresh organic orange juice & zest and chocolate
  • the zingy floral scent of fresh orange peel, the endless possiblities of Disney+, the trailer for Only Murders in the Building and Selena Gomez's marigold-yellow faux fur jacket
  • gold & blue (yellow, ochre, brown leaves in golden evening sunshine and blue skies)
  • just having finished 'Only Murders in the Building', googling whether there are any books like it, finding this awesome list and one of the recommended was only 0,99€ as an e-book, bought it straight-away!
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