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  • buying fancy vegan and organic chocolate croissants & a cinnamon bun, walking across the Spree in Berlin morning sunshine
  • listening to fun music with Mareike and Laura in their office kitchen ~ Peter Fox's 'Toscana Fanboys', 'Expresso Tschianti' and Apache 207's 'Coco Chanel'
  • a new beautiful food writing anthology by Ella and Kate coming out this autumn
  • Matthias giving me a discount on a stack of books
  • buying a variety of new hair clips and katy wrote: shiny things are good for the soul
  • my mum wanting to buy me a new rucksack and it's eco, made from recycled material and really cute
  • listening to Sabrina Carpenter on my way to work and buying a fresh scalding hot pretzel
  • Marion told me i look really beautiful with loose hair
  • borrowing a stack of amazing dvds at the library
  • google vault puzzles and the back covers and vault track titles for "1989 (Taylor's Version)"
  • my new Marvel and original Queen vintage tshirts
  • complimenting a woman in the canteen on her supercute denim pinafore dress
  • Taylor Swift going to a Kansas City Chiefs football game and seemingly dating Travis Kelce!
  • washing my main pillow with my eco lavender detergent and sundrying it
  • ‘mörps’ and ‘knäusle’
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